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If you’re looking to liven up your advanced workout routine , it’s imperative that you understand some of the key advanced bodybuilding exercise variations that you must be doing.

You can only continually keep adding more and more weight to the bar for so long. After that point, you’re going to find that you just can’t keep pushing it – and that your body hits a plateau.  Your weight incremental increases get smaller and soon, you feel like you aren’t progressing on. Remember if you’re a beginner I would suggest reading this blog post about a beginners workout plan.

At this point, that’s when you’ll want to perform some of the following advanced workout routine and exercises.

Your Advanced Workout Routine…

Push-Ups On An Exercise Ball 

The very first exercise that will increase the intensity of your session and help you see faster progress is the push-up on an exercise ball. If you want to really hit those abs hard, believe me when I say this move will do it.

Place both the hands up on an exercise ball, fingers close together, and then slowly lower down toward the ball and then back up again.  Make sure that the entire time, you are keeping your abs tight and the body in straight alignment.

The biggest mistake often made during this move is letting the lower back drop, so you must ensure that you aren’t doing this.

If you find this is just too challenging to start, consider placing the feet up on the ball instead. You’ll still have the instability factor at play, but you’ll find that you can much more easily get through the movement.If you’re looking for more push-up variations I would suggest reading this blog post.

Front Squats

Next, consider front squats.  Front squats are an excellent way to challenge your quads to a larger degree. While traditional squats work both the hamstrings and quads, front squats put far more emphasis right on that quad muscle – where you want to hit.

Make sure while doing these that you lower yourself all the way down to the ground, pause, and then press back up. Taking it through the full range of motion will help ensure that you see the absolute best results possible during your gym workouts.


Single Arm Lat Pull-Down 

Moving along, the single arm lat pull-down is the next exercise to be including as part of your workout program to build muscle mass.  This exercise is nice since it’ll help to ensure that you aren’t suffering from any muscular imbalances.

For many people, as they go about doing their standard pulldowns, one arm is doing much more work than the other, thus it get stronger and the imbalance becomes even more pronounced.

By doing the single arm lat pull-down, each arm is now put to the test with no help from the other.

The end result?

Faster progression.  You will notice a slight decrease in weight switching over the single arm – likely more than half of what you were doing before.

Be patient however and focus on form. Even if you are using less weight, if your form is spot on, that’s what matters most.  Feel the muscle contractions taking place and you will be on route to results. Try and place all stress on the lat muscle, relaxing the bicep as you perform the exercise.

Single Leg Squats 

Another challenging lower body exercise you can do with or without weights is the single leg squat.  Very few people can successfully do reps of single leg squats, even without weight, so put yourself to the test.

The trick is to lower all the way down so you are in the complete and full squat position. Once there, pause and then press back up again to complete the rep. You can also check out my article on more sculping leg workouts here.

Once all reps are completed, switch sides and repeat.  This one will really test your overall balance capability, so you may want to hold onto a nearby chair or rail as you do it to sustain balance as you go.

Then as you progress, practice doing it without holding onto anything.   Once you get really advanced, hold onto plate weight or else simply do it on top of a Bosu ball for an even greater agility challenge.

Glute-Hamstring Raises 

Glute hamstring raises are the next exercise you must consider. These are a non-traditional move most people overlook in their workout program but an exercise that will bring excellent lower body firming benefits.

Get into a glute-hamstring machine and start with just your body weight, lowering yourself down and back up as you go. Make sure as you perform this exercise you use a very slow and controlled movement pattern. It’s very easy to allow momentum to carry you through the exercise, which would entirely take away from the results you should be seeing.

Once you’re more advanced and can easily do this, then add plate weight, holding it across your chest as you do the exercise.

This one is also excellent for strengthening all the muscles in the spinal column as well, reducing your risk of long-term back pain.

Weighted Twisting Decline Crunches

Want that ripped midsection that you’ve always desired?

Weighted twisting decline crunches may just get you there. This exercise is fantastic for strengthening the core and will hit the obliques as well as you do the twist from side to side.

Since it’s on a decline, this will have you working against the force of gravity as you do it, bumping up the intensity of the exercise.

You may wish to start without weight depending on how strong your core currently is and then as you progress along, add more weight from there.

An even more advanced variation that you can perform on this movement is to hold the weight over your head as you lean back and do the twisting crunch. This will place more tension on the abs as now you have even greater gravitational forces to act against.

Biggest Bicep Bodybuilding

Curl With A Twist

Finally, the last of the advanced moves to try out is the curl with a twist for your big arm workout. This exercise is great for bringing out that peak in the bicep head and is going to help to improve your overall arm strength and size at the same time.

When doing this one, perform a hammer curl as normal, however when you get to the top of the movement, twist the wrist so you are in a standard curl position. Try and over twist slightly if you can, which will really bring out that peak. You should feel it working as you squeeze the bicep at the top portion of the movement.

From there, slowly lower the weight back down to the starting position, untwisting as you move back into the standard hammer curl position.This is an advance massive arm workout that makes a difference.

So there you have some of the top advanced bodybuilding exercises to challenge your body with. Remember that adding new and innovative moves to your workout plan is one of the most ideal ways to overload the body, providing that stimulus needed for greater muscle growth.

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Never let yourself get stagnant with your advanced workout routine as when you do, not only will you stop seeing results, but you may find your motivation to do the workout sessions also dropping as you just aren’t mentally interested any longer.

-Terry Asher

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If you’re looking to liven up your advanced workout routine , it’s imperative that you understand some of the key advanced bodybuilding exercise variations that you must be doing.
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