Dark Energy Pre Workout: A Comprehensive Guide


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Working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a choice made by many. However, some of them have a preference for consuming their pre-workout supplements before they boost themselves during the training sessions.

The dark energy pre workout is  one such supplement that is  popular and commonly used as an energy booster by many health enthusiasts.

This brings us down to a question on how safe is the dark energy pre workout?

We urge you to read further with us regarding dark energy pre workout review, its ingredients, how safe it is to use, and much more.

Before we get into the details of pre workout dark energy, you need to know what are the dark energy pre workout ingredients. This  controversial product is  a high intensity pre workout supplement launched by Magnitude Life Sciences. It has several potent compounds present like 3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA), and DMHA that are prohibited by several organizations. The highest controversial factor is  the risks that are  associated with creating this supplement. Recently in March 2021, this pre workout supplement was stopped from being manufactured anymore.

Let’s explore more about the  pre workout dark energy and find out what went wrong and how safe or unsafe it is. 

How safe is the Dark Energy Pre Workout?

How safe is the Dark Energy Pre Workout?

Firstly, when you read the word ‘prohibited’, you might be thinking about whether this supplement is consumption-friendly or not. Well, as the dark energy pre workout consists of ingredients like DMAA and DMHA, we can ‘safely’ say that it is an unsafe product.

To make it more unsafe, it has a large amount of caffeine, more than an average human body can accept. To aggravate the resistance, even more, it has several other risky side effects that make the dark energy pre workout safe an unsafe choice.

Dark Energy Pre Workout Ingredients

While DMAA and DMHA might sound bland abbreviations, we think it is necessary for you to understand what goes into these prohibited supplements. This will surprise you but the dark energy pre workout ingredients received a lot of hype post its launch, only to realize they were harmful later.

Here are the following main ingredients it consists of:-

  • 6 grams of L-Citrulline
  • 60 mg of DMAA
  • 200 mg of DMHA
  • 3 – 2 grams of Beta-Alanine
  • 400 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per scoop

Yes, you read it right, 400 mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per scoop!

It is a massive amount of caffeine to be consumed at one go. To aggravate the demerits, even more, it consists of 60 mg of DMAA along with 200 mg of DMHA in the dark energy pre workout ingredients making it no less than a calamity to your body.

Now you might think, why are these particular ingredients used in dark energy pre workout if they are harmful, let’s look out why….


It is a type of amino acid that is preferred by the lifestyle community as it builds mental focus and boosts the athletic side with energy.


It is a type of neurotransmitter that can help you calm down through minimal brain activity.


It is a non-essential type of amino acid that is produced by the human body but in the form of supplements, it helps the human to have better muscular endurance.


It can help in age-related issues as well as memory loss, another factor is it can improve your mood and brain function. Just like Taurine, it can help in building athletic performance for a longer duration.


Caffeine, known as an instant escape, can give you an energy that is short-lived. Caffeine is present in many supplements but in the case of dark energy pre workout, it is over 400 mg which is a controversial amount.

Therefore, dark energy pre workout ingredients are one the most talked about subjects due to their high and aggressive amount of content.

The true darker side of these dark energy pre-workouts is a high amount of fatigue, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and much more. Pre workout dark energy has stimulants that can lead to crashing. It is a phenomenon when someone takes a scoop of this product, they crash or collapse when the effect wears off.

These reasons have made dark energy pre workout a terrifying concept where it was banned by the FDA. However, many other products have DMAA and DMHA as a part of their supplements, the quantity is what defines its usage and approvals.

What is DMAA & DMHA in Dark Energy Pre Workout?

DMAA, 1, 3-dimethylamylamine is another stimulant that causes a massive energy rush almost like an adrenaline rush that works on hormones. It even has adverse effects on your brain cells while affecting your blood pressure as well which can turn fatal.

DMHA can reduce appetite while boosting an excessive amount of energy. It can also cause harmful heart-related effects that can be fatal in the long run. Originally, it was ideated as a drug for bronchitis but now has been aggressively used.

Dark energy pre workout review has mentioned several risks like Nausea and vomiting, liver damage, blood pressure, and increased heart rate and brain bleed.

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Conclusion: Dark Energy Pre Workout Review

Overseeing all the dark energy pre workout review you must have realized that is not the preferred take. However, to put in a holistic opinion, it is a strong yet effective pre workout supplement.

The dark energy pre workout contains high stimulants with products that may harm you up to a certain extent if passed moderation. It also contains prohibited stimulants like DMAA and an allegedly harmful DMHA. Its popularity is what has caught the hype, however, we would still suggest you get a trusted expert opinion on that one.

There was a time when the dark energy pre workout review was good, owing to all the hype that went behind it. However, the unmasking of the dark energy pre workout ingredients has been an eye-opener for many. The reviews still stand on a 50-50 ratio, leaving this call entirely up to you whether this dark energy workout is the right one for you or not.

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The dark energy pre workout is  one such supplement that is  popular and commonly used as an energy booster by many health enthusiasts.
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