The 10 Best Law Enforcement Podcasts


Over the last few years podcasts have grown increasingly popular, over half of the US has listened to a podcast with about 1 million shows available to you right from your phone. Today we will review the top 10 law enforcement podcasts. 

Podcasting allows you to be cleaning your house, cooking breakfast for your family, or simply driving to work while listening to a podcast. It is the ultimate step to productivity.

If the topic of law enforcement sparks your interest, we have put together a list of the top podcasts that are trending right now within the field.

Law enforcement podcasts often have great fitness advice, advice on mental health and much more.

Below we have done the work for you and put together the top 10 law enforcement podcasts.

Law Enforcement Podcasts

Project Sapient Podcast

#1 Project Sapient

Rating: 5/5

Episodes Per Month: 10

This podcast is hosted by Ayman K and Peter G and is meant to engage people in law enforcement and the military communities. The podcast Project Sapient discusses topics that aid the law enforcement community through the latest field-tested equipment,  mental and physical training. Through Project Sapient, community leaders, SWAT Offices, US Army Special Forces, Police Officers and others have come together to speak and help in a multi-dimensional way to assist the law enforcement community.

Cop Life Podcast

#2 Cop Life

Rating: 5/5

Episodes Per Month: 1

This podcast goes into honest depth of the fear cops face on a daily basis, and more importantly the coping strategies to get through that fear. Cop Life is hosted by Keith, a retired cop with almost 20 years of experiencing servicing in that state of Texas; he discusses what it is really like to be a patrol cop and how it can impact every corner of your life. Check out the episode “fear factor”; Check out the Podcast here.Policing Matters Podcast

#3 Policing Matters

Rating: 4.5/5

Episodes Per Month: 5

Policing Matters was created from the more widely known website PoliceOne, which you can get your daily updates on what is going on in the law enforcement world. The podcast is hosted by Doug Wyllie and Jim Dudley, both of these men have long term experience in law enforcement. This is the ideal source for everything you need to know related to current events within the police force.

Check out the episode, “ Episode 40: Get out of the car: Alternative Patrol Tactics” Check out the podcast here.

Watch Your Six Podcast

#4 Watch Your Six

Rating: 5/5

Episodes Per Month: 4

Length of Episode: 30 minutes

Watch Your Six is hosted by a police officer since 2007 named Jonathan Parker. He is much more than just a police officer; he also is a professional speaker and conference speaker nationwide. He has major influences within the police force around the 6 most vulnerable aspects of your life while being a police officer. Parker goes into detail on how to “watch your six by protecting the six vulnerable areas of life often left exposed to danger.”

 The six topics include, 1. Mental health 2. Marriage, and relationships/parenting 3. Muscle 4. Money 5. Leadership and Mission (current events) 6. Ministry and Spirituality. This podcast is far more than updates on law enforcement, this is a platform used for self-help or self-improvement within the police force. It is incredibly beneficial to those serving and their families.

Enhance your life and check out the podcast here.

Tactical Fitness Podcast

#5 Tactical Fitness

Rating: 5/5

Episodes Per Month: 4

Length of Episode: 30 minutes

Ever wondered what training is like for the most elite in law enforcement? Tactical Fitness is hosted by a military fitness trainer, Stew Smith. An incredibly influential man who has trained thousands of Navy Seals, SWAT, FBI, Special Forces, and more. This podcast goes into detail on the fitness level and training for police, special ops, military, and fire fighters.

Want to train like a professional? Give this inspirational podcast a listen here. Check out the podcast here.

Sworn Podcast

#6 Sworn

Rating: 4.5/5

Episodes Per Month: 4

Length of Episode: 45 minutes

Do you love untold crime shows? With host and successful defense attorney, Philip Holloway, this podcast is all about the hard truths behind major crimes. If you have a strong passion to understand the legal system and criminal justice system this podcast is a must! Check out the podcast here.

Things Police See Podcast

#7 Things Police See: Firsthand Accounts

Rating: 5/5

Episodes Per Month: 4

Length of Episode: 30 minutes

A former Massachusetts police officer, Steve Gould, has created a podcast based on interviews with his colleagues in order to better understand what being a police officer truly entails. This podcast allows real life cops to tell their personal stories of being on the job.

Check out the podcast to understand the real-life accounts of a day in the life of a police officer here.

Sheepdog Nation Podcast

#8 Sheepdog Nation

Rating: 5/5

Episodes Per Month: 4

Length of Episode: 25 minutes

Sheepdog Nation is a podcast hosted by a police officer Autumn Schmidt. He is a huge advocate for personal development; his podcast discusses the challenges many cops face including mental health, marriage, physical health, and the potential to get injured on the job. Autumn is very vocal and straight forward, so if you are easily offended by a few curse words chances are this might not be the podcast for you! Check out the podcast here.

Fitness United Podcast

#9 Finest United

Rating: 5/5

Episodes Per Month: 1

Length of Episode: 40 minutes

Finest United is hosted by Lenny Bradley. This podcast is incredibly educational considering Bradley has over 12 years’ experience in the law enforcement field; who better to learn from? So far, he has only released one episode and has already had very high ratings. If you are interested in NYC Law Enforcement specifically this is the podcast for you! The first episode that has been released was titled “Maintaining a Positive Mindset on ‘The Job’.” Check out the podcast here.

Countdown to capture podcast

#10 Countdown to Capture by Newport Beach Police

Rating: 4/5

Episodes Per Month: 6

Length of Episode: 15 minutes

This podcast is quite unique, it was made by police officers for civilians to listen to. This allows there to be dialogue between police officers to civilians. The Newport police department hoped that putting together this podcast would bridge the gap between law enforcement and civilians. This has a refreshing twist on the podcast, and it is highly ranked by the general public. Check out the podcast here.

-Terry Asher

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