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Do you want to immediately appear and feel more confident? Today we’ll show you how.

You might think you need to be ripped to earn and show confidence, but this is simply a limitation you’re putting on your own shoulders. The fact is, confidence helps you in every aspect of your life, from closing a business deal to learning a new skill. Being confident is the x-factor that separates champions from doubters. When you appear confident, the way other people treat you entirely changes. The good news?

You don’t have to wait to feel confident until you’re at some imagined point on your fitness path. How am I going to help you?

My goal here is to show you that being confident is a state of mind, and is not limited to beautiful fitness models or anyone else for that matter. As you work towards BEING confident, today’s tips will help you APPEAR confident in the mean time.

the art and science of being confident so that you can improve your chances of success in all different areas of life.

Have you noticed that you feel much better about yourself after completing a workout? Much of this feeling is caused by the endorphins you just released through exercising your body. So think about that for a second, you can feel better about yourself, and more confident, after each and every workout. Even studies back up that working out makes you head feel better.

Being Confident vs Appearing Confident

How to be confident and how to appear confident are not as separate as you might think. With these tips on how to carry and conduct yourself to look confident to others, you’ll definitely notice a difference in how people respond.

When you see this, a positive ripple effect is already expanding in your mind, and encouraging you towards the end goal of looking and feeling confident. In the mean time you keep working out eating healthy and making time for personal growth; this will build more and more natural confidence.

In all the different phases of life, you have to be confident enough to speak up. Being confident is about carrying the right poise and believing in your own actions. Others will trust in you, based a great deal on how much confidence you exude. When you want to ask your boss for a raise or you are looking a capital investment for a new business, you need to know how to be confident. You’ll never fully be able to step your best foot forward, if you don’t first believe in yourself.

As you continue working towards a deep inner confidence by constantly adding more and more positive activities to your life, the following ideas will help demonstrate confidence and have you looking your best. Check them out!

Goodbye Slouching

Your posture speaks volumes about you. Good posture is a visual representation of sturdiness and strength. Standing up straight and sitting upright in your chair as much as possible are also important for spine health.

  • Make the most of your height. You need to stand up as tall as you possibly can. Do not slouch, stoop or bend down.
  • Work on your shoulder blades. Pull the shoulder blades together and down to open up the chest and express the body’s full width.
  • Keep your chin up and look straight ahead. You should always look straight and ahead rather than keeping your face down when you are walking.

For help with the second piece above, there are two exercises namely lat pull downs and even dumbbell rows that can help you stand up straighter. This will work on the muscles in the upper back region and thus help you in pulling the shoulder blades back.

Too Much Sitting?

One of the most unhealthy habits in our workdays can be spending too much time sitting down. If you are at a desk most of your day, chances are you’ve already noticed your posture curving forward towards the desk. This is completely natural and totally unhealthy. This WILL affect your standing posture and how confident you appear.

There’s hope. Even just standing up once every half hour and stretching your arms and back out can help keep your spine aligned better. Try this: stand up and while squeezing your shoulder blades together, think of forming the letters: Y, W, L, T in sequence with your arms. Try these stretches as often as possible, and if you have the option to use a standing desk—USE IT.

Slow Down

Do you get the jitters when you speak in public? I used to get really nervous speaking in front of people or class presentations back in school. Still, I knew that if I wanted to appear and really be confident, I would have to change this. The one thing I will say over and over, is that fitness helps. It helps you feel good about yourself and improves brain function and alertness. This was great for thining on my feet and being in front of people and has been the number one thing that’s helped.

When you’re speaking in public, knowing how to act confident takes only a deep breath and a slower approach. When you are going slow, this will give you ample time to prepare your thoughts internally. When you are nervous, your voice will automatically speed up and you will go faster which doesn’t give the right impression. It’s completely natural to be nervous speaking in front of people, so it will feel even more unnatural to slow yourself down, but this is in your head. You’ll sound just about right to them!

It has helped me a lot to know that one of the top answers for how to be confident is by speaking slow and sure.

How to be Confident


How often do you smile? Whenever you find yourself stuck in an uncomfortable situation, you are likely to find a sad expression make its home on your face. It sends off the wrong vibe to everyone around you and whether you realize it or not, you’re training people to associate you with that negative impression. Smile at strangers, smile at everyone, just don’t be weird about it—be genuine. You’ll be amazed at how reminding yourself to smile even in challenging situations can totally improve your perception of what’s happening. You can improve your chances of navigating any situation by smiling and taking a positive approach.

The Staring Contest

Have you ever felt unconfident when someone was making really direct eye contact? This can be a tough one, but sometimes even just focusing on the person’s forehead can lower the intensity of eye contact.

This sends the message that you are taking a beta role in the conversation and are not confident in yourself. Say goodbye to that promotion if you can’t look your boss in the eye and ask for it. I learned that part of how to be confident is getting over the fear of eye contact, and I encourage you do the same.

Positive Mind Confident Self

Sometimes even when you do as I have suggested to you above, you may still feel different on the inside compared to what you are on the outside. This is why you have to get out of your head. If you’re hard on yourself, remember that this is your inner self, pushing you to be better and survive. Just remember to draw a line on the side of progress, and don’t listen to destructive criticism from yourself or anyone else—these are lies.

Learn to let go of the things you did wrong in the past, and don’t focus on your weaknesses except to change them. Embrace your new identity that is evolving with each step forward you take in a positive direction.

How to be confident is to continually add positive things into your own mind and life that displace the negative things that detract from our confidence. If you’re going to be stuck in your head, you might as well fill it with good things.

Be More Confident

Confidence: Your Mission

When you’re learning how to become confident, the above tips can certainly help. These are not going to be the easiest changes to implement for some, but think about how much you can improve your life by approaching each situation with a confident approach.

The results will take time, but keep implementing these practices and continue adding positive ‘true confidence’ building activities to your life. Have you ever heard the saying “fake it ‘til you make it”? Be aware of the way your posture and mannerisms make you appear in the mean time. Just like when you’re lifting, proper form will always yield better results.


Today, as you carry out the various activities of your life, remember to take every opportunity to pursue the art of being confident and appearing confident. Put on a smile, look people in the eyes, talk to random strangers, shed your own inhibitions and stand up straight! This might all sound like a lot now, but each one of these points can help.

Always try to be confident because this one thing can make more of a positive effect on your career and relationships than months in the gym. Now get out there!

-Terry Asher

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