Personal Trainer Price Secrets


Personal Trainer Price Secrets

Are you the kind of person who, from time to time, needs an extra jolt of motivation to help keep you working out and on track for your fitness goals?

Or perhaps you’re interested in helping others achieve these very same fitness goals. Whatever camp you fall in you are looking at a personal trainer. From hiring on a personal trainer to becoming one yourself there is much to know about prices. You shouldn’t just randomly throw out a price and charge someone it.

Likewise, you shouldn’t just accept paying just any rate without first knowing why that person is charging you such a rate. Whatever side of the boat you’re on we have all the ins and outs about personal trainer prices and what you should expect to pay, or charge.

The Secrets of Personal Trainer Prices Uncovered

What To Look For In A Personal Trainer

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Knowing what to look for when hiring a personal trainer will also help you understand what you need to do in order to become a (better) personal trainer. It isn’t all about education, although this does make up a large chunk of what is essential.

First of all, ditch social media to find that perfect personal trainer price. Don’t just hire someone because they have a solid social media presence. Yes, there are tons of “trainers” on Instagram, but when you start digging through the weeds, not many actually have an education behind it.

Can someone look good and have a great physique without an education? Of course. Should they be telling people how to properly exercise?

Probably not. There is so much more to getting back into shape than lifting or cardio. It would be if you decided to start teaching automotive repair.

Sure, you might change your oil or know a thing or two about engines, but without in-depth education, there is far more you don’t know, which opens up the possibility of giving someone improper instructions. As a mechanic, this can end with a blown transmission. As a trainer, this can end in a serious injury. So never go off of someone who is social media famous. Go with someone who has an education, which is extremely important when deciding on a personal trainer’s price.

What kind of education is important?

The best of the best trainers have college degrees in Kinesiology, nutrition, sports medicine, and others. These are also going to be the most expensive personal trainers. Typically these trainers will end up working with college or professional teams, but they may also offer personal training on the side. If you’re looking to train for serious competitions you might want to consider this, but it probably isn’t necessary.

Instead, you want to look for certifications. The certifications will indicate they have the knowledge and demonstrated experience on not only physical fitness but on proper form.

Anyone can tell you to perform a specific exercise or to go through a set of high-intensity interval workouts, but not everyone understands form. Someone who doesn’t have the knowledge and experience may end up injuring you. They also will not know how to reach your optimal goals.

When looking for a personal trainer you want someone you mesh with. Now, they don’t need to be your best friend or someone you talk about the previous nights Netflix binge, but they need to be someone you feel comfortable around.

You also need to trust what they say. If you’re not able to do this, you don’t feel like you can trust them with your health and wellbeing, or you flat out don’t like their personality, look for someone else. Not everyone responds to the same personal training personalities. The best trainers know how to adapt based on their clients, but if you’re not comfortable you can switch to someone else.

Certifications To Consider

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Now, here’s the thing about certifications. There are all kinds of services that offer certifications in just about anything.

However, just because someone hands out a slip of paper with a “Certificate” printed on the top does not mean it’s actually worth anything. When looking for a personal trainer to call your own you need to know what certifications are valuable.

Likewise, if you’re looking to become a personal trainer you need to know what certifications are worth your money to invest in. When becoming personal trainer certifications are an investment in yourself. As you add new certifications and gain additional knowledge you have the ability to charge more for your services.

The first to consider is the American Council on Exercise (ACE).

There are a number of certification programs offered through ACE including group fitness instructor certifications, health coach certifications, personal training certifications, and several others. ACE certification is one of the best out there as all course work is performed in person. Additionally, in order to every qualify for such a certification, an individual must have a CPR certification.

There is an International Sports Sciences Association (or ISSA) certification.

This is one that is desired if you’re not able to sit within a classroom but instead would rather go at your own pace. The personal training certification through the ISSA focuses on strengthening and improving an individual’s ability to perform during their daily life.

Another certification is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certificate.

This certification relies on the latest science, so the certification can change based on new techniques. In order to qualify for entrance into a NASM certification program, you must have a GED or high school diploma and you must have a current CPR certification.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is another certification to look for.

This is generally the highest level of certification available. You also need to be at least 18, have a high school diploma (or GED), and you need to have a certification in CPR.

When focusing specifically on strength and conditioning there is the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). There are four different topics covered for this certification, including client consultation and fitness assessment, program planning, exercise techniques, and safety issues. This is an excellent certification for trainers looking to switch it up between clients. As not all clients require the same kind of services or training this certification absolutely helps with that (Huffington Post, 2017).

How Much To Pay For A Personal Trainer?

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Now that you know you need to find a personal trainer with specific certifications, how much should you go about paying such an individual? And if you’re a personal trainer, how much should you charge a client?

There are a number of initial factors at play. First, you need to consider where you live. Larger metro areas with the highest cost of living will likely result in a more expensive personal trainer.

However, new personal trainers may charge less as they begin to build their client list up. So, you might be able to find a personal trainer who has the certifications and education but who doesn’t have the client list, and as such isn’t able to be as picky with who they take on.

According to Lessons, the national average cost of a personal trainer is $55 an hour (although the scale runs between $40 and $70 per hour). The top-tier persona trainers will charge up to (if not more than) $120.

So what range is right for you, and what range should you charge someone?

First, the national base is about $35 an hour. While this price does sound better you should probably avoid those who are at this bargain-basement price.


Because chances are they don’t have the education or certifications. They charge this low of a price to attract clients who may not care about certifications. However, going with a non-certified personal trainer opens you up for injury and other problems.

If you’re just looking to get back in shape, look for a trainer in the $40 to $70 range. You should be able to find someone at that national average of $55 who can handle all of your needs.

However, if you’re looking to get back into shape and have eyes on a competition coming up you should budget toward the higher end of the spectrum. Someone who trains an individual for, say, Iron Man, is likely someone who not only has the certifications and education but has also competed in it. Hiring someone like this will increase your chance of success, but they will also likely charge closer to the $120 range.

As for how much you should charge, you need to take a hard, realistic look at not only your certifications but your experience.

As long as you have the certificates set your base at $40 an hour. If you’re brand new to the game and just getting started $40 is a good way to build clients and develop a following. From there you can begin to increase your process.

Now, if you have a college education, such as in physical fitness or sports medicine, you can charge more right out of the gate, because this added education is the equivalent of years worth of experience.

One thing you will need to consider is if there are any gym fees built into the personal trainer’s rate. Some gyms might charge the personal trainers price a “rental” fee for being there. When this is the case the cost to someone booking the personal trainer will likely go up. While not all that common as many gyms do like to hire on personal trainers, it is something to keep in mind and to ask if the personal trainer rates include any kind of gym fees.

Where To Find Affordable Personal Trainers (And Where To Get Hired As One)

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Your local gym is a great spot to start in your search for a personal trainer. If you’re already a member of a gym you can simply stop by the front desk and ask about their personal trainers.

Likewise, if you are now certified and looking for work. Eventually, you might want to go off and become a stand-alone personal trainer, not affiliated with any specific gyms, but to get started, partnering yourself up with a gym you’re a member of (or a local gym that’s hiring on personal trainers) is a good way to go.

When looking for a personal trainer at your local gym they should give a number of options as well as their qualifications.

Now, some of the qualifications will list athletic activities. For example, if they participated in track and field in college, or they played lacrosse at a university. These are nice bullet points and resume fillers, but don’t let yourself be won over because they played at your favorite school. Make sure they have certifications to back it up.

Because many of these former college athletes were trained very specifically to compete in their sport. However, you might not want to build yourself like a college javelin athlete. Certifications show an individual has the knowledge to adapt to your needs.

The kind of gym you go to will also play a role in the price.

National chain gyms will be a nice place to go for an affordable personal trainer (it’s also a good place to go to become one as you may also be able to transfer to different chain locations). Local athletic clubs will provide personal trainers but these are often more expensive as the clubs look for more experienced trainers. So keep this in mind both while looking to hire on a trainer or when looking to offer your services as one.

Personal Training For Any Skill Level


It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to get back into the world of working out or if you want to take your physical fitness to the next level, there is a personal trainer out there for you.

Likewise, if you have a passion for physical fitness and want to help others achieve their goals you have this possibility to become a personal trainer. Whatever you’re looking to accomplish, it is possible for you to do so. And with this information in mind, you now know how much you should expect to pay or charge.

-Terry Asher

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Personal Trainer Price Secrets
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Personal Trainer Price Secrets
Whatever side of the boat you're on we have all the ins and outs about personal trainer prices and what you should expect to pay, or charge.
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