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Weight loss is a different journey for all of us. What you might find easy to do another person might struggle with. It’s one of the wonderful, and yet frustrating aspects of being human.

But thankfully there are plenty of options out there for helping you drop the pounds. For those times when exercise and dieting just doesn’t seem to work there are alternatives. One such option is Medical Weight Loss.

Medical Weight Loss centers are located throughout the country and provide individuals such as yourself with added tools to help you lose weight you may not have access to anywhere else.

If you are considering this as a weight loss potential it is a good idea to consult a local staff. However, before contacting a location near you, here are some basics you need to know ahead of time. 

What Is Medical Weight Loss?

At first, you might assume medical weight loss has something to do with a medical service or even a surgery.

After all, the word “medical” is in the name, so there naturally must be some kind of procedure or surgery, right?

 Well no, and this is actually where one of the biggest misconceptions comes from. Medical weight loss does not necessarily have anything to do with a surgery or procedure. While an option, it is usually a final option. Instead, other forms of weight loss are identified prior to even considering any kind of surgery

Instead, a medical weight loss program is when doctors and other medical professionals work with you to identify the exact cause of your obesity or weight gain. There are a number of tests are a performed in order to determine what the culprit is.

It can be anything from discovering you have a slow metabolism to understanding how your body stores certain kinds of foods. Basically it starts out with a deep dive into your body, how it processes different kinds of foods, how it stores calories, how it burns calories, and so on.

By establishing a complete understanding as to how your body works regarding calorie consumption and utilization, the medical weight loss center staff can then begin to create a plan specific to you. 

Customizing A Plan For You

Once the team at your local medical weight loss center has performed the analysis of your body the staff will customize a plan for you. This includes not only a specific diet to follow but also an exercise schedule. Your staff uses medical science behind how your body works to help maximize weight loss potential. 

One way your local service provider does this is by identifying ways to boost your metabolic rate. Everyone burns calories a bit different so knowing how to maximize your metabolic rate will go a long way in helping you burn more calories while working out and exercising. 

Beyond looking at ways to improve your metabolic rate the staff will look at how your body retains calories from certain kinds of foods. By understanding how  certain foods allows your medical weight loss staff the ability to craft a diet geared toward your needs. One of the biggest problems with following the trending diets is what works for one person may not work for someone else.

Every body reacts to different foods and is able to burn calories in different ways. This is why some people are able to see better results off of a Mediterranean Diet while others see results using a Ketoor Adkins diet. With a medical weight loss diet plan you will have an exact blueprint for what you should eat, when you should eat, and how each of the foods ultimately helps you with your ability to burn calories and shed the weight. 

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Programs Offered Through Your Medical Weight Loss Center

Your local medical weight loss center will provide you with slightly different programs depending on where you go and what the facility has access to. However, in general you should expect the following programs, regardless of where you live or where your weight loss center is located:

  • Meals/Meal plan
  • Maintain weight loss
  • Appetite suppressant prescribed
  • Metabolism programs
  • Physician support

Depending on where you go the facility might provide you with the meals. This way everything is taken care of for you and all you need to do is heat the meal and you’re ready to go. Other locations might simply give you recipes or what to eat and when to eat (this may also depend on what you’re looking to pay for the service).

Additionally, because the weight loss plan is scheduled out for you and made specific for you there is a better chance of you maintaining the weight loss. This is because most weight loss programs are not lifestyle changes. The only way you will ever be able to maintain weight loss is if you turn a diet into a way of life. Crash diets and fab diets are generally not way of life changes. That is why with a medical weight loss service you are far more likely to keep the weight off.

The Aid Of A Physician 

There are a number of additional benefits behind working with a doctor and medical staff to help with your weight loss. For starters, you will maintain a one-on-one connection with your physician. They can monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments when necessary. Your doctor will also be able to determine if you are progressing well or not.

Sometimes it can become frustrating if you don’t see the kind of weight loss that you’d like. It is only human to establish unfair expectations of ourselves, and if we don’t see meet these goals we may become frustrated and even stop all together. With the aid of the medical staff you will have a much clearer understanding of what is going on with your body and whether the results you are seeing are good or if the results can be improved. 

Another benefit with a physician supporting you and your weight loss journey is the ability to receive prescription appetite suppressants. If you are an individual who struggles with your appetite and find yourself constantly hungry an appetite suppressant might be a valuable addition to your daily dietary regimen. 

Now, you can already purchase some over the counter appetite suppressants and metabolic boosters from your local grocery store. However, most of these are very basic in the kind of support offered. Usually the supplements contain caffeine and a handful of nutrients to help give the effect of a satisfied appetite (or to help burn some added calories).

However, these supplements only go so far. With a prescription strength suppressant you’ll see a noticeable difference. This might only be necessary for some individuals, but your doctor will know if it is right for you. And having access to prescription strength appetite suppressants is something you simply can’t access on other diets. 

Personal Support

One of the best ways to improve your weight loss potential and to stay on track is to have a personal support team at your disposal. You might have one other person who is trying to lose weight right along with you, but one of the problems with this is if that person drops off and stops with their diet it can heavily impact your ability to succeed.

And do you really want to quit your diet and go back to life before you started on your weight loss journey just because you lost your one-person support staff?

Of course not. Well with a medical weight loss service you will always have a group of people to talk to. You can also connect with others who are on their own weight loss journey through a medical weight loss service provider and help one another. This personal support can go a long way in helping you out. 

Instead of struggling through weight loss on your own, because there are local centers spread throughout the country you will always have access to people just like you who are looking to better themselves. 

When Surgery Is Necessary

In most cases the outlined plan, as long as it is followed, will work for you and help you lose weight. Combined with an exercise routine and you will begin to see progressive results that improve each and every week.

However, there are times where this might not be the case. For one reason or another you might not experience the kind of desired weight loss you are going for. Your local medical weight loss service provider is designed to help you lose a healthy amount of weight, which means you will not go through yo-yo diets to drastically cut pounds in a short period.

In the instances when you need to lose a large amount of weight due to health concerns (which is usually only in the case of extreme obesity), or when your body simply does not respond to any of the exercise and dietary plans you follow, it may end up prove necessary to follow through with some kind of surgery. 

As you are already partnered up with a medical professional they can discuss the different options available to you. In these instances though it is usually not a cosmetic based weight loss procedure. Cosmetic procedures, such as CoolSculptingor methods via lasers, are used to remove small amounts of fat in stubborn areas.

The kind of weight loss offered by your medical weight loss professional is designed to aid in larger amounts of weight when the other methods have failed. Your particular service provider might vary on the kind of surgery they provide. Should it ever get to this point though they will discuss viable options with you. 

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Is Medical Weight Loss For You?

Medical weight loss has been proven to work time and time again. This is because the staff uses science and how your body works to customize a form of weight loss that will help you see the best results.

However, for some people this might not actually be the best option. There are some service providers who will put you on an extremely limiting diet.

You may find the extremely limited diet difficult to stick to. And if you are unable to stick to a diet you’ll never experience the kind of weight loss success you desire.

Sometimes it is better to slowly burn calories and lose weight than to try to drop more weight quickly.

Your medical weight loss team is usually able to customize the results for you, but even so, if you are unable to push through the kind of limited diets they recommend you will want to look elsewhere. 

According to Allure, some individuals were placed on 500-calorie diets per day early on and then will build up from there. For some this might be 75 percent or more of their normal calories instantly out the window, which will leave you feeling potentially faint.

U.S. News and World Report also adds in, saying it does take time to get used to, and there will be those who are simply unable to stick to the diet at first. Due to this, you may want to consult the medical staff and give it a try to see if you can. If not, there will be another weight loss option out there for you. 

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There is no shortage of weight loss options out there. For some, diet and exercise is all that’s needed. For others, the help of outside services may be necessary for one reason or another. If you’re an individual who would like help from an outside source in your weight loss question, you may want to consider a Medical Weight Loss Center.

These facilities are especially helpful in working with you in identifying your potential weight loss goals and then creating a plan to help you achieve these goals.

Hopefully you’ve found a number of answers here to help you along your weight loss path. If you have more specifics you want to know about Medical Weight Loss, make sure to contact a local Medical Weight Loss Center near you for answers specifically regarding you and your body. 

-Terry Asher

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Medical Weight Loss Center
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Medical Weight Loss centers are located throughout the country and provide individuals such as yourself with added tools to help you lose weight you may not have access to anywhere else.
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