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Recently I had the experience of going on the Million Dollar Matchmaker. I’m going to explain what it did to my fitness game, dating life & everything else in between!

Don’t worry everyone I haven’t gone Hollywood on you…

I think a lot of the readers can relate to some of the general fitness and dieting struggles I had while on camera.

I’m sure there are times when you are use to your fitness/dieting routine only to be taken out of it or distracted. It could be as simple as going out to eat at a restaurant or traveling for pleasure or business.

Life happens…

Today I hope to inspire some people on how to stay dedicated to your fitness/dieting routine (while NOT being a stick in the mud), trying new things in life, and of course those of you who either recognized me on the show or tuned in I’ll be giving my “inside scoop” while being on set.

What The F*uck Does The Million Dollar Matchmaker Have To Do With fitness?

Well actually for me a lot…

I was starting to prep for a show that was scheduled in July when I received a call from a casting agency “hey we think you would be great for this show”.

Sure why not I thought I’ll head up to Los Angeles from San Diego and check it out…

Let me first off by saying traveling while working out/dieting is difficult in general!

But I’ve been there before so to combat this as best as possible I planned. I pre-packed at least 24 hours worth of meals (eating rules for muscle gains), drove up early to get a good nights rest (muscle growth and sleep) and of course packed workout clothes so at the very least I could work out at the hotel.

Even despite my planning I would be flat out lying if I said it was easy to accomplish a normal eating pattern, not snack on junk food between shots and well have a couple drinks.

Staying True To Your Diet When You’re Hit With Hotel Junk Food, Hotel Workouts & Alcohol!

As far as sticking to your diet obviously try to have the best self-control possible!

But here a quick list of LOW PREP foods that helped me:

  • Protein powders
  • Fruits
  • Salads with dressing
  • Rotisserie chicken,
  • Cottage cheese
  • Almonds
  • Greek yogurt
  • Almond butter

Also, when you go to book your hotel, double check to make sure they have a fridge in the room. If you’re able to upgrade to a bigger fridge, do it.

And now, what you’ve been waiting for – working out while you travel. While you might think this is pretty difficult, it isn’t too bad as long as you are willing to adapt and not make excuses to skip it. We have a few pointers that might make it easier for you.

First, try to stay in a hotel that is located near a gym. Even if you can’t fit in a workout until 11 PM, just remember this is temporary. Or, if your hotel has a gym, utilize it. We know hotel gyms don’t exactly have the best rep but honestly, it’s better than doing nothing. Generally, these types of gyms have some light weights and machines, so aim for a 30 to 45-minute session that works your entire body. It should also be something you can do every day.

Ok and here’s the thing with alcohol…

Obviously minimize as much as possible especially if you’re prepping for a show like I was!

Buttt if you’re going to at least research the healthiest types of alcohol.

Here they are in order:

  • Vodka Water (97g calories/0 carbs)
  • Wine (120g calories/3.5g carbs)
  • Beer (150-300 calories/9g carbs)
  • Mixed drinks (400g+ Calories/30g+ carbs)


I understand why human’s drink there is a reduction of stress, some antioxidants, and most importantly… the social lubrication.

For myself I bent my own rules a little on the show, I had one shot of vodka on the first day with the guys before meeting patty and a glass of wine on my date.

For the record, it was open bar the first day and whole lot of waiting before meeting patty and the date. In my eyes basically, they were dangling a carrot for those who lack self-control and trust me a couple guys got lit but I’ll touch on that later!

Overall these pointers are the things that helped me out the most and they can really apply to just about anyone traveling, in a social scene or just out of their “routine” in general.

Ok now for you guys that tuned in to million-dollar matchmaker…

Is @Pattistanger Really That Big Of A Firecracker All The Time Or Is It All An Act On Camera?

Have you ever seen a strong personality on TV and just thought, “I’m sure that’s just act or a facade”?

While I’m not an avid Million Dollar Matchmaker viewer, I’ve seen it on TV several times back when it was on the Bravo network and always thought to myself “I’m sure she just does that to get a rise out of people”.

Being involved in marketing sometimes you accentuate things just for more exposure or views.

Boy was I dead wrong…

Doesn’t matter if the camera is on or off, Patti is well Patti. She is no filtered, witty and in your face!

While some might think she can be abrasive, I actually thought it was refreshing she was the same on and off camera.

Shows that she is real, comfortable and doesn’t give a f*ck.

What I Thought About The WeTV Staff/Hosts @Pattistanger, @Thecandicesmith, and @Maxwellbillieon.

#Red is for #Romance as I’m Wishing all my #mits that’s matchmakers in training happy #nationalmatchmakerday! I want everyone to get out today and try to #match a friend, family member, co worker or complete stranger. There is no greater high than bringing two people together straight or gay plus you get credits in heaven. If you want to sign up for one of my matchmaker trainings hit me up at where you will get certified by the matchmakers institute @lisaclampittmatchmaking To all my professional matchmakers you deserve a vacation after this crazy year of doing gods work. Not an easy one with all the crazy transits of makeup and breakups we have witnessed! The #tequila is on me and I will let my 2 drink max rule slide! Shhhh don’t tell anyone. Xo

A post shared by Patti Stanger (@pattistanger) on

@pattistanger- 100% intense personality, in your face and will call you out on your sh*t.

My Personal feelings – I actually thought she was pretty funny but I am also not easily offended. I also never came under direct fire from her either, so maybe that’s why I have the opinion I do.


Most of us are always concerned with standing up for others. Don’t forget to have your own back 🖤 #LoveByCandace

A post shared by Candace Smith (@thecandacesmith) on

@thecandicesmith- Also witty but more serious vibe, a good offset next to Patti. She’s also a looker and was Miss Ohio in 2003.

My personal feelings – Was the most intimidating of the three. I can’t really put my finger on why she was but maybe it was the more serious vibe I got from her.


Work smart and play hard! #maxwellbillieon #billieonaire #milliondollardad

A post shared by Maxwell Billieon (@maxwellbillieon) on

@maxwellbillieon – A must need host as he is the only male of the group. He is the CEO of and a family man.

My personal feelings – Totally down to earth and easy to talk to. An extremely nice and cool guy both on and off camera, I enjoyed his dynamic. Oh yeah from the looks of his picture seems like he is a gym junkie as well!


Why I Think @WeTV Marketing Sucks And How They Are Missing Out On Potentially Hundreds Of Thousands Of Views Online.

Ok so I know this isn’t a marking blog so I’ll keep it brief, but being the marketer that I am I do research on a lot of companies and websites.

Naturally, I researched the views of the show only to find a wetv had much fewer views than the older Bravo version.

Why do I think this is, I’ll explain…

#1 Issue I think wetv faces with the show is the fact that it people still attributes it with the old name “millionaire matchmaker” and bravo.

Need proof?

Check out Google trends when the “million dollar matchmaker”(the new one) airs. Womp womp, people Google “millionaire matchmaker” more than “million dollar matchmaker”…

What’s even worse is only shows up on the bottom of Google when they Google “millionaire matchmaker”, Bravo is most likely saying “thanks for the free traffic!”

#2 It shocks me that a site like is not SSL secured. If you don’t know what SSL is you can more about it here.

But essentially it’s used to secure the data transmitted over the Internet between your computer and the destination servers. With an SSL certificate any information that is transmitted becomes encrypted making it unreadable to everyone except the intended server. This makes it nearly impossible for hackers to steal your information; it also helps with UX making people feel “more secure”.

#3 It’s an actual maze for people to watch the episodes online if your not computer savvy. But after you get past the fact that you have to have a direct tv or spectrum account and login to watch it, it’s SUPER SLOW and bogged down with commercials.

It’s so slow I ran a speed test for fun only to find out it loads in 17 seconds, yikes!

That’s really the tip of the iceberg too but those were the 3 main things that stuck out to me.

Why I Have Respect For @monielove And Enjoyed My Time Behind Camera With Her

Even though I politely declined to go on a second date with Monie, I found her super down to earth, hip and extremely interesting to talk to. Someone I could continue to be friends with for sure.

If you don’t know who Monie love is here is a tidbit on her:

Monie Love (born Simone Gooden; July 2, 1970) is an English rapper and radio personality in the United States. She is a well-respected figure in British hip hop, and made an impact with American hip-hop audiences as a protégé of American emcee Queen Latifah, as well as through her membership in the late-1980s/early-1990s hip-hop group Native Tongues.

Source: Wikipedia

Nowadays Monie Love spends her time as a host on the Ed Lover Show, she also put out her own thoughts/views about being on the show, you can read/hear about it here:

Why You Should Have An Open Mind, Put Yourself Out There And Try New Things!

Overall whether it’s trying a new workout, trying a new diet or trying new things, in general, you’re never losing because you’re always learning.

I encourage people to get out there seize the day.

-Terry Asher

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