How To Have A Fast Metabolism


Fast Metabolism

What if I told you there were some simple steps you could take throughout your day that would earn a fast metabolism? 

Steps so simple that anyone could easily add them to their daily workout regimen without changing much of that routine. Well, you can, by simply supplementing a few foods and snacks, adding a few daily activities, and drinking more water.

How To Speed Up Metabolism

When you wake up, you can quickly get a boost to your metabolism by starting it off with a cool 16oz of water. Since most of us do not get up frequently at night to hydrate, we tend to wake up slightly dehydrated. By drinking 16oz of water right off the start, our bodies will hydrate, will help kick out toxins that may have built up, and will kick your metabolism into gear.

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now while we don’t require a huge breakfast, starting it off with some whole grain toast or some oatmeal with berries and almonds can get you off to a good start.

Another great way to boost your metabolism in the morning is with a small cup of black coffee. Though not a long-term boost, taking sips of black coffee in the morning can give you a temporary boost to your metabolic rate. The caffeine in coffee can also help with your morning energy as well as help boost your endurance during your morning exercise. You can also check out easy weight loss tips.

How To Earn A Fast Metabolism Throughout The Day

Now that your day has started, you may be running errands, heading to the office, herding the kids around, or heading to school and find yourself too busy to add any changes to your gym workouts.

.Well, there are some simple steps that could help you boost your metabolism through the day by simply standing up and pacing slowly when you get a phone call instead of sitting. Let’s say you are in the 150-pound range.

Now that weight you will consume 129 calories just by standing for an hour, where you would burn off 72 by sitting. But if you were to stand and slowly pace for an hour, you could burn up to 143 calories an hour.

Another easy way to help boost your metabolism and burn calories is by laughing. The  International Journal of Obesity has shown that by taking a 10 to 15 minute laugh break, you could boost your calories burned by 10 to 40, a 10 t0 20 percent boost to you calories burned. So take a break and laugh with a co-worker, watch a fun show with your kids, or watch some funny videos between classes.

If you find you have time to work out during your day, try building muscle. For every pound of muscle, your body uses 6 calories a day to sustain itself. Now imagine you packed on 10 pounds of muscle. That’s an extra 60 calories burned a day. Also try to add some aerobic exercise to your routine. Although it may not build as much muscle as lifting weights, it can earn you a fast metabolism rate for the hours to follow your workout.


Foods That Boost Metabolism

Let’s talk about food now. Most of us have grown up knowing that we need to eat three large meals a day and maybe a couple snacks to get us to each meal. Studies have shown that by snacking more frequently and eating smaller portions, as opposed to eating only large meals, your body is forced to work harder and keep the metabolic burn on.

When we eat large meals and throw in large breaks in between, our metabolism takes a break. Now by snacking frequently and throughout the day, our metabolism is forced to keep burning throughout the day.


#1 Water 

If you were to drink a couple glasses of water before every meal, research has been shown to help dieters lose on average, 15 pounds over the course of 3 months in a study shown at the American Chemical Society’s  annual conference.

By drinking water throughout the day you will also help boost your overall effectiveness of your metabolism.

Without water, your body cannot process calories. While slightly dehydrated (like first thing in the morning), your metabolism will slow down. People who simply drank 8 glasses or more a day have been shown to burn more calories than those that only had 4.


#2 Berries 

For a good snack try eating some fruit. Berries are a great source of fiber, and our bodies can’t digest fiber, but it will try to. In doing so, it will burn calories. You can also check out more fat burning foods here.


#3 Citrus Fruits 

Foods like Lemons, Limes, and Oranges contain a large amount of Vitamin-C which will help the body burn fat quicker, and will be beneficial in your weight loss. Also if you up your daily intake by 500mg, you can increase your burn potential by 39%.

green tea benefits

#4 Green or Oolong Tea 

By drinking green or oolong tea, you will be getting the beneficial factors of the caffeine and catechins, which have been shown to boost your metabolic rate for  a few hours at a time. Drinking up to 4 cups before exercise can help you burn calories by up to 17%.

What Are Fish Oil Benefits

#5 Omega 3’s 

Adding salmon, tuna, herring, or any other omega 3 rich foods, can rev up your metabolism. Omega 3’s have also been shown to cut down your bodies resistance to hormone leptin, which is referred to as the “Fat Hormone” .

Processed Meats

#6 Protein-Rich Foods

As opposed to carbohydrates or fat, the human body burns way more calories by burning protein.  Try adding some turkey, fish, white chicken,  eggs, beans, tofu, lean beef, or low-fat dairy products to your daily intake.

What Does Sugar Do To Your Body barbeque sauce

#7 Spicy Foods 

There are chemicals in spicy food that can naturally boost your metabolic rate. Try adding cayenne pepper or some green chili pepper to your next meal.  Although it may be a temporary fix, by eating spicy foods on a regular basis, you can keep that metabolic burn going. Not to mention eating spicy foods are linked to living longer.

Pre-Workout Supplements

#8 Energy Drinks and Energy Supplements 

In moderation, energy drinks and energy supplements can help give you a quick boost to your metabolism. They can be full of caffeine and taurine (an amino acid), which help provide your body with the burn it needs to help burn off fat. For a great all natural pre-workout you can check out gym junkies ignite.

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Now that your day is finished, remember to get some rest to earn your fast metabolism. Studies have shown that not getting your 7 to 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis can lead to a slower metabolism and an increase to hunger leading to obesity and weight gain. A good night’s sleep can help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for that next glass of water.

-Terry Asher

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