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Weighted cords, fitness bands—you name it. There are plenty of titles for battle ropes, and plenty of brands out there with their own iterations. This brings us to New Gronk Fitness’s Inertia Wave: the metabolic conditioning battle rope system designed for full-body engagement.

As with other battle rope systems, it targets the core primarily—but its mainstay is proposed adaptability fit for any number of workouts.

When it comes to single-person devices, there’s understandably a lot of room to excel, as a product. Naturally, the opposite is true: There are plenty of places to fall short—whether it be at the weight stations, benches, or backyard. Male muscle growth, specifically, is a tough goal to target when it comes to today’s battle rope systems.

So, where does Intertia Wave stand?

Or, better put: How far do its limits stretch?

We’re here to give you the lowdown, rep to rep, of everything Gronk Fitness’s product has to offer. Here’s our Product Review: Inertia Wave – Gronk Fitness Edition

The Basics: A HIIT System Built for Calorie Burn

The Basics: A HIIT System Built for Calorie Burn

Gronk Fitness’s Inertia Wave is fit for athletes of all types: Female weight loss, male muscle growth, and their opposites all apply.

The Inertia Wave is a HIIT system—or High-Intensity Interval Training device. It’s designed to boost your core’s potential without doubling down on muscle bulk. Well-rounded, the Inertia Wave system proposes a full-fledged approach to caloric expenditure alongside muscle growth alike.

Because it targets every base, it’s useful to athletes, beginner exercisers, bodybuilders, and the cardio-centric crowd alike. It’s suggested as a viable fitness system for law enforcement officers, firefighters, and even military personnel—offering on-the-go utility via its stow-and-go design, fit for any backpack, trunk, or side-bag.

The Gronk Fitness Take

The Gronk Fitness Take

The Inertia Wave Workout Ropes are, in essence, a modified version of battle ropes. Gronk Fitness took up the adaptation challenge, creating a “superior” version that heightens caloric burn. The fat loss potential of a Gronk Fitness Inertia Wave workout is so pronounced, it’s stated to be more effective than double-under jump ropes—casting a strong tide over at Amazon.

Rather than weighing down your gym bag with the typical thick, cumbersome rope build, the Inertia Wave set utilizes lightweight materials to prioritize portability.

It utilizes an anchor kit, of course, as any battle ropes do. Strap your Inertia Wave bands to the bench, the weight station, your fence, a tree, or a car trunk: When we say ‘anywhere,’ we really do mean it. The Inertia Wave system anchoring is derived from steel: The reinforced O-ring, alongside nylon rail anchors, can handle up to 600 pounds of torque.

Two Varieties: One Product

Even though Gronk Fitness’s Inertia Wave system already packs a punch in the all-in-one department, battle-band-users can customize their workouts further. The Inertia Wave system is available in two versions: a single-user version and a double-user version. The former follows the product’s primary name. The double-user version, meanwhile, is called the Inertia Wave Duo.

The two-user system is made for partner-based workouts—allowing gym-goers to amplify their workouts against the resistance of another. This is useful for the main battle-rope user—but it’s also useful as a static resistance workout, allowing the second partner to build muscle by maintaining a firm stance as the tension increases.

In any event, both product versions are crafted from rubber-latex material—so they’re never uncomfortable to use.

Each set features a hand-hold on one end; the steel ring is on the other. If you’re going Duo, rest assured: Both ends are outfitted with handholds, adjustable wrist straps, and all.

The Inertia Wave in Motion

The Inertia Wave in Motion

Using the Inertia Wave is pretty intuitive: Just approach it as you would with any battle ropes system. You’ll move them side to side, creating tension along the way. Each Inertia Wave system stretches up to approximately 26 inches before becoming immobile—asserting this maximum limit as your repetition’s end.

Inertia Wave reps are pretty fluid, but you’ll need enough space to get the most out of the system’s resistance workout.

Overall, allocate about 12 feet from your Inertia Wave’s anchor to your tugging hand. Five feet, on either side, is your second measurement to dedicate space to.

Now, we did mention the Inertia System’s adaptability—and this still holds true: If you’re strapped for space, you can wrap around your Inertia Wave to a grounded object.

This said, your mileage in terms of measurable resistance may vary—as distance, itself, determines the Inertia Wave’s exact resistance.

Reworking Resistance

Within the realm of battle ropes, products have a tough time standing out.

What, exactly, makes Gronk Fitness’s iteration different from mainstream products?

Primarily, it’s Gronk’s approach to multi-plane resistance workouts. Depending on your exercise’s movements, you’ll experience low-impact resistance on a three-dimensional basis. Unlike other battle rope systems, the Inertia Wave’s approach to resistance-based training focuses on anti-extension, anti-rotation, and rotator cuff stability.

More or less: It targets the muscles not only from multiple directions—but from the right directions.

Stabilizing muscles are often undertrained, leaving weightlifters of all experience levels underpowered when it comes to compound lifts like bench press, deadlifts, and squats. The Inertia Wave leaves no angle untouched, so your accessory muscles get hit with maximum resistance as well.

Metabolic Mastery: An ‘Always On’ Design

HIIT exercises are tough due to their tight rotations, minimal rest periods, and shotgun-style cardio stints. The Inertia Wave holds true, in this regard, as a multi-functional battle ropes system fit for any high-intensity session.

Because it reacts to your every movement, it forces you to react to its every movement. As you input your energy, it pushes right back—and the benefits are pretty robust.

You’ll need to adapt to active force absorption and passive force absorption alike, often with well-timed, well-coordinated movements. In many cases, these movements are driven straight from the core. In all cases, you’ll need to fine-tune your motor control to keep the rhythm going.

Where HIIT workout variety is considered, you can use the Inertia Wave at a variety of intensity levels—each with a different take on kinetic energy dispersion. The combination of live kinetic energy and an ‘always on’ workout vibe contributes to the Inertia Wave’s primary benefit: extreme metabolic exercise.

When used in your HIIT program, it can serve either as a main exercise or active recovery exercise. Again, the Inertia Wave’s core design is an ‘always on’ one—maximizing caloric burn by hitting as many muscles as possible, from as many angles as possible, as long as possible.

Because you can use the Inertia Wave anywhere, it’s always ready to jump into your current workout.

To get the most out of your Inertia Wave, we definitely suggest checking out Gronk’s Methods of Use guide—as its workouts are designed to kick your metabolism into gear without sacrificing recovery. You can also check out some of the fitness world’s greatest battle rope workouts to enhance your game—protecting your post-workout period nonetheless.

This is a golden goal for many battle ropes systems—and it’s notoriously tough to achieve. Because the Inertia Wave uses light resistance, however, you’ll be able to dive into some seriously strenuous workouts while—surprisingly—boosting your body’s repair cycle.

his is possible due to Gronk’s take on post-exercise oxygen consumption, or your body’s ability to burn fat during the 24-hour period after your workout. Despite your body being on hyperdrive, you’ll still benefit from healthy nutrition—essentially restoring your body’s kinetic potential while keeping fat at bay.

The Pros and Cons of Multi-Angle Resistance

The Pros and Cons of Multi-Angle Resistance

Depending on who you ask, battle ropes are hit and miss. This said the Inertia Wave does better than most—capably deflecting any assertions that these types of systems don’t work. It’s wildly different from most battle ropes—and it’s wildly effective as a result.

Is Gronk Fitness’s Inertia Wave fit for you?

It depends, but we’ll take a safe guess and say:

Yep, it probably is.

Let’s check out the positives of the Inertia Wave:

The Pros

The Inertia Wave is a great core strength-booster. Male muscle growth, female muscle growth—you name it. It’s also a great conditioning tool, strengthening your posterior chain while stabilizing lesser-exercised muscles. Because you can install the Inertia Wave in virtually endless configurations, you’ll never be left at a plateau.

Digging deeper into its versatility, it’s worth re-mentioning the Inertia Wave’s adaptability: A lot of battle ropes systems can’t be used anywhere, due to their general bulkiness.

The Inertia Wave,  however, can be a fitness lifesaver if you’re unable to hit the weight room. Despite its design being pro-low-impact, its lightweight design doesn’t hinder its usefulness as a muscle-growth utility by any means.

Remember: It targets your muscles on a three-dimensional basis. It’s possible to promote male muscle growth, as well as female muscle growth, without sinking hours into heavy-weight, single-digit reps.

The Inertia Wave’s approach to lightweight routines, in a lot of ways, redefines the fundamentals of HIIT routines, too, giving your workout more leeway for active recovery segments.

The Cons

Every product has its downsides, and the Inertia Wave is no different. This said, its cons are relatively few—and they’re definitely outweighed by its benefits.

The main concern when using your Inertia Wave system will be, in most cases, the space requirement. Hold up, though, because that 12-foot space isn’t unconditional.

Remember: You can still shorten your Inertia Wave setup with a few wrap-around. Just be conservative with any alterations, however, as your fitness results really are determined by how closely you follow your routine.

Structurally, the Inertia Wave system is incredibly durable. Still, you’ll need to make sure you take care of it. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight for too long, as its tubes will indeed wear out over time with direct exposure. This is true with all rubber-based exercise cords, though, and likely won’t create any hang-ups in terms of accessibility.

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A lot of people have fallen in love with the Inertia Wave system, and it’s easy to see why: It answers multiple fitness needs with little space requirements. Due to its focus on lightweight exercise, there’s a lot more variety to take advantage of than with heavier battle rope designs.

If you’re on the fence about the Inertia Wave system—we suggest giving it a shot. You can check out the Inertia Wave over at Gronk Fitness, as well as their supplied fitness routines to accompany it. Whether you’re at home, on the go, in the gym, or out in nature—the Inertia Wave has you covered.

-Terry Asher

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Product Review: Inertia Wave - Gronk Fitness Edition
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Product Review: Inertia Wave - Gronk Fitness Edition
We’re here to give you the lowdown on everything Gronk Fitness’s product has to offer. Here's our Product Review: Inertia Wave-Gronk Fitness Edition
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