Get Shredded Diet Plan

Get Shredded Diet

Have you heard of the Get Shredded Diet? It sounds like a great diet. I mean who wouldn’t want to be shredded? It’s instantly eye-catching. As soon as you remove your shirt or expose your midsection, everyone around just can’t help but look.

The shredded body takes physical appearance to the next level. It shows you’re not only dedicated at the gym but in the kitchen as well. It’s so easy to slip up a bit in the kitchen, which is where abs, and most of your body fat percentage is created. This is why you do need to follow a great diet that works for your particular needs. 

One of the diet plans that has been floating around lately is called the Get Shredded Diet. You may have seen videos of people showing off their incredible bodies and cut abs. But in reality, is this diet not only beneficial, but something you can maintain? Here’s everything you need to know about the Get Shredded Diet. 

When To Use The Get Shredded Diet

One important thing to point out with regard to the diet plan is its durability. This is not a diet designed to be the diet you use for the rest of your life. Maybe you get on it and you like it so much that in the end, you make it such a diet. That’s possible. 

The get shredded diet is not a “dangerous”diet. It is extreme though, and it will force you to cut calories significantly. 

In reality, the diet is designed specifically for slashing body fat before a competition or an important event. Say you have a beach wedding you’re going to and want to look great for, or there is a competition you want to shred down for. Perhaps you just want to test yourself out to see if you can do it. 

There isn’t a right or wrong reason to start up on this diet. Most who use the diet though say they use it for up to three months, every one to two years or so. 

A Starting Point

A Starting Point

The Get Shredded Diet is designed to take you over the physical fitness appearance top. For example, if you’ve cut your body fat percentage down to about 10 percent and yet haven’t been able to move it down lower than that, this is the diet plan for you. 

In fact, this is the recommended starting point. If you’re at 10 percent body fat, the Get Shredded Diet can help. The diet itself will help you cut anywhere from half a percent to one percent per week. Those are some pretty solid numbers. 

However, if your body fat percentage is closer to 20 percent, you should not go on this diet. To get yourself down to five percent body fat, you may need to be on it for 30 weeks (around seven months), which will be far too long for most people. 

Instead, it is recommended you need to find a different diet plan that can help get you down to the 10 percent body fat level. Once there, you can then make the switch to the Get Shredded Diet. 

Breaking Down The Get Shredded Diet

The get shredded diet is intended to cut body fat fast. If your goal is to get leaner while building muscle this is not the diet for you at all. This is because the calorie intake levels are far too low for you to cut weight while building muscle. 

To figure out how many calories you’re able to consume during the day you’ll need to identify your body weight, then multiply it by 10. This is the number of calories you can consume.

 So, if you weight 160 pounds you can consume 1,600 calories. You may be surprised that you can eat this many calories. There are other diets out there that slash your calorie intake further. The problem with those diets is they are not healthy. 

Your body needs to maintain a certain level of calories, otherwise it will begin to break down and even use muscle as its nourishing energy. This is a level that gives you enough energy to get through the day, maintain your muscles, and still burn fat. 

If you’re already eating near this level of calories and you’ve been struggling to see any further weight drop you may need to cut the calories further (so your weight times nine). Ideally you won’t need to do this, but everybody is a little different, so what your body needs will not necessarily be the same as the next person (U.S. News, 2019). 

What Kinds Of Foods

What Kinds Of Foods?

You don’t want to just consume 1,600 calories of protein. Yes, you will get more bang for your buck this way but your body needs other kinds of calories in order to remain functioning properly. 

Plus, if 100 percent of your calories come from protein, you’ll alter how your body identifies this energy source, making it difficult for your muscles to absorb protein in the future. 

Instead, you want to shoot for a third of your calories intake to come from protein. If you are able to take in 1,600 calories a day then you’ll want around 533 calories from protein (give or take). You’ll also want to focus on whole foods and nothing processed. 

Whole foods (such as whole grains versus white bread/grains) will have more vitamins and minerals. This is critical. Becauseyou will be limiting yourself to the number of calories your intaking, you need to maximize your vitamin intake. The best way to do this is to focus on whole foods. 

A slice of whole wheat bread has around the same calories as white bread but is packed with vitamins. 

Next, you’ll want around 10 to 15 percent of your calories to come from carbs. This does not mean pasta! You’ll quickly blast through your calories if you add these kinds of foods.

Instead, your carbs should come from fruits and veggies. A cup of broccoli or green beans will have some natural sugars inside, which are made up of carbs. 

Lastly, the remainder of your diet, which is around 50 to 60 percent, will need to come from fats. Don’t go for the saturated fats, but instead try to focus on healthy fats. For example, fish oil, olive oil, and avocados are all natural, healthy fats. Nuts are healthy fats as well. 

Splitting Up Your Meals

At the lower calorie count you won’t have enough calories to go around to break into five or so small meals/snacks a day. However, you can still shoot for four meals. 

Try to space these out evenly and keep the number of calories you’re consuming per meal consistent. This way, you’re not overloading at one point of the day, and they try to drag yourself through the rest. If you keep it consistent your body will adapt and it will become easier for you to make it through. 

The first several days will always be the toughest. This is especially true if you’reused to consuming a larger number of calories during the day (if you’ve been eating for muscle growth you’ve probably been eating at least double the calories you’ll be cutting down to). 

Aslong as you can make it through the first few days you’ll be able to eventually push through the difficulty and it’ll become second nature. 

Supplementation Is A Must

Supplementation Is A Must

Your body will not receive the kind of vitamins and minerals it needs with the reducedcalorie intake, so you need to help it out. For starters, you’ll want to focus on including creatine and BCAAsin your diet. 

This may not be the first batch of supplements you were considering, but these are extremely important. Because you don’t have as many calories coming in, your body will not be able to make the same level of creatine as it is accustomed to. 

By adding creatine in you’ll be able to make up for this reduction. Additionally, it will help give your body more energy without adding in more calories (European Review For Medical and Pharmacological Science, 2012). 

With the BCAAs, you want to maximize how your body absorbs protein and energy. The branch chain amino acids can help with this. The BCAAsimprove how your body absorbs protein and uses it. You don’t want to waste any protein, so this supplement will help maximize every single calorie you have coming in the body. 

Fish oil is a supplement you should be taking already (you should also already be taking the BCAAs and creatine though as well). Beyond this, a multi-vitamin, and any other vitamins you normally take during the day. There are a few specifics you’ll need to find. 

You’ll want a “mind energizing” supplement. Ginkgo biloba is one such supplement. You can find other supplements that are designed specifically for mental efficiency. There are brand specifics out there as well, most of which uses a slightly different recipe, so you may want to test different options out. 

A fat burner is helpful with this diet as well. The fat burner helps increase energy levels within your body, which you’ll need on a reduce calorie count. It also doesn’t give you the jitters like a cup of coffee will (you can still drink coffee, just without any additives to it).

Depending on the kind of multi-vitamin you’re taking, you’ll want to increase your zincand magnesium intakes. Whenyou work out (you’ll still need to exercise while on the diet) you’ll quickly burn through the minerals within your body, leaving you depleted. This, in turn, will make you feel groggy and tired. 

A diet isn’t much good if you’re dragging every single day and you’re completely tapped for energy. Often times with a diet (unless you’re doing one of those near zero calorie diets) it isn’t because you have zero calories to burn through but because you have used up all your energy given vitamins and minerals. The zinc and magnesium supplement will help with this.

Lastly, look for some kind of freeze-dried “super extract” product. This will be something you can blend up into a smoothie, add into a protein shake in the morning, or take on its own. Such a product is usually made up of different berries, kale, spinach, and all kinds of other products that are great for you. Because you’re on the get shredded diet, you won’t be able to consume these foods because of the level of calories and sugar in has. 

The freeze-dried supplement is a great alternative as it not only will be packed with calorie-light energy, but it will be bursting with vitamins and minerals as well. Starting your day off with this kind of drink is the way to go as it sets your body up nicely for everything you have planned. If you’re looking for one that you can get all your veggies in one serving, the Superfood Powder Green Boost from Gym Junkies is pretty tasty!

Get Shredded Diet

Get Shredded Diet Example


►6 egg whites
►½ cup oatmeal


►6 oz nonfat or
►1% greek yogurt
►1 banana


►6 oz chicken breast
►4 oz sweet potato
►1 cup broccoli


►post-workout shake with 35g whey protein


►6 oz salmon
►¼ cup brown rice
►4 oz asparagus


►6 oz cottage cheese
►10 almonds


Calories: 1,557
Protein: 176g
Carbs: 135g
Fat: 37g

Mark Your Calendar

Once you have everything picked up for your get shredded diet and you’re ready to go, mark your calendar for how long you want to diet. The best motivation is to have an event as your end target goal.

 This is perfect as you’ll be able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. You’ll also be less likely to cheat on meals if you know you have just a set amount of time before the event. 

While this is a difficult diet your body will adjust as you go and you’ll feel better and better as the days go by. In fact, your body will run at peak efficiency after just a few weeks on this diet. 

Get Shredded Diet


It is important, as is the case with all diets, to find something you can stick to. What works for one person won’t always work for the next. That’s the same with the Get Shredded Diet.

It does takes some mental fortitude to remain on it. But when you’re striving for such a low body fat percentage, you need to practice discipline in the kitchen. The get shredded diet is intended to cut body fat fast

If you’re serious about reaching such a physical fitness goal and are willing to put in the work both in the kitchen and the gym, the Get Shredded Diet is something you should consider (and try out). 

Your daily calorie intake for this diet is your body weight multiplied by 10. One third of your calories should come from protein (about 33%). About 10 to 15 percent of your calories need to come from healthy carbs. The other 50 to 60 percent come from healthy fats. 

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  1. It is important, as is the case with all diets, to find something you can stick to. What works for one person won’t always work for the next. That’s the same with the Get Shredded Diet.


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