Ample Meal Review


Ample Meal Review

Head to your local vitamin shop or drug store and you’ll see endless shelves of meal drinks. You will see even more promises for a completely filling yet nutritious meal all in the convenient to-go drink. 

But how exactly can you weed out the duds from the winners?

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After doing our own research, we stumbled across Ample Meal. We saw the usual promises of the nutrition but there were quite a few elements that stood out to us, such as being completely organic. Obviously, this caught our eye and we had to give it a try ourselves. It’s a recently new but serving up impressive results already. In fact, almost within 24 hours, it completely bypassed its funding goal by $50,000. Obviously, there was a strong following behind this product before it even started.

First things first: Not only is this product completely organic, but it is also gluten-free and non-GMO. And even though it’s in a drinkable package, it still packs a mean punch.

And something that really makes it stand above all the rest is the fact that it’s chock-full of probiotics and prebiotics. But you won’t get all this from chemicals or any unnatural source. Rather, a majority of this product is makeup of plant-based ingredients.

Ample Meal Ingredients

Pretty surprising so far, but it gets even better. If you decide to compare ingredients from this product to various other kinds of similar drinks, you will find a huge difference in the two. A press release from the company states that Ample Meal has 45% less carbs, 70% more protein and 70% less sugar. So you’re really getting just the good stuff with this meal drink.

We also really liked the fact that it comes in powder form. You get the entire bottle but it is just powder in it, it isn’t the drink. This way, you can decide if you want to throw in milk or water. Then the only thing you have to do is shake it until it is thoroughly mixed and it is good to go.

Something that most people hate – us included – is when you have to mix something up and the powder gets all clumpy. There’s nothing worse than having to drink something that is full of powdery lumps. In one smaller bottle, you’ll only find 400 calories for around $4.50. If you opt for the bigger bottle, you’re looking at 600 calories for about $6.00.

Something is company really prides itself on is having “natural” and “superior” products. Like we said earlier, they are completely natural products, so you don’t find any fake formulas or any GMO products here.

It also leaves out a lot of other unwanted products, like added sugar, gluten, artificial flavors, and soy. So when Ample Meal claims that is really does have an entire meal within its bottles, it doesn’t say that without meaning.

And this meal does a heck of a lot more than just fill you up and ward off hunger. It comes with a wide range of other benefits, too. Ample Meal says it can have some major perks, such as getting rid of inflammation throughout the body, as well as stress.

Another interesting promise is that it helps keep your hormones balanced while providing you body with all the nutrients and supplements it needs.

And when you look at the breakdown of each ingredient, you will feel good about consuming it. For the 400-calorie drink, you’ll find there’s 22 grams of fat, with 26 grams of carbs. There’s 7 grams of fat, with only 2 grams of sugar and a whopping 27 grams of protein. It’s a perfect balance of everything your body requires.

If you decide to go for the 600-calorie bottle, you’ll get 33 grams of fat and 39 grams of carbs. With the fiber, you will get 10 grams and only 3 grams of sugar. As for protein, it’ll be 40 grams.

So all of these ingredients are going to help with various different things in your body.

Ample Meal Benefits

Because Ample Meal is low in the carbs and sugar area, it’s going to give those hormone levels a healthy balance. And since there’s a decent amount of fiber and starch in each one, it’s going to absorb in your body slowly, allowing the nutrients to get to each and every part.

Another benefit you get with having such low carbs and sugar is decreased inflammation. While your body does use inflammation to its advantage (like when your immune system needs to get rid of a virus), too much of it can be a bad thing. In fact, when you get a lot of inflammation from your food choices, you will have a big surge in risk for illnesses like diabetes, obesity and Alzheimer’s. So you and your body will appreciate the low carbs and sugar, as well as omega-6. Plus, since there isn’t much in the way of processed ingredients, your body can enjoy the perks of just natural food, with no fillers.

More beneficial ingredients include omega-3 fats (the healthy fats) and antioxidants, which are both going to bulk your body up to fight any diseases.

Does Ample Meal Taste Good?

So with all this healthiness, you may be thinking what we were originally thinking – there is no way this stuff tastes good! We were expecting the worst, and we were happy to get the best. There are some pretty delicious flavors, depending on which blend you get. For example, the protein blend has pumpkin, pea, and grass-fed collagen and whey concentrate.

One thing you will want to notice going into this is that Ample Meal isn’t vegan, paleo or vegetarian, since a lot of their blends have whey and collagen – though these are grass fed. But with the exception of these two ingredients, everything else in the blends are just vegetables and fruit.

Since the owner of Ample Meal, Connor Young, has a colorful background in both nutrition and biology. With this as his main focus for the last 8 years, he knows a thing or two when it comes to healthy meal replacements.

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So if you’re looking for a quick and easy meal replacement drink, we’d recommend this one. It tastes great, isn’t full of fillers and gives your body exactly what it needs. You won’t be disappointed with Ample Meal.

-Terry Asher

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