How Low Testosterone Impacts Men’s Health and Fitness


How Low Testosterone Impacts Men's Health and Fitness

According to Dr. Howard Tay, MD, board certified urologist in Phoenix, Arizona, “Testosterone is the hormone responsible for a good bit of men’s physical traits. It starts forming early in boys but shoots up as they step into their teenage days.

However, testosterone level in men is not constant and is subject to depletion.”

From testicular injuries, and radiation therapies, to lifestyle choices such as excessive smoking and drinking – low testosterone level in men is triggered by multiple factors.

However, one of the most prominent causes is natural. Men in their 60s and 70s often experience low testosterone levels as part of natural aging. 

Low Testosterone Levels Impact Men’s Fitness

Low Testosterone Levels Impact Men's Fitness

1. Weakened sex drive

Low testosterone adversely impacts men’s sex lives. Men struggling with low T find it hard to maintain the same sexual drive as they once had. Getting and maintaining an erection also becomes challenging. In some extreme cases, low T results in erectile dysfunction.

2. Low bone density

Low bone density weakens the bones that often lead to osteoporosis. While bad lifestyle choices play their part in developing low bone density, low testosterone level is also one of the offenders.

As a man’s skeleton grows weaker, it becomes susceptible to frequent damages. A high testosterone level encourages osteoblastic activity or bone production.

3. Reduced muscle mass

Reports show that muscle mass reduction is directly related to low testosterone levels. Growing up, testosterone plays a vital role in developing and maintaining muscle mass in men but as the hormone level depletes, so does the muscle mass.

In contrast to muscle mass, low T blows up the body fat. An abnormality in testosterone and estrogen level in men can lead to gynecomastia or the growth of breast tissues.

4. Low energy

Low T means low energy. Fatigue is one of the biggest issues that stem from low testosterone levels.

Testosterone is responsible for men’s metabolism and physical prowess. The lack of it spells bad news for daily activities.

You start feeling sleepy, low in intensity, and the wish to grind and hustle takes a hit.

5. Irritability

The impact of low T in men is also psychological. Testosterone regulates a gamut of physical processes in men and when it’s disturbed, the effect comes through behavioral changes.

Constant irritation, wild mood swings, lack of focus and sleep affect a men’s fitness and low testosterone level can be a reason behind one or all of them.

Ways to Handle Low Testosterone Level in Men

Ways to Handle Low Testosterone Level in Men

Testosterone depletion is a natural process but is rarely triggered naturally.

Tobacco and alcohol abuse are fundamental reasons behind premature drop in testosterone. Making some lifestyle changes can mitigate the impact of low T in men’s fitness and delay its effect.

Regular exercise, proper sleep, and infusing healthy food in the daily diet are good for testosterone balance.

Vegetarian diet bodybuilder


However, when you’re feeling a sudden drop in your physical performance, you might want to consider getting your testosterone levels checked.

Many urologists who specialize in Low T like Dr. Howard Tay, MD, board certified urologist in Phoenix, Arizona, can consult with you via telemedicine. 

-Terry Asher

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How Low Testosterone Impacts Men's Health and Fitness
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How Low Testosterone Impacts Men's Health and Fitness
Low testosterone impacts men's health and fitness; from testicular injuries, to lifestyle choices such as excessive smoking and drinking.
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