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You’ve probably heard the saying before, but abs are made in the kitchen. You can do all the cardio, weight lifting and crunches you want, unless you’re a professional athlete blowing through tens of thousands of calories a day you will never reach your weight loss goals without adjusting what you eat.

But knowing what to eat and, almost more importantly, making it taste good, is difficult. Most of us know what to eat and what not to eat, but very few of us can make it appetizing or even keep recommended portions. Thankfully there are options available for you to help with this.

Thanks to a number of weight loss service delivery options out there you can have delicious, healthy, and nutritious meals delivered right to your door. This takes all the food prep and questions marks out of your life. Because with everyone else going on, wouldn’t it be nice to have one less thing to worry about.

If you’re interested in learning more about one of the many weight loss service food delivery options, keep on reading! We have an overview of some of the best and healthiest. 

Weight Loss Service

Sun Basket

sun basket

Sun Basket is a meal prep service dedicated to a number of weight loss and dietary needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all food delivery service, which may just make it perfect for you. Plus, you can test out the service and receive free shipping on your first order (specific offers and meals may vary depending on when you decide to give it a try).

Sun Basket provides some meal options you’re not going to find with other service providers.

For example, there is the Mediterranean meal prep option. This option allows you to select a diet that is rich in whole grains, wild-caught seafood, responsibly sourced meats, and good fats.

Most of the foods used in this meal prep offering come from regions around the Mediterranean. These diets have become popular over the years as heart disease is next to nonexistent in Italy, Greece, and other countries where this is the diet.

Other meal prep options include a Paleo diet, where foods are based on what humans would have consumed during the Paleolithic time period.

This means you’ll eat a diet rich in protein. It will also avoid corn, soy, gluten, grains, and daily.

There is a diabetes-friendly diet with all recipes approved by the American Diabetes Association, a “Quick & Easy” option, which allows you to prepare all meals in less than 20 minutes, there’s a carb-conscious diet, where each meal has fewer than 35 net carbs per serving.

There’s a gluten-free diet, a vegetarian diet, a chef choice (where everything is hand selected using seasonal recipes, plus a pescatarian diet, where no meats or poultry is used. All meals are vegetarian plus wild-caught seafood.

For a strictly “weight loss” diet option you’ll want to go with the Lean & Clean diet, which provides you with whole foods that come in at less than 600 calories per serving.

Trifecta Nutrition

trifecta nutrition

All of the food offered through Trifecta Nutrition comes pre-cooked, so all you need to do is heat it up. This makes it super easy and fast, which may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

There are a number of meal plan options offered by Trifecta Nutrition. The Keto meal plan is one of the most popular plans currently, it makes it easier than ever before to stay on top of the carbs you’re consuming (with the meals limiting you to no more than 20 grams of carbs per day).

There is also a vegetarian meal plan, a Paleo meal plan, a vegan meal plan, plus a clean meal plan. The clean meal plan doesn’t follow any specific dietary requirements (such as Keto or vegan).

It simply gives you clean, healthy foods that are highly nutritious. There is the classic meal plan which is great if you’re someone who absolutely needs to count your foods down to the smallest micro. The meals are split into four ounces of meat/fish, four ounces of carbs (such as rice or potatoes), and four ounces of veggies.

Lastly, there is the a la carte plan. This plan allows you to handcraft your plan directly through the website. This way you can select the kinds of foods and offerings you eat. If you want greater control over what you are eating on a daily basis this is the way to go.

Fresh N Lean

fresh n lean

One of the main benefits behind Fresh N Lean is none of the food is ever frozen. The food is all vacuum sealed fresh when it is sent to you. This way you have the freshest food possible. When arriving at the website you will be told you can sign up with a special discount.

You will be told this over and over (you really can’t miss it as it is in the header of the website and if you even attempt to click out of the Internet tab a pop-up will inform you of this. So if you’re looking for a discount offer there’s no way to avoid it through Fresh N Lean.

All of the meal plans available through the meal service provides you with non-gmo meals. The foods also include no antibiotics and no added hormones.

This is one of the few meal plan options that deliver a Protein specific meal. This meal plan includes premium protein where 71 percent of the calories come from protein. If you’re active and are constantly looking for ways to boost your protein intake this is an excellent way to go.

There is a Keto diet. It includes premium protein and clean fat. Carbs make up just 15 percent of the calories you consume through this meal plan.

The Paleo diet is made up of mostly grass-fed beef for the premium protein (many of the other meal plans that include meat and proteins focus on seafood). The Paleo diet offers only slightly more carbs, with 21 percent of the calories coming from carbs.

If you’re interested in a vegan diet plan all of the foods are organic vegetables. It also comes with vegan proteins so you won’t need to externally supplement.

The Vegan plan will also provide you with a seasonal menu to help keep your meals exciting. There is also a low carb vegan option.

Many fruits come with higher percentages of natural sugars, which also means higher percentages of carbs. With this low carb vegan meal plan you’ll receive many of the same benefits as the regular vegan plan only this one cuts your carb calorie intake to 28 percent of the total calories found within the meal plan.


meal prep food

When it comes to helping you shed the weight Nutrisystem has been around for far longer than the Internet-based meal plan services. Nutrisystem might be the best in tailoring foods specifically to your body type and your weight loss goals. When you arrive on the website you are asked to enter in your height and your weight.

Now, this doesn’t take into account if you are extremely muscular, as you might weight more than the average individual at your height, so if you are a boy builder and looking to simply cut fat you may want to look for one of the other options.

The plans are tailored to your needs, but there are a handful of plan variations you can choose from.

There is a men’s specific plan, which is designed for individuals who may have a larger muscle to fat ratio. This will help you maintain your muscle mass while losing weight. There is a diabetes plan for individuals with diabetes and there is a vegetarian plan as well.

If you’re interested in this plan there is even a weight loss guarantee.

So check out that guarantee and all the other services offered through Nutrisystem to learn more about the specifics.

Hello Fresh

hello fresh

This is a great meal option if you want to meal prep with someone else inside your home. This is because all meal preps are made for either two or three people (there is also almost always some kind of deal offered when first signing up.

As of July 5, 2020 this offer was $60 off plus free shipping. The exact discount will likely vary depending on when you check the website out).

When you arrive on the website you have four plan options to choose from. These are: meat and veggies, veggie only, family friendly, and low calorie. The meat and veggies/veggie plans are pretty self explanatory. The family friendly meal plan is designed if you have children.

Sometimes it’s difficult to get kids to eat healthy looking meals, so Hello Fresh makes a plan that gives kid-friendly meals that are still healthy.

The low calorie meal plan gives you a number of dietitian-approved meals, all of which sit right around the 650 calorie mark.

This will give you enough to keep you feeling full without going super restrictive in the calorie count. If you go too calorie restrictive you’ll end up starving. This leads to binging later on, not to mention you’ll lose all-important muscle.


meal prep

BistroMD is designed specifically for weight loss. While there are a handful of plan options you will find all of these plans have the ultimate goal of helping you shed weight. First, there is a weight loss plan for women.

The plan has been designed by physicians (as is the case with the other plans) to help deliver the kinds of nutrients you need while assisting you in shedding weight at the same time.

All of the food comes pre-cooked so you just need to heat the food up. There are also variants within this plan, so you can select a gluten free version, one for if you have diabetes, are going through menopause, or if you need a health health-specific plan.

There is also a men’s plan. As is the case with the women’s plan you can choose through different versions of the plan. On top of this, the plans come with weight loss tips, health information, as well as fitness tips.

Blue Apron

blue apron

When it comes to classic meal prep options Blue Apron is one of the oldest and best known. You will need to be careful when ordering through Blue Apron as not all of the meals are designed specifically for helping you lose weight. While most are nutritious in their own right, not all are “weight loss” or dietary specific, so go over the plans when ordering.

There are three meal plan options with Blue Apron. There is a two-serving “Signature” meal plan as well as a four-serving “Signature” meal plan. These plans are limited to the number of meals you receive per week, ranging from two to four.

So while you can use these in addition to other plans, it is not a full meal plan replacement option. There is also a vegetarian meal plan (with two to three recipes per week).

Once you select the kind of meal plan you’re interested in you will need to fine tune what you want to receive for your meals and if there are certain kinds of food you want to avoid.

Vegetarian diet bodybuilder

In Conclusion

There are so many weight loss food delivery options out there it can be difficult to know which is best for you. Some are designed specifically to be easy to make while others are designed to assist you in your weight loss or other fitness goals.

So, if you’re looking to shed the pounds while eating delicious, nutritious foods, make sure to check out some of these options. Most allow you to go on a discounted trial run and you can almost always cancel at any time.

With all of that said, what are you waiting for?

Stop the guessing games and the stress of trying to make healthy food and have it delivered right to your door. You’ll never be forced to question what to buy and what not to buy from the grocery store ever again.

-Terry Asher

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Looking For a Weight Loss Service?
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