8 Tips to Build Bigger Biceps and Triceps

8 Tips to Build Bigger Biceps and Triceps

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If you learn a little bit about human biology and muscles, you will be better prepared to increase your muscle size and strength. Learn about the correct diet you should be following and how your muscles work, and you will find it easier to build your bicep and tricep muscles.

The bicep muscle (biceps brachii) is a two-headed muscle that sits on the upper arm in between your elbow and you shoulder. The heads of the muscle form one muscle in the middle, which allows the muscle to twist (supinate) and pull (flex). The triceps muscle (Triceps brachii) is a three-headed muscle on the back of the arms that allow us to extend and straighten our arm.

Here’s 8 tips to build bigger biceps and triceps:

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1 – Stretch after every set. Stretching will not make your muscles bigger in the long run (not stretching will), but it will make your muscles stronger and harder in the long run. It will also make your muscles more efficient, less likely to strain, and less likely to leave big saggy sacks when you lose your muscles in later life.

2 – Mix up your workout sets with heavy sets and higher repetition sets. In lay mans terms, heavy sets make your muscles stronger, and faster sets increases your endurance. In one workout you should try starting out with a few faster sets until you are sufficiently warmed up, and then move onto heavier working out. As you begin to tire, you should start returning to faster workout exercises before slowing down, stretching and finishing.

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3 – Do as much work on your triceps as you do on your biceps. You should do this with all the muscles that you plan to build; otherwise, you will start to look out of proportion. Mixing up your routine every week may help to make working out other muscles a little less monotonous.

4 – Gradually increase the loads that you use when you are doing your workout sets. Increase the loads over a period of time as you get stronger and fitter. Only increase up to a comfortable level and do not be afraid to decrease loads when you are having a rough week/month.

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5 – Try short and fast workouts for your arms and shoulders. You could consider four fast ten-minute workouts per week, and one long one (or however you wish to do it). Or, you should workout once every fortnight and do quick ten-minute workouts every other day in order to keep your fitness level up. Government guidelines say that a fast and rigorous 20-minute workout every week may help keep you healthy, so a 10-minute workout every other day can only improve on that.

6 – Work out your upper body on one day, and wait 48 hours, and then work out your legs and arms. It allows parts of your body to rest and build before you put more strain on them. It will also help you to get over any aches and pains, which are going to affect your workouts.

7 – Your triceps will build faster than your biceps if you work with heavy loads. So if you are already pretty big in the bicep area, you should consider a few heavy floor presses, board presses and dips.

tricep dips

8 – Work on your arms more often. Your arms are only a small body part and therefore can tolerate higher frequency workouts and more workouts than things such as your quads and other large body parts. Do not be afraid of working your arms more than your legs. Just be sure you do not do too much and push your body shape out of proportion.

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