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Bright White Smile ReviewsIf you are looking for a way to get brighter and whiter teeth, and head to your local drug store, there is a good chance you will be overwhelmed by what you see.

Most stores have rows and rows of teeth-whitening products, ranging from pens and strips to trays.

How can you tell which one does the best job?

According to USA Today, the demand for more tooth whitening options and products has increased by 300% within the last ten years. That means there are millions of people living in America who are looking for brighter, whiter teeth.

So you aren’t alone in your journey!

Even if you don’t realize it, you are likely doing things every day to take away your teeth’s whiteness. If you’re a coffee drinker, you’re in this boat. Surprisingly, it isn’t the dark, rich color of the coffee that ends up causing stains on your teeth. Instead, it’s the fact that the caffeine and various other roughness in the actual drink wreck havoc on your teeth’s enamel.

Tea is another big offender – and one of the hardest to get rid of. If you drink tea and don’t brush your teeth or rinse your mouth right after, you will find your teeth get discolored. In fact, if you drink tea often enough, that brownish color can seep right into the core of your teeth, making it more difficult to get rid of.

And though this one may go without saying, we are saying it anyway: Tobacco is a huge offender when it comes to yellow teeth. Even if you brush three times a day, floss and see your dentist on a regular basis, if you’re a smoker it won’t matter. Tobacco is going to stain your teeth deep into the core, and make them become darker and more yellow.

While there are plenty of trays and strips out there, we were curious by the Brite Whites Smile’s Trayless teeth whitening kit. Its professional-grade formula has one goal: To give you whiter, shinier teeth immediately after you use it. In fact, it promises you will see your smile be up to 90% brighter without even having to step foot in the dentist.

So what is it exactly?

Not only does it come with a pen, but it actually comes with a blue light as well – without the crazy price tag. The regular price of this product is just shy of $200, but you get the bonus blue light for free.

Then, just pay for shipping and you are on your way to whiter teeth.

The best part about it is the fact that you can whiten your teeth anywhere – whether you are at home in your bathroom, at work before an important meeting or on the go. The pen is the perfect solution for quick and easy white teeth.

How Do You Use White Light Smile?

Brite Whites Smile Formula

When it comes to the formula Brite Whites Smile uses, we were impressed to see it had been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). In fact, it has a steady stream of thousands of happy customers, who are all-too-happy to show the sparkling white results of this product.

The scientifically formulated ingredients list is exactly what you need if you are looking for long-lasting results. With some whitening products, you will find the results fade quickly. While you may get sparkling white teeth almost instantly, within a few days, you will find your teeth have gone back to their less-than-bright luster. But with Brite Whites Smile, the results are long-lasting, so you can make the most out of the pen and make it last.

What about sensitivity?

You may be asking yourself. With the proven formula, you won’t do any kind of harm or have any sensitivity to your teeth. Despite the fact that the gel uses 35% carbamide peroxide, your teeth will remain sturdy and strong.

How To Use Brite Whites Smile

Here’s how it works: The customized formula goes to work protecting the soft tissues in your teeth. Then it makes sure that every inch of your tooth has been covered, so you have a full white smile.

We all have a friend or family remember that has spent hours in the dentist chair trying to get those killer white teeth. And let’s not forget the money spent there too! Going to the dentist for a whitening treatment may end up proving to be a mistake. Each year, thousands of dentists accidentally cause major damage to their patients’ teeth.

With the strong bleach and extreme heat that comes from the lasers, your teeth don’t stand a chance.

But with Brite Whites Smile, not only has it been tested and approved, but it works on keeping your teeth safe. While it does use the same peroxide ingredients as dentists, you don’t get the harsh bleach or the extreme head. This laser-free process can only mean one thing: You will get the same results as you would from a professional, with any kind of risk involved.

White light smile reviews

Brite Whites Smile Side Effects

You won’t get any side effects with Brite Whites Smile. In fact, on top of whiter teeth, this product also helps keep plaque at bay and even removes it. Something else we loved about this product is that you could try it before you buy it. You simply have to sign up for the trial teeth whitening pen and give it a shot for yourself.

If you like it, you will be able to easily re-order and keep going for brighter, whiter teeth. The blue light is an extra way to really get that formula into your teeth and taking care of those stains, too. While it is just as powerful as a laser, you won’t get any of the harmful or negative side effects that come along with it.



Since this product has just about every aspect covered, we are giving it 5 stars. Even though you are getting professional-grade results, you aren’t getting expensive price tags or even the risks that come along with it. If you’re looking to get a white and dazzling smile, this is the teeth whitening product for you.

-Terry Asher

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