How to Reduce Your Body Fat While Keeping Your Muscle Mass [Infographic]


Reduce Body Fat Keep Muscle

Learn how to reduce your body fat while keeping as much muscle mass as possible.

Sometimes it can be confusing on how much energy you need during the day and understanding where your energy comes from. It’s all about balance and understanding how and when your body uses energy to get the most optimal results.

Tips for you to remember to Reduce Body Fat & Keep Mass

-Your body uses two types of “fuel”, body fuel and dietary fuel.

1)Dietary fuel consists of three categories carbs, proteins and fats.

2)Body Fuel consists of two categories, muscle protein and body fat.

This will help you understand the most ideal way to burn fat and keep your muscle on.

Below I have put together an infographic for you to follow.

Reduce Body Fat And Keep Muscle Mass

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