Get Stronger in 31 Days


Stronger in 31 days

Wondering how to get stronger in just 31 days? Today, we’ll show you how to shatter your strength plateau.

Equipment Needed

Barbell & plates, pull up bar and something to do weighted pull-ups with (get creative, think backpack, weight belt, life jacket you can tie plates onto).

The 31 day strength program is going to help you get stronger using only 5 exercises, the deadliftsquatpush pressbench press, and weighted pull up. For this program, you really don’t need any other movements to build full body strength. This training methodology focuses all your energy on the most critical lifts for overall strength development. That being said, I want you to pick either the deadlift or the squat and focus on that lift – use that lift as your gauge as to how much you get stronger in 31 days.

If you can not do 5 pull-ups, then do as many as you can (assuming you can do 1) when I recommend pull-ups.  If you cannot do any, use the assisted pull-up machine, or have someone hold your feet and help you up on partner pull-ups.

For the sake of today, I have written this plan with a deadlift focus. On your deadlift training days I want you to give it your all, remember you’re only performing a short number of total exercises so you should be totally drained at the end of the session by focusing all your energy on each set. If you would rather use the squat as your exercise of focus, simply switch the two around.

Get Stronger with Recovery

Recovery is equally important if you’re looking to get stronger in 31 days or any amount of time. Lots of days off means your body is recovering fully between workouts. You should NOT do any additional workouts or exercises. No cardio or assistance exercises.

The Workout

To make this simple, perform each movement for 5 sets and hit as close to the prescribed repetitions (1, 3, or 5) as possible. Use a weight that makes getting the designated reps difficult. If you want to get stronger, you have to stress the muscle beyond its limits while safely maintaining form. If weight is heavy and you only get 4 reps on a set that was supposed to be 5, that’s fine. If you could knock out 6 reps with the weight, it’s too light. Also to keep things simple, rest exactly 2 minutes between each set. You will get stronger when you lift heavy, but if you get sloppy because you’re going too heavy, this can cost you hugely in injuries.

Warm Up to Get Stronger

Warm up before each workout by either jumping rope, jumping jacks or rowing on a rower machine for 3-5 minutes. Dynamic warm-ups are also useful; mark a 15 yard distance and perform laps combining high knees, butt kickers, lunge walks, handstands, anything you want to get your body limber. You should also do 2 sets of 5 rep practice lifts for each exercise that is on the list for the day. If you want to get stronger from your workouts, approaching your lifts with a fully prepared body.

For your practice lift, make sure it is very light, and that you are not wearing yourself out for the real meat of the strength work.

Sample Get Stronger Workout

4 minutes of jumping rope

Take a break, drink some water (2 mins)

2 warmup sets of 5 reps at a light weight

Take a short break (1 min)

Squat 5 reps at 175 lbs (2 min break)

Squat 5 reps at 175 lbs (2 min break)

Squat 5 reps at 175 lbs (2 minbreak)

Squat 5 reps at 175 lbs (2 min break)

Squat 5 reps at 175 lbs (2 min break)

Short break / Get barbell ready

Bench Press 3 reps at 135 lbs (2 min break)

Bench Press 3 reps at 135 lbs (2 min break)

Bench Press 3 reps at 135 lbs (2 min break)

Bench Press 3 reps at 135 lbs (2 min break)

Bench press 3 reps at 135 lbs (2 min break)

Get Stronger in 31 Days 

May 1st. Deadlift: 1 rep sets. Find your true one rep max. Keep adding weight onto the bar until you can’t pick it up to a full stand.

May 2nd. OFF

May 3rd. Squat: 5 rep sets. Bench Press: 3 rep sets.

May 4th. Weighted Pull Ups: 3 rep sets.

May 5th. OFF

May 6th. Deadlift: 5 rep sets.

May 7. OFF

May 8. Squat: 3 rep sets. Push Press: 5 rep sets.

May 9. Weighted Pull Ups: 5 rep sets.

May 10. OFF

May 11. Deadlift: 3 rep sets.

May 12. OFF

May 13. Squat: 3 rep sets. Bench Press: 5 rep sets.

May 14. Weighted Pull Ups: 3 rep sets.

May 15. OFF

May 16. Deadlift: 5 rep sets.

May 17. OFF

May 18. Squat: 5 rep sets. Push Press: 3 rep sets.

May 19. Weighted Pull Ups: 5 rep sets.

May 20. OFF

May 21. Deadlift: 3 rep sets.

May 22. OFF

May 23. Squat: 5 rep sets. Bench Press: 3 rep sets.

May 24. Weighted Pull Ups: 3 rep sets.

May 25. OFF

May 26. Deadlift: 5 rep sets.

May 27. OFF

May 28. Squat 3 rep sets. Push Press 5 rep sets.

May 29. Weighted Pull Ups: 5 rep sets.

May 30. OFF

May 31. Deadlift: 1 rep sets. Find your new one rep max. How much stronger are you?

Supercharge Your Diet to Get Stronger in 31 Days

I’m not going to prescribe a specific meal plan for the strength program. Instead I recommend following basic guidelines for a healthy diet (use this one if you don’t know what healthy eating is): eat well-balanced frequent meals of small to moderate portions, combining lean proteins, complex carbohydrates primarily from vegetables and natural fats. Don’t forget some fruit. Also, a solid supply of almonds and a good whey protein powder can help you reach the 1g protein per lb. of body weight that your body really needs for growth. A regular multivitamin will also help you fill gaps in your diet.

Well-Balanced: Some carbs, some protein, some fat. Don’t hold back on the veggies, especially the green ones. Do your best to get your fats from healthy sources like nuts, olive oil, and avocado. An example of a “well-balanced” meal. . . Grilled chicken breast with a small portion of brown rice and lots of broccoli. Throw some slivered almonds over the whole thing and don’t be afraid to add a little real butter to your rice if you want.

Frequent: Eat every 3 hours in an ideal world. Breakfast at 7:00am, Snack at 10:00am, Lunch at 1:00am, Snack at 4:00pm, Dinner at 7:00pm, and maybe another snack before bed would be great.

Small to Moderate Portions: I refuse to count calories or grams or anything else for that matter that goes higher than my fingers and toes. I like the hand as a general portion guide. . . For the strength program your protein sources should be the size of your palm or slightly larger. But remember, your body cannot digest more than about 30 grams of protein in a sitting. Carbohydrate sources should be no larger than the size of your clenched fist. Raw, stir fried, or lightly steamed vegetables as much as you like. Other items like healthy fats and dairy, use in moderation. And by moderation I mean don’t starve yourself but don’t be a pig, be “moderate.”

Post Workout Meal: I’ve become a fan of using chocolate milk as a post workout snack and recommend you try it for your own 31 day quest for strength. 1 pint should do your body good as close to the last rep as you can make it. During your post workout meal is also the one time when you’ll hear me say go for the starches. Stick with yams and rice as these are non-glutinous starches but will replenish your body with the glycogen it needs for your next workout.

Get Stronger Fast


Remember, your dietary focus for the next 31 days is strength and not washboard abs or “bulking up.” A moderate approach to diet will serve you well for your strength gain quest. Strength gain is also a mental game. If you get past the mental block of thinking you know where your strength limits are, and visualize yourself stronger, you are well on your way. Remember that your mind gives up before your body. When you learn to eat well, respect recovery and push yourself hard within the boundaries of proper form, you will get stronger in 31 days.

-Terry Asher

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Get Stronger in 31 Days
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