Product Review: Gronk Fitness Home Gym


Product Review: Gronk Fitness Home Gym

Versatile home-based exercise equipment is tough to come by—and even tougher to get creative with. Fortunately, there are providers like Gronk Fitness out there who’re selling the right rigs: Founded by four professional athletes, the Gronk brand upholds flexibility and acute muscle targeting as its biggest virtues.

The team is a family, too, making them well-versed in the art of home fitness workouts. Battle-tested for any gym-goer of any fitness experience level, each Gronk-named exercise implementation is both adaptable and accessible at first use.

So—what about the larger equipment they sell?

This brings us to our Product Review: Gronk Fitness Home Gym Edition. Make no mistake—Gronk’s featured Body-Solid, Powerline, and Element Fitness rigs may be for private use, but they prove residential-bound equipment isn’t restricted by its play area. The exercise equipment companies that Gronk reps each offer some awesome options for lifting at home.

Entirely commercial-grade, and made with leading material, this home gym trio is a clear-cut, no-frills lineup fit for your every need.

But let’s take a closer look at these home-grown exercise stations for ourselves:

Gronk’s Choice Lineup: Home Gyms

Gronk’s Choice Lineup: Home Gyms

The home gyms from Body-Solid, Powerline, and Element Fitness each have their perks and fitness focuses. This said each offers enough exercise diversity to cover every fitness base.

Gronk’s home gym inventory is pretty power-packed, to say the least. Here’s what fitness-lovers will be working out with:

  • The Body-Solid EXM300LPS Gym System
  • The Body-Solid G10 Bi-Angular Gym
  • The Body-Solid Fusion 500 Home Gym (210-Pound Weight Stack)
  • The Powerline Single Stack Home Gym P2X
  • The Element Fitness Neutron Functional Trainer

The inventory is comprehensive on a stack-to-stack basis, answering a major need of the home-gym-building crowd: A one-rig, comprehensive fitness station.

We’ll check out each fitness system, below, but from a comprehensive angle, there’s something to be said for a product line of self-contained workout stations.

For example, The Powerline P2X system is a lateral pulldown and flat-press machine. At first glance, at least. Upon closer inspection, though, the rig’s diverse setup of pulleys can be spotted—and we know what that means.

All-In-One Workouts

You’ll find a fitness rig fit for a wide array of lifts: Pec flys, converging presses, leg extensions, and shoulder presses aren’t only possible, but delt in spades. The same is true for Body-Solid’s EXM3000LPS, its G10 Bi-Angular, and Fusion 500.

Each, of course, has its own bells and whistles. The Element Fitness Neutron stands apart as Gronk’s entirely cord-based system—but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The Neutron Functional Trainer, like all standing cord setups, caders to some pretty particular needs: Concentrated accessory muscle lifts, for one—and enough space to execute perfect flyes.

Still, it’s possible to slide the Neutron’s handles down, pull up a bench, and get a solid press exercise—as the dual weight stacks are 160 lbs. each.

Each of these options provides not only unique ways to surpass age-old lifting plateaus but to also enter the exercise world on the right foot. There are a good number of studies covering the importance of exercise variety, and both weight stack frameworks and cable setups define these necessities.

Because each of these machines is outfitted with multi-angular handlebars and seat adjustments, their potential in terms of variety is nearly limitless.

The Split Decision

All things considered, the world of racetrack cords is pretty clear-cut: If there are pully adjustments, a decent assortment of handles and incremental weights fit for accessory lifts—it’s good to go.

As such, Gronk’s home gym lineup is in good shape. Technically speaking, the fitness mechanisms in each product—full-mechanical, cord, or in tandem, respectively—support compound lifts and accessory lifts alike.

Being that cord-based rigs are often similar across the board, Gronk Fitness certainly did something right in trimming the fat from most fitness system lineups.

After all, the Neutron Functional Trainer is outfitted with a multi-grip chin-up bar—eliminating the regular woes of extension machines lacking in upper back lift potential.

For the Heavy Lifters

For the Heavy Lifters

It really is an exciting product line, as it caters not to exercise potential, but a preference.

Heavy-lifters are more than challenged by a duo-stack of 160 cord-based weights—and they’ll sweat an equal amount if they’re squaring off with the 210-lb. weight stack of Body-Solid’s G10B.

So, what’s the split decision all about?

For the Flexibility Trainers

For the Flexibility Trainers

Primarily, it’s an ideal offering for those with particular joint and ligament needs. Older lifters, for example, will benefit a lot from the Neutron’s rotational comfort.

The Neutron is also great for athletes focusing on mobility and muscle-gain alike, such as swimmers, who’re accustomed to maximizing lean muscle growth via many repetitions.

Powerlifting football players are in a similar boat—and there’s plenty of rowing to be had.

For Everyone

For Everyone

The single and duo rail stack options from Body-Solid and Powerline, meanwhile, are excellent fitness systems for nurturing strong foundations for compound lifts.

They’re less about balance, definitely, but they’re great for streamlined power lifts that necessitate guidance rails. Each has its own graceful arcs, and two of the four—the Powerline P2X and Body-Solid’s EXM3000LPS—even offer a 2:1 weight stack ratio to pack on the resistance.

The Gronk Fitness Lineup

The Gronk Fitness Lineup

Let’s check out the major specs and benefits of each home gym Gronk has to offer. There’s also a lot to be said for the “home” part of each home gym—as each is an astoundingly contained, power-packed development station fit for any garage, patio or rec room.

The Body-Solid EXM 3000LPS Gym System

The multi-press station is built for male muscle growth and female muscle growth, first and foremost. Even so, its sheer number of adjustable pads makes it a great source for motion exercises.

Biomechanically designed for back, chest, and shoulder concentration, the EXM 3000LPS bar-linkage was made to self-align with the lifter’s stature. The two-bar setup is ideal for core-burning leg presses, too, which is a key objective many home gym setups struggle to obtain.

Where chest exercises are considered, we’re looking at dual overhead cams: There are six weight increments per arm, opening up the bench for variable starting positions.

For seasoned lifters, this is perfect for surpassing frequent chest growth plateaus, as the rig’s 2:1 weight ratio can convert the provided 210-lb. weight stack into a staggering 420 lbs. of resistance.

Tech Specs:

Weight Stack(s): Two 210-pound weight stacks

Equipment: High pulley lat pulldown system, mid pulley ab station, leg extension/curl station, and a low pulley seated row station.

Here’s where you’ll find Body-Solid’s EXM 3000LPS Gym System.

The Body-Solid G10B Bi-Angular Gym

Body-Solid’s patented Bi-Angular® Press Arm system offers peak motion range lifts, applying bi-directional resistance to outperform standard muscle interactions by 25 percent. This applies to not only chest presses—even though they’re a definite highlight.

You’ll get the same benefits from the fitness system’s military presses and incline presses, which means you can design some truly stellar workout splits when jumping into the G10B’s high pulley pulldowns.

The system’s other major highlight is its perfect pectoral station—one outfitted with both unilateral and bilateral swivel arms fit for deep muscle tones. This is a major boon, as it’s rare to find fitness systems capable of pairing acute angular motion features with heavy-weight lift potential.

This is a G10B quality standard, for sure, because the feature is well-matched with the system’s SmoothGlide Bearing System™, which is designed for comprehensive leg development.

Tech Specs:

Weight Stack(s): Two 210-pound weight stacks

Equipment: Bi-angular arm press, high pulley lat pulldown system, mid pulley ab crunch station, swivel arm pectoral station, leg extension/curl station and a low pulley seated row station.

Here’s where you’ll find the Body-Solid G10B Bi-Angular Gym

The Powerline Single Stack Home Gym P2X

Powerline’s P2X system might be a single-stack one, but don’t underestimate it: The P2 combines a cutting-edge pulley stabilization layout with pivot-points built for powerlifters. The result is one of the smoothest home gym systems around—one capable of cultivating male muscle mass and female muscle mass alike.

It boasts a strong high, mid, and low pulley system capable of hitting most lateral angles without sacrificing any level of pectoral resistance.

Its leg press mechanism is optional—but we recommend making it a consistent attachment: It attaches right to the P2’s 2:1 weight stack ratio, so as to meet the heavyweight limits every pair of legs needs.

The P2 shines in its modularity in this way—and its design-forward look is accentuated by a brushed steel finish. For a multi-station system able to host leg curls, incline presses, and mid-rows, it’s one of the best-looking, interior-complementing rigs around.

Tech Specs:

Weight Stack(s): One 160-pound weight stack

Equipment: Multi-angle arm press, high pulley lat pulldown station, mid pulley ab crunch station, swivel pulley system, leg extension/curl station, and a low pulley seated row station.

Here’s where you’ll find the Powerline Single Stack Home Gym P2X

The Element Fitness Neutron Functional Trainer

As mentioned earlier, the Neutron does an awesome job at maximizing resistance without sacrificing freedom of motion. When it comes to cord systems, it’s difficult to combine mechanical stability, balance, and coordination.

Element Fitness succeeds—pulling off a 2:1 weight stack ratio to implement its heavy-hitting 160-lb setups: one on each side, keeping every exercise on the table.

Its accessories rack is slim and incredibly sturdy, so there’s no question about multi-functionality in terms of lift adaptations. Unlike most cord-based exercise frames, the Neutron isn’t too tall—standing at a little under seven feet.

This is ideal for home-based gym setups, and the Neutron’s compact design is dutifully grounded and covered with a sleek, protective shroud cover.

As for the wires—you’ll get many years of use out of them: The Neutron Functional Trainer puts its 2×4-inch steel racetrack tubes to good use.

Tech Specs:

Weight Stack(s): Two 160-pound weight stacks.

Equipment: Multi-grip chin-up handlebar, dual 160-lb cord system, and a 28-pulley adjustment carriage.

Here’s where you’ll find the Element Fitness Neutron Functional Trainer

The Body-Solid Fusion 500 Home Gym

The Body-Solid Fusion 500 Home Gym holds a hefty 210-weight stack. Also dubbed the “F500-2,” the Fusion 500 leaves no exercise session without every opportunity.

It’s capable of hosting over 60 exercises across its quad-positional arm press—one ergonomically designed with multi-angular handles. One needn’t worry about having three benches on chest day, that’s for sure.

One needn’t fret about missing out on leg day, either, as the F500-2’s other trademark is its full-range leg extension’s pivoting rollers. They’re designed to adapt to every floor space, making the Fusion 500 one of—if not the most—adaptable home fitness center around.

Tech Specs:

Weight Stack(s): One 210-pound weight stack.

Equipment: Four-position arm press, mid pulley cord extension station, and a leg extension/curl station.

Here’s where you’ll find the Body-Solid Fusion 500 Home Gym

Raising the Bar—Not the Roof

The home gym product line Gronk Fitness offers maximizes special awareness, giving each exercise the room it needs to achieve peak potential. At its core, the Body-Solid, Powerline, and Element Fitness lineup give lifters the floor for their own creativity, which is something not many inventories can provide.

We can’t forget that multi-functional fitness machines are incredibly varied, and not all are created equal in the exercise world. Because each of Gronk’s options contains a vast ecosystem of exercise options, however, it surpasses all standards of today’s exercise equipment market.

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We’re happy to say that’s where our Product Review: Home Fitness Edition stands. Gronk’s other fitness equipment lineups spare nothing in terms of long-term fitness viability with short, power-packed lifting possibilities every exerciser needs.

From full-range pectoral tension stretches to heavyweight leg extensions, you’ll find that these featured home gyms offer unparalleled lifting options.

Whether you’re browsing for a bodybuilding rig or a long-lasting light fitness station, Gronk Fitness is the place to look.

-Terry Asher

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Product Review: Gronk Fitness Home Gym
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Product Review: Gronk Fitness Home Gym
Gronk fitness brand upholds flexibility and acute muscle targeting. This brings us to our Product Review: Gronk Fitness Home Gym Edition.
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