What is Kinobody?


Workout programs are just that: programs. Eventually, if you’re like most people, you’ll become tired of doing the same thing, over and over again. Today we will look at Kinobody… 

So maybe it has come time to start looking for another workout program to keep your muscles confused, sore and growing.

Throughout your workout time, you may have come across something called Kinobody. Perhaps some of the guys at the gym swear by it, or others just question whether it is a “scam” or not.

Well not to worry, because we’ve got all the insights on what Kinobody is if it works, and whether or not it really is right for you.

Wait, Who Created Kinobody?

If you’ve looked up anything in regards to Kinobody, you’ve probably come across the guy by the name of Gregory O’Gallagher.

Yes, it sounds more like a made up Simpson’s character name than a real person, but this is the name of the guy who is the founder of Kinobody. In addition, if your research sent you to YouTube at all, you’ve probably seen some rather odd promotional videos of Gregory, ripped and shirtless, surrounded by models and Lamborghinis.

Gregory has obviously decided to try and connect looking great with a shirt off with all sorts of cash and beautiful women.

With all of the YouTube and Instagram mayhem connected with Kinobody and Gregory O’Gallagher, there is a very good reason why Justin Caffier of Vice (2016) titled a review article “I Spend a Month Getting in Shape with YouTube’s Douchiest Fitness Celebrity.” Whatever kind of colorful language you’d like to use, Vice has a way of pinning the tail on the donkey rather accurately. It is this persona that has led many people to question whether or not the workout routine is a scam because it is pitched online in a very similar manner to the “get rich quick” schemes made popular by early morning infomercials.

Okay, so beyond his persona online, who exactly is Gregory O’Gallagher?

There isn’t a lot written about him. Of course, he’s in his mid-20s, so he’s still new to the fitness game.

Gallagher does come from money, as his father ran one of the largest real estate rental company in Canada.

While his father passed away several years ago, the money left to Gregory allowed him to finance his fitness program and showcase it through advertisements on YouTube. 

The most information written about Gregory comes from the Kinobody website itself. In an “About” section, Gregory details his desire to look like one of the action figures he received as a present at the ripe old age of six. Mr. O’Gallagher describes the reception of an adjustable dumbbell set at the age of nine. Now, we wouldn’t recommend starting your child on weights at the age of nine.

Because the body is still growing and developing at this age, extreme weight lifting can cause growth problems.

However, Gregory received weights at this young age and continued his passion for fitness. By the age of 15, he started a YouTube channel of his workouts. At the age of 18, without any education or schooling, he started a personal training business. By the age of 19, he moved to LA to begin his fitness program of Kinobody.

So alright, Kinobody is essentially the brainchild of a pre-20-year-old kid without any former training or education on the body (outside of what he read in books). That doesn’t mean it isn’t a good or even great program, but let’s explore potential quality questions.

But hey, we’re looking at the quality of the workout program and not the quality of the person who created it.

So let’s move forward in uncovering what Kinobody actually is. 

What is the Kinobody Program?

Kinobody is marketed as more than a workout program but as a lifestyle. With all the models and Lambo cars in the YouTube videos and advertisements, it certainly stands out as something different than most other workout videos you’ve seen before.

But alright, what exactly is the Kinobody program?

Kinobody is broken down into six different stages. The stages are:

  • The Warrior Physique
  • The Greek God Physique
  • The Superhero Physique
  • The Goddess Toning Program
  • Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0

Each stage is designed to give you the kind of body you would want.

Wheather it’s how to get swole, give you rock hard abs or just learn the basics of intermittent fasting.

So instead of offering the same basic workout for all desires, if you want to look like a superhero, with the massive chest, you’ll have this program, or if you want the toned and sleek look of a Greek God, that’s an option as well. There is also the Goddess Toning Program for if you don’t want to put on massive bulk but instead obtain a fit and toned look without the size.

We’ll look a bit further into each of these programs to see what goes into everything.

The Warrior Physique

Kinobody also refers to this as the Warrior Shredding Program.

When going through the rundown of the program, it says you will get “more chiseled than you ever thought possible,” boost your sex appeal, develop a powerful V-shape, gain muscles in important areas while dropping six to eight pounds of fat at least two inches off of your waist. It also says you can do this in as little as a month.

The program offers a 74 page PDF that dives into what you need to do. It does seem a bit odd that a guy who uses Instagram and YouTube to promote his workouts would rely on mostly a long PDF document. There are some workout training videos and a six-pack chapter as well. However, the program itself doesn’t provide much until you start dropping at least $35 per program (which is digital access through the website, in order to prevent videos from being shared).

The Greek God Physique

With this workout, you’ll discover (according to the program’s instructions) how to obtain rock-hard muscles without ever hitting a strength plateau.

If you’re a powerlifter and have been in strength training for a while, you know this likely sounds too good to be true, because there is always a plateau. You can confuse your muscles by switching the workout, which helps, but eventually, there is simply a limit everybody can hit. However, the workout program says if you have hit a plateau, it’ll give you 10 different workout tips that will help you break through (without going into further detail). With this program, you’ll again receive the 74 page PDF and workout videos (each program receives a PDF document and access to workout videos).

The Superhero Physique

This is essential “part three” if the muscle building program.

Each of these three programs has built off of the other one. So after you finish the Warrior workout program, it is recommended to move to the Greek God and then, finally, the Superhero Physique (have to keep you buying workout videos somehow).

The program is all about giving you that perfectly defined v-cut. Kinobody doesn’t provide many insights into this program, other than receiving special lifting protocol and special eBook titles “Living The Superhero Lifestyle.” The workout program does go over the need to only lift three days a week and to eat two big meals a day (with smaller meals spread throughout).

The Goddess Toning Program

This program focuses on cardio and light strength training.

It also comes packed with a personalized nutrition plan. The program is designed more specifically for women in mind. It is about not just dropping weight, but to achieve a fit and slim look instead. According to the workout information, if you decide to go with this program you’ll be able to eat “whatever you want” and workout just three to four times a week. It is a bit strange the program says you can eat whatever you want, but then states it provides you with nutrition tips and personalized nutrition plan.

The workout program, should you go with it, comes with exercise routine videos, a motivational workbook and “The Goddess Meal Guide.” So, in reality, you can eat whatever you want, as long as it appears in the meal guide.

Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0

The Kinobody website calls this the “most effective and sustained fat loss strategy ever.”

Before we move further with the review, it is important to question any product, regardless of if it is a workout, how to make money or clothing, that states it is essentially “the best ever.” Usually, bold claims like that are not founded and just sales talk. Most other successful workout programs, like P90X, just state you’ll achieve a nice physique if you follow the plan and then leaves it at that. The fact that Kinobody states this is a bit of a red flag.

Back to Aggressive Fat Loss 2.0, with this program, according to the website, you’ll reprogram your body for how to drop the weight and avoid the blunders of most crash diets. This heavily relies on the creation of a diet plan. The program has seven points, including an “aggressive” fat loss cheat sheet, MP3 course audio, exercise tutorial videos, “Hypnosis For Mental Programming and Behavioral Change.”, “The Science of Fasting”, a book on conquering your goals and access to a “Private Members Group.”

So, basically, you’re getting a workout routine and hypnosis MP3, although there are plenty of excellent guided meditation videos on YouTube already without charging (and allowing you to test it out). That’s really one of the biggest problems with Kinobody, in that it doesn’t show you all that much. You’ll see Gregory’s YouTube videos, but that’s about it.

Bodyweight Mastery

This is an eight-phase workout program that is, as the website suggests it is a specially calibrated program to fine-tune your approach. This program provides even less up-front information than any other program. Other than saying what you’ll achieve, there really isn’t anything about it.

You do receive a nutrition guide, access to the private member groups and workout tutorials.


Potential Issues With Kinobody?

There are a handful of problems with the Kinobody program. For starters, there is a complete lack of any information. Outside of what the website provides, there is nothing provided. If you look at any great workout program, there not only is information available but examples of the workouts. For any of the Beachbody workouts, you know exactly what you’re getting as videos and demonstrations are shown. For whatever reason, the actual workouts are kept completely hidden from you with the Kinobody workout programs.

If you don’t know what you’re buying, would you buy it?

The next problem is there are no real reviews on the product. You’ll come across a few of the common fake online workouts of people who are trying to pyramid scheme the program in order to make money.

Another real problem is Gregory O’Gallagher. Not because of his lifestyle or how he comes across in the YouTube videos. It’s because he has absolutely no health or physical fitness experience. He didn’t go and become a certified trainer or attend school for physical therapy. He’s literally just some guy with rich parents who didn’t need to get a job so he just worked out all the time.

That’s great he had the time for it, but do you really want to put your money into a program with no reviews, no information and created by someone with no legitimate fitness experience?

Should You Buy the Kinobody Program?

The programs are not terribly expensive, with the website currently listing everything “on sale” at $39. If you want to take the risk of the content you’re more than welcome to. It might even help you put on muscle and drop weight. But it also might not. Is it worth a try, we will let you decide!

custom meal plan


So in reality, go with workout programs that actually have demonstrated results, reviews and information available.  You can try the Kinobody program but do so at your own risk, like stated before most likely it will help but is the answer to all your goals, we will let you be the judge.

-Terry Asher

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  1. All the workouts are listed within the program. You’ve cherry picked your research big time. I’ve lost 10 pounds in two months while increasing all of my lifts within the program. He does back up his program with plenty of research. He explains intermittent fasting with much detail if you actually read through the program, sets goals based off your height and weight for what the requirements are to be considered in the physique categories, and helps you set macros and daily calories. This program has been helpful to over 100,000 people so make sure you do research before writing an article that has no facts. You simply are offended by his means of promotion within his videos. Yes they may sound a bit alpha male, but his advertisement sticks out and he doesn’t sell bullshit or anything about making you richer as you said.

    • Darin,
      No ones offended by his marketing, however, in an effort to be fair why don’t you send me the product for a full review? I’m more than happy to take a closer look at it! Hope you have a great day…
      -Terry Asher

  2. i find the big problem/obstacle with kinobody or any online training is it is pretty hard to talk to the teacher or source directly when there is an issue. Yes he outlines detailed pdfs of his programmes and he does them well and his vids are excellent imho. However, even as a paying member he says he can no longer email you personally and being part of his private community forums[with tens of thousands of others] still does not guarantee you can get in touch with him over a query so if you are not making that progress or having trouble it leaves you in a bad position if you cannot access him directly over it. That way I would at least prefer to have a trainer I can physically see now and again or at least contact directly when an issue arises so they can look to resolve it. Ofcourse a way that this could be resolved would be for the kinobody company to set up a chain of global gyms and have staff trained directly under Greg’s instruction and so if you had a problem you could access them while still following Greg’s dogma.

  3. The kinobody program is ok. I mean you can honestly do the programs by watching his youtube videos. I bought AFL2.0 and literally everything on there is on youtube from his blogs. It’s a different approach. I made gains faster, but I say add cardio just a little.

  4. Thanks for the information your post brings. I see the novelty in your text, I will share it for everyone to read. I look forward to reading more articles from you.

  5. Kinobody is a fitness and nutrition system developed by fitness blogger and coach Spencer Nadolsky. It’s based on the concept that everyone has the potential to build a lean, healthy body regardless of their current fitness level.

  6. Kinobody is a digital fitness program dedicated to helping men and women shed fat and bulk up through intermittent fasting and exercise plans. I didn’t believe it at first. It’s really pretty, it’s the style that I like.


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