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Looking for a performance boost for your toughest workouts? Oxydrene might be your answer. Today we’ll present the facts on this popular supplement.

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We’ve all been there – your performance is slowly declining at the gym. Whether you’re just plain bored or you’re getting old and fighting against the current, it’s really frustrating to go against this uphill battle. And let’s face it – sometimes you just need something to give you a little kick and push you through that extra-hard workout.

There are a few products that claim they’re able to do this successfully and safely.

One of those products is Oxydrene.

We’ve been hearing an awful lot about this supplement lately, so we decided to take a closer look for ourselves. We wanted to look at a few different things, like an in-depth look at the various testimonials and reviews left by customers, the different ingredients and even where you can buy it and how much it’s going to cost you.

Oxydrene Ingredients and Effects

Made from Novex Biotex, Oxydrene claims to aid in oxygenating both your tissue and your blood in order help increase your overall performance and VO2 max. This allows you to build more muscle by empowering and oxygenating your tissue.

As for the company itself, it has put out some pretty impressive products over the year. Most of their products are geared toward weightlifters and include Cutting Gel and Endothil. However, this product is strictly for male enhancement.

As for the ingredient list, it’s made up of only three key ingredients. Because it oxygenates deep tissue, it’s sending more oxygen into your blood stream. This, in turn, makes you have better stamina and endurance, increasing VO2 Max.

This might sound a little too good to be true. However, increasing It does say it’ll start work in as little as three to four days, so you won’t have to wait long to see if it’s the product for you.

According to the label, you should start with taking 2 capsules. This dose is for 2 times a day and should be in between your meals. And yes, still take it even if you aren’t working out that day. Its effects will continue even if it is your off day.

More often than not, Oxydrene is coupled up with Zantrax 3. This is one deadly serious combination. Zantrax 3 is actually a pill that helps with fat loss while the Oxydrene increases oxygenation and performance.

On Oxydrene’s website, it advises bodybuilders that want to use their supplement to double check with any professional trainers. Why? Because there’s actually a possible ban in the IOC and WADA . These are two agencies that keep an eye on steroids.

So while Oxydrene isn’t exactly a steroid, the chemical makeup of it (on top of its ability to bump up your intake of oxygen during hardcore working out sessions) has caused it to be on a ton of agencies’ radar.

In terms of ingredients, you’re looking at a few different things, like Fructose Lychii Chinesis, Hippophae, Rice Flour, Sedum Crenulata, Megnesium Sterate, Silicon Dioxide and Cellulose.

We wanted to see what kind of effects these ingredients have in terms of the human body and all of its complicated systems.

Here’s a bit of a surprising fact – Hippophae is actually used pretty often to help patients suffering from cardiac complications.

Oxydrene User Feedback

Another surprising fact – just about everyone who reviewed this product gave it 5 out of 5. Many users reported a huge increase in their energy, resulting in a lot better workout. The idea is that more oxygen in the muscles increases strength and stamina.

One user said he was already active, despite being in his late 50’s, and was looking for a boost so he turned to Oxydrene. He saw a huge jump in energy while at the gym and plans to continue his use of the supplement. He was looking for some pretty significant results, as he felt like he was losing energy and stamina as he was getting older. He got the results he was looking for.

Another user stated Oxydrene gave him all the benefits he was looking for, but without the jittery feeling that tends to come with an energy/weight loss pill. This user claims there are literally no bad side effects that come along with Oxydrene so he also plans to stay on it for a while.

There were hardly any users that reported any negative side effects.

Our Oxydrene Review

So what’s our take on it? Well, based on the positive feedback we’ve seen (and the negative feedback we still can’t seem to find) it does seem like Oxydrene works for a lot of men. There are countless supplements and various other kinds of products that promise to give you that boost you need for your intense workouts. However, often times, there’s no kind of delivery with this promise – it’s just words written on a label you hope are true as you buy the bottle and give it a shot for yourself.

Oxydrene seems to be successful based on the reviews available. This supplement seems to be very successful in giving the user some much needed energy, especially when you look at other products like Slin and even Panthera.

Here’s another bonus – you can find this just about anywhere. From drug stores to popular places like Vitamin Shoppe, you’re not going to have trouble trying to find where this is.

For convenience factor, we recommend buying Oxydrene on Amazon. Prices fluctuate a bit online from various retailers; we like amazon when it comes to ordering supplements because of the reliability, quick delivery and return policies. For a product with this many good reviews, and our own good experience, we find the price to be quite fair around $37 for for 120 capsules.

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At the very reasonable price point, Oxydrene is worth a shot, isn’t it? You don’t have anything to lose, except for more energy by waiting, so it might be worth your while to give it a try. Based on our experience, the information available, and Oxydrene reviews online, we give this one four stars and the Gym Junkies recommendation.


Oxydrene Review
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