7 Reasons You’re Not Building Muscle


Workout Plan

#7 Be smart and be consistent

You go to the gym and you train hard but your lack of conviction could kill your efforts. Making a plan is key to muscle gains. Changing it up every few visits is a recipe for disaster. Follow a plan verbatim for six weeks. You can tweak it, but you need to stick to it to see results. 

The lesson:

Oftentimes people fail because they give up so easily and so often. Be smart about your workouts and how you take care of yourself outside of the gym. Be consistent. Building muscle and keeping it takes hard work and some brain power as well. Craft your plan following the advice of a certified trainer who will take into consideration your fitness level and goals. 
Final thought: 

Making sure you stick to your workout can be as hard or as easy as you allow it to be. If you find yourself wanting to change your plan after only a few sessions, clearly you’re on the wrong path. Your workout should be challenging, intense, rewarding and fun. 

-Terry Asher

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