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Let’s face it, working out without bumping tunes just doesn’t feel like working out. It’s missing something. There’s that edge you’re just not getting. It’s like sitting under the barbell, getting ready for a bench press, only to realize you didn’t take your pre-workout drink. There’s a mental connection between you working out and your physical activity. It’s why you’re able to perform longer and hit the gym harder when listening to your favorite rap music or heavy metal bands.

You might not even be a big rap fan, and yet you turn it on when heading to the gym because that fast, heavy bass gives you a beat to work out to. Well, to make sure you’re squeezing the most out of your workout and your music you’ll need something to play those tunes with.

Sure, there are your headphones, but those can get in the way. Maybe you’d prefer to use over-ear headphones, but they are just too bulky and are also falling off. Or you can opt for the ear-in earbuds, but these aren’t all that great in terms of music quality, the bass is lacking, and when you sweat they start to fall out or swivel in your ear.

It’s a pretty annoying feeling when you have that bead of sweat stuck in your ear and it’s just smushed inside your ear by your earbuds, unable to escape.

Well, if you’re working out at home or you have your own gym, why not ditch the personal headphones and swap in a boombox made just for working out?

With the Gronk Fitness BUMPBOXX Ultra, you may just have the ultimate in portable music equipment. But before we declare it to be the best speaker system for your workout, let’s dive in a bit deeper and check out the ins, the outs, and everything in between by this Gronk brand speaker system. 

What Is Gronk Fitness


Okay, so before we dive into the BUMPBOXX Ultra, let’s first discuss what Gronk Fitness is. Just in case you’re not a sports fan (or at least a football fan), Rob Gronkowski, better known as Gronk, is an elite National Football League tight end. He played several years for the New England Patriots alongside Tom Brady and has some considerable bling to show for it.

After making five Pro Bowl appearances, Gronk went on to retire. At least until Tom Brady took his talent to Tampa Bay and convinced his old teammate to come out of retirement and join him in sunny Florida. Now, Gronk is back playing in the NFL.

With a larger than life personality, Gronk has gone on to expand his brand, including the creation of his own fitness line, Gronk Fitness. Gronk Fitness produces a number of products, including weights, pull-up bars, cardio equipment, and, yes, speaker systems (you can also rock out with your favorite Gronk Fitness based clothing, if you want to show off to the world that you’re into his fitness line.

It’s a newer line of fitness equipment, so you might be the first one of your friends to showcase the product line with the clothing). Gronk is someone who loves his tunes, so creating branded stereo systems only makes sense.

If you’re a Gronk fan you might be all on board with his Bluetooth speaker equipment and, knowing he’s representing the hardware, that might be all you need to know in order to win you over. However, in case you’re not a Gronk fan, or in case you still want to compare the Bluetooth equipment with other options on the market, it’s necessary to dive a bit deeper into what the BUMPBOXX Ultra is and how it is able to stack up.

BUMPBOXX Ultra Design

This Bluetooth speaker setup is designed to replicate the look of the classic boombox. It is a wide, rectangular design, featuring two speakers and controls right in the middle (not all too different from the classic boombox that had a tape deck in the middle of the system and off-setting speakers).

Tipping the scales at seven pounds, the speaker system has two drivers and two tweeners, all while pumping out a total of 140 watts of music listening power. There is a bass radiator on the rear of the speaker, which allows you to receive the full power of the bass, all without the Bluetooth speaker raddling around.

Often times with devices such as this the bass is either going to be limited because the entire woofer is built into the equipment, or it is going to rattle around because the vibrations of the bass are not able to escape out of the hardware. With the rear radiator, this is not a problem and you’ll be able to enjoy the full scope of your music listening experience, all without compromising the volume or the bass.

There is a solid, metal handle on top of the speaker for easy carrying (of course, we prefer to put it on our shoulders and hold onto the speaker that way, as we would have done back in the early 90s).

The volume controls are right in the middle of the speaker with a solidly constructed knob, and on the side, you will find the connection ports and a handful of other control options as well. When you order the speaker there is also a shoulder strap, so when you’re hauling all of your gear around and you don’t have a hand to spare, just toss the shoulder strap on and you’ll be good to go.

Features OF The BUMPBOXX Ultra Bluetooth Speaker System

Features OF The BUMPBOXX Ultra Bluetooth Speaker System

For starters, as you might guess, the speaker system does feature Bluetooth pairing, so you are able to connect to your mobile device without the aid of a wire. However, if you have other equipment that you’d like to connect through a wired connection, this is an option. Wired connections to allow for superior audio transfers, which will improve the overall quality of the audio.

There are a handful of ways you can go about doing this. There is a traditional 3.5mm connection. This is a small headphone jack-sized connection, in case you are wondering. There is also a red/white RCA cable connection option, which allows you to connect larger or older audio devices. Perhaps you have an old stereo system you want to connect to the BUMPBOXX Ultra, or maybe you have a record player that uses an RCA stereo connection.

Whatever the case may be, you shouldn’t have any problem connecting the equipment.

There is also a USB connection as well.

In terms of output options, there is a 3.5mm output. This lets you connect a pair of headphones if you’d like, or you can send the audio to another speaker that uses a 3.5mm connection. It also has a red/white RCA output as well. If you want to add larger speakers on top of the BUMPBOXX Ultra’s speakers this is the best way to go about doing it. You can also use the USB output on the Bluetooth speaker system.

Speaking of the USB connection, this is how you will charge the equipment. With up to 22 hours of playback, this is one of the best selling points regarding the speaker. Most other Bluetooth speaker systems out there will have playback limited to just a handful of hours. Some might have just three or four hours of music potential. That’s not the case with this setup.

Because after all, when you’re working out or having fun you don’t want the music to die on you. And that will not be the case just as long as you have the BUMPBOXX Ultra at your side. So let it bump your tunes while you’re working out, and then while you’re at home recovering from your workout you can let the boombox recover as well while it charges.

Color Options

color options

You will have a number of color options to choose from, should you decide to go with the BUMPBOXX Ultra. There is a popular black design, which is clean and crisp with just enough metal and chrome touches to accent the device without being gaudy or over the top. Then you can go for a blue option if you’d like a pop of color. The blue is lighter than navy but darker than the sky.

It’s right in that sweet spot of blue and goes well with the black outlines that are used on the speaker system. Or maybe you would like things to be a little bit brighter. You like a touch of color and you want your boombox to be easily seen.

Well, when that is the case you’ll want to check out the red design. The red is used as the main color and then the black accents around, giving you a fantastic looking boombox that will catch eyes and ears while you’re jamming out and working out.

Perhaps you’d like something a bit different though. One bold color isn’t exactly what you’d like. Well if you want to add some other touches to your setup you’ll want to consider the Black Graffiti BBG. This color design uses a matt black color for the boombox and then adds gray-looking graffiti over the system.

There are different styles of graffiti printed onto the speaker, making it look like a black wall that’s been tagged, all while keeping it looking solid. Or maybe you’d like something that still has a universal clean look but isn’t just a single color. If this sounds more like you the carbon fiber look stands out.

With the carbon fiber design of the BUMPBOXX Ultra the exterior features a black and gray carbon fiber print over the speaker system, and the accents remain black. If you’re someone that loves this kind of look then you’ll be happy with how this Bluetooth speaker stands out.

Lastly, there is the NYC Graffiti look. This is the most colorful option and one of the most popular. This uses different colors of graffiti as a background, and while the different writing styles vary, so it really does look like a brick wall found somewhere in an alley around New York City, the color helps bring the speaker system to life and it is all tastefully done.

This particular color design is one you absolutely need to check out because even if you’re not a major graffiti fan you might find yourself falling in love with the overall presentation and opt for this particular design of the BUMPBOXX Ultra.

Ultimately, if you like the specs of the speaker system, you’re interested in the size, and you want to take advantage of the powerful output and the long-lasting battery, there will be a color presentation that fits exactly what you’re looking for. You just need to go check out the different looks and presentations on the Gronk Fitness website.

In Conclusion

Have you been craving a bit of the past during your workouts?

Do you long for the day where instead of a personal music device people would walk around holding boomboxes on their shoulders?

If so, the Gronk Fitness BUMPBOXX Ultra is exactly the kind of device you’ve been looking for. This is the kind of system you want when you want to bump your tunes and bump your tunes loud. It’s not the kind of setup you’d go for if you just want to keep the music to yourself.

This is something that lets you share your music. You can blast the music throughout the entire gym, your backyard, garage, beach, or wherever else you might be. And it’s not one of the small, pill-shaped Bluetooth speaker systems.

Those are undersized, and while many can produce decent sound, the volume isn’t where you probably want it to be. This is a total gym boombox that’s also durable. When you’re tossing weight around, you need it to be durable. So skip out on the other systems that aren’t designed for the gym or don’t have the powerful booming potential, and check out the Gronk Fitness BUMPBOXX Ultra. You’ll be happy you did.

-Terry Asher

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Product Review: Gronk Fitness BUMPBOXX ULTRA
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Product Review: Gronk Fitness BUMPBOXX ULTRA
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