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Money and Food

As sad as it may sound, we cannot escape the truth that healthy food is sometimes expensive. Here are some cheap and healthy meals idea’s.

If you are eating unhealthy food, you will find that you will be able to save money because they are priced fairly cheap. This is one reason why so many people are overweight and in poor health. Once you’re into poor health, you are going to have to bare all those expensive medical bills and then face the unwanted yet unavoidable costs as a result. This is why we will explore some cheap healthy meals, which can be used to solve all some of these pricey problems.

For this reason; today I am going to talk about some foods, which will fit right into your budget and not break your bank. If you are trying to shed extra pounds or even when your focus is merely on getting in better shape, you will have to consider a simple diet plan and we are going to show you how to do so without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Cheap Diet Plans And Breaking Your Thoughts 

We all run by the slogan that bigger is better. Some of us think that more is always better. A lot of us believe that you need to eat a lot of food for the sake of getting a good meal. When you place an order and the quantity of food is enormous, you feel like you have got a big and solid deal. However, if you truly sit down and analyze; it isn’t quite the best definition when it comes to your health. The price per calorie isn’t the right parameter, which you should use, as there are more important things to worry about.

When you are analyzing “good deals”, you need to be considerate of other points. You should look at the price per nutrient rather than price per calorie aspects. Here are a few points you need to be mindful of.

  • Go for foods which are nutrient dense: as we are mainly looking for cheap and healthy meals, we will try and find foods which offer you larger quantity of nutrients at lower cost.
  • Good caloric deals: try and skip food meals, which are rich in nutrients with white bread or starchy foods.
  • High calorie and high nutritional value: If you are trying to gain weight you can settle some of those food types, and continue on your workout guide.

So, it’s time to make some simple changes to your meals. Let it get started…


Eating on a Budget And Your Vegetables

Okay I do know that some vegetables are pretty expensive and it will be really tough for someone with a tight budget to think they can eat vegetables all the time. Another thing you need to know is that if you start analyzing the price per nutrient, you will find that vegetables are surely an excellent choice for your buck.

Don’t be skeptical of buying frozen vegetables. No doubt, fresh vegetables always have an upper hand, but frozen veggies can have a decent nutritional value and they will be edible for a much longer duration too.

Kale and leafy greens: If you are looking for cheap healthy food, you should not ignore kale. Kale is loaded with minerals and vitamins and a lot of other great things. However, kale is not the best tasting which means that you need to know how to cook in some creative ways. Kale is so good it is considered even better than spinach and a top economic superfood you should add to your cart. To check out some other great benefits of kale check out an article done by medical news today.

Cabbage: Very similar to kale and other leafy green vegetables. Cabbage is extremely rich in antioxidant and vitamin C as well. You can make many different foods using cabbage and once again, it will be light on your wallet too.

Broccoli: It offers the best price per nutrient to you and apart from being economical; it will give you good nutritional value.

Carrots: It is a nutritionally dense snack and contains huge amount of vitamin A, carbs and other nutrients as well. It is an economic choice too.

Spinach: It offers an exceptional price per nutrient and you will find that it is rich in both minerals and vitamins. Along with it, it is also a rich source of fiber and protein too.

Assorted healthy food.

Cheap Healthy Meals And Your Proteins

When you are looking to eat healthy on a budget, you should check out many different protein sources. Regardless of whether you are choosing paleo diet plan or non-Paleo, you can consider the following options.

Meats: Chicken, Fish and Turkey are perhaps the best choices of meats. Beef too seems to be a good option; however, sometimes the price factor can be a little high. So, when you are on the lookout for cheap diet plans, you can always eat meat as it will offer you high nutrients and at the same time, it is easy on the wallet as well.

Eggs: Eggs are considered to be a staple food. They are nutritionally dense protein source. There are different ways to eat an egg and you can be creative in this department.

Canned tuna: It is a superb choice and can offer you an extremely rich protein source. You can get rich amount of protein and that too at the right price as well. There is ample variety which you can get when it comes to tuna and feel free to choose the ones which seem to be the best for your diet.

Legumes: When you are looking to get food items that offer a high price per nutrient value, you should make it a point to check out legumes. Beans, lentils, chicken peas are an excellent choice. You can use legumes in salads, dips and different kinds of soups as well. You will get a lot of macronutrients and this will improve your body strength.

Protein Powder: If you still need a lot more protein, try to use the best protein powder . Making a quick protein shake right before breakfast is an ideal choice.

Budgeting on Fruits

When you compare it with other food groups, fruits are definitely a good option. There are different types of fruits and not all of them are created equal. However, here are some good choices and some that you can use.

Watermelon: Can you get something so brilliant for so cheap? It comes packed with lycopene, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and C and a lot of other nutritional components as well. It comprises of a lot of water and is a very healthy choice too.

Plums: It is rich in vitamin A, C and k and also offers the best source of fiber and carbs as well.

Banana: They are a rich carb source and can also offer you excellent amount of potassium as well. When you are following paleo diet, bananas seem to be a good choice.

Pears: They do contain a lot of natural sugars, but they also contain vitamin C and fiber. When it comes to price, they seem to be a good option too.

These are few of the choices which prove to you regarding how eating healthy can turn out to cheap if you do your homework. By now, you must have some idea that getting cheap healthy meals is not an impossible task. When you know how and what to look for, you will be able to get solid foods, which will be good for you to consume. Bulk dried fruit is another good choice which you should not ignore because they have a very high nutritional value. Based upon the amount of benefits you will be able to get, the price will be justified.

Gym Junkie Food

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget and Eating A lot

When you are working really hard to get solid muscle size and the right build, you may need to consume more foods (Calorie surplus). It is not easy to build muscles unless you supply your body the right amount of energy and food. When you are putting in a lot of effort and even indulging in training, but your muscles are not getting any bigger, it simply indicates that you may not be eating enough. You should also check out the best supplements for muscle building as well.

This is why you need to know how to eat healthy on a budget and with the knowledge I have offered, you should have a pretty clear view.

Here are a few more foods, which you can use for the sake of improving your muscular build. You should also check out the best muscle building foods.

  • Oats: They are extremely cheap and they can give you adequate amount of carbohydrates and protein, along with minerals as well. You can find some really quick and easy to make oat dishes and they can also be stored which means that you can use them even when you are crammed for time too.
  • Whole milk: it would be entirely ridiculous to ignore the importance of whole milk. While it is not really a part of the paleo diet, the nutritional content that milk has makes it one of the top option. When you need to bulk your total calorie intake, you should make it a point to opt for whole milk.
  • Avocados: They are most likely the densest food which you can find. It is rich in calories as well as in nutrients. Now, they aren’t the best example when I am talking of cheap diet plans because they can be a little expensive. However, if you compare the amount of nutrition you are going to get and the innumerable ways, in which they can be used, they seem to be a top choice.
  • Olive oil: If you want to bulk up on the amount of good fat, you should consider using olive oil. They are the best way to add to your calorie content without adding up to the harmful cholesterol in your body.
  • Almonds/walnut: Almonds are one of the best ways of supplementing both protein as well as fat intake. If you are looking to cut down on your total cost, the right thing to do is to buy them in bulk. When you are buying a lot of almonds together, you will be able to get an economic deal.

These are few of the food you can eat in order to be sure that you are adding the right amount of calories without spending all your money.

Eating Smart

We encourage eating smart. You need to have a proper well-formulated plan with regards to your calorie intake and even your budget as well. If you do not take the right advantage of the healthy foods, you will find that you may have a hard time dealing with the meal issues.

You need to know that if your focus is to lose weight, you should concentrate on picking your calories from necessary fat and proteins and not from tons of carbohydrates or grains. This is actually the real foundation of the Paleo diet and this is the reason, I like this diet.

Yes, sometimes eating healthy can be a little costly, but when you know the right parameters to use for the sake of measuring the cost, you will find that with a little calculation and appropriation, you will be able to find cheap healthy food and thereby enjoy the most out of everything.

We have listed tons of tips and offered you the top-notch foods you should be consuming. The rest is upon you to decide. Sometimes making the right decision can be a little tough and so you need to measure the points, weigh your choices, check your budget and then based upon all of this, you can plan the perfect meal plan.

So what did we learn today?

You don’t have to be a baller to eat healthy you can start today without wasting a bunch of money.

So what are you waiting for?

-Terry Asher

P.S Did I miss any foods that are other good options? Comment below!

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  1. Sure, fast food can be quite cheap and that’s why it’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of eating it, but the people that use healthy food being expensive as an excuse for not changing their diet make me cringe. It’s only expensive if you make it that way and think about five starred meals or something like that. If you do your research and take some time to learn about healthy eating, it’s easy to find cheap ideas like the ones that you have suggested in this post. Some great information and options here, and I’ll be linking to this post anytime I hear people complain gif about healthy food – it seriously annoys me to no end.


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