Afterburn Fuel Review


afterburn fuel review

Welcome to our Afterburn Fuel review. Is this popular supplement the edge you need? Find out here, today!

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Does the name Mike Chang mean anything to you? He’s a pretty popular workout guru these days, with tons of followers. In fact, with millions and millions of subscribers on YouTube and countless appearances on daytime shows, he certainly has caused a buzz surrounding most of his workout programs and regimens. Some of his programs, called Six Pack Shortcuts and Monster Mass, really get people going.

His number one thing going for him? People seriously like him. And they can connect with him. His followers don’t include people who are already ripped or have a leg up in fitness genetics. These are real people. And because of Chang, they’re getting into shape fast.

One of the pre-workout supplements Chang recommends often to go along with his programs is Afterburn Fuel. It offers a lot of perks, like majorly increasing fat loss and sending energy levels out the roof. It also states it helps with maximizing with muscle growth and laser focus.

Of course these are all things everyone wants. And many people work their entire life to get. So does it actually work or is it just running off Chang’s hype? We needed to find out for ourselves.

Afterburn Fuel Formula and Ingredients

On the whole, Afterburn Fuel appears to be a pretty good pre-workout supplement. The ingredients and formula claim to do some pretty amazing things, from increasing your energy, focus and concentration, to building up some major muscle and power, all while keeping your motivation sky-high.

Essentially, it’s cut down into two major compounds. The first is the Get Jacked Matrix. The second compound is the Cognitive Energy Matrix. Let’s take a look at the Get Jacked Matrix first.

One of the major ingredients is creatine. As you may already know, creatine is something that already occurs naturally within your muscles. This is what amps your muscles up. Creatine basically gives your muscle the energy they need in order to keep your workouts going longer and harder.

Another ingredient is beta alanine. What sucks most about working is when you’re hit with muscle fatigue. So when you add some extra beta alanine into your body, this is going to increase carnosin levels. And when carnosine levels increase, you’re going to see your muscle fatigue levels dropping, meaning you’re going to increase those fast muscle twitches. Both of these are major factors when it comes to building major muscle growth.

L-Arginine is also found in Afterburn Fuel. This serves as basically a precursor to Nitric Oxidie. Therefore, vascularity is going to be increased, so you’re going to see a huge surge in pumps. Plus, you will have more energy to workout. Citrulline Malate, which is also an ingredient, can also help with this. Finally, AAKG is in Afterburn Fuel too and this helps with your pumps. This seems like a recipe for success.

Now, let’s take a look at the Cognitive Energy Matrix and what it involves. Firstly, N-Methyltyramine HCL is a top ingredient and this is where you’re going to get your energy from. It’s going to give you  a burst of energy – it’ll help you stay focused and keep your energy level high for long periods of time. However, it isn’t going to give you that annoying, hyper, jittery feeling that sometimes comes along with pre-workout products like this.

Another ingredient is Vinpocetine. Basically, this is another aspect that’s going to help you stay focused. It’s a neurotransmitter that will help with your mental clarity and focus.

Third on the list is a slow-digesting caffeine. Now this isn’t going to give you the jitters either, because it’s basically the equivalent of one cup of coffee. However, what it is going to give you is the energy and fat-burning properties that come along with caffeine. And it’ll keep you fuller for longer periods of time, like your morning coffee does.

Afterburn Fuel Use and Directions

The instructions and dosage are pretty simple – just take a dose based on your weight with water around 20 minutes before you start your workout.

Now obviously there are quite a few benefits with Afterburn Fuel. Because it has such a wide selection of workout supplements and various components, it does sound like it could be pretty effective. And if it didn’t seem to work well for you, the company offers a 6-day money back guarantee, which is a pretty sweet deal.

However, there are so many different video testimonials that come along with the product, it does appear to work for many people. And there’s another added perk – when you order the supplement, it does come with a whole exercise and diet strategy to give your results an increase.

Afterburn Fuel Review

If we take a step back and look at a few independent reviews (aka the ones not affiliated with Chang) the results aren’t that great. So take away Chang and all of his programs, with just the Afterburn Fuel supplement left and the results aren’t really that great.

Now the creatine is pretty essential when it comes to building some major muscle but the trick is it needs to be taken on a daily basis and, at first, in pretty high levels. Afterburn Fuel, however, is only ingested on your specific workout days and only one time a day. So the question left is if the creatine is going to be effective. If it is, it may not be as effective as other types of supplements.

For purchasing, you can get it through Afterburn Fuel’s official website or on Amazon. For a 1-month supply, it’s going to cost you about $70. Pretty steep if you ask us.


If we look at just the supplement itself, it’s a solid option for a pre-workout formula. However, let’s be realistic, a supplement alone is not going to change your life. If you want results like Chang’s site and followers report, you’ll really need to incorporate this supplement into Mike Chang’s workout and lifestyle. Overall, we found that Afterburn Fuel was an effective but overpriced pre-workout formula. If you’re looking for a more cost effective, potent formula, try Ignite. For about half the price of Afterburn Fuel, Gym Junkies Ignite Pre-Workout formula provides a clean rush of energy, plus creatine and beta alanine to keep your muscles fueled and keep you focused on your workout.


Afterburn Fuel Review
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