7 Reasons Why Athletes Consume Tongkat Ali As A Post-Workout Drink


7 Reasons Why Athletes Consume Tongkat Ali As A Post-Workout Drink

Tongkat Ali is an amazing herbal remedy as it boosts muscle growth, increases stamina, releases more testosterone, and improves performance.

Tongkat Ali is a very healthy herbal medicine and offers many health benefits. 

Many people consume Tongkat Ali to gain a better life. This is especially true for athletes, bodybuilders, and health enthusiasts. Many athletes are switching to Tongkat Ali as it is an excellent alternative to modern-day supplements.

Is Tongkat Ali a Pre-Workout Drink or Post-Workout Drink?

Is Tongkat Ali a Pre-Workout Drink or Post-Workout Drink?

Pre and post-workout drinks function differently. Pre-workout drinks are mostly used as an energy booster or for quicker stamina recovery. On the other hand, post-workout drinks are used for muscle recovery and muscle building.

Tongkat Ali is a unique drink that can aid athletes in both these fields. You can take it as a pre-workout drink or post-workout drink. However, most bodybuilders and athletes prefer taking it as a pre-workout drink. As it increases stamina and helps with muscle growth, it is an excellent pre-workout drink choice. 

It is advised to drink Tongkat Ali 30 minutes before hitting the gym or starting your workout routine. Its benefits are backed by science, which is why fitness enthusiasts and athletes buy Tongkat Ali.

Here is a list of benefits Tongkat Ali has for workout enthusiasts.

1. Release More Testosterone

Tongkat Ali is known for helping people release more testosterone. Testosterone increases the stamina, energy, and mood of people. This is very helpful for health enthusiasts. 

As it helps increase stamina and energy, people can work out for a longer period.

With increased mood and energy, it can also help increase athletes’ performance. A study by the New England Journal of Medicine has found that testosterone is directly linked with the strength of a person. 

People who take testosterone supplements have seen a growth of 600 mm in muscle size in their quadriceps, compared to a mere 100 mm increase for those who did not consume supplements. 

2. Beneficial for Both Men & Women

Contrary to popular belief, Tongkat Ali is beneficial for both male and female athletes. Many people think that as it helps increase the release of testosterone; thus, it is not very useful for females. 

But that is not true. Females can also benefit from an increase in testosterone levels. 

Increased testosterone gives female athletes a significant edge over other females. They can have an increase in energy and stamina just like males and benefit greatly from them.

3. Increase Overall Performance

The main reason Tongkat Ali is very popular is that it has been proven by scientists and researchers to boost the overall performance of athletes.

As Tongkat Ali increases muscle and energy levels, athletes can perform better and longer. This gives them an advantage over other athletes who do not take such supplements. 

It is also advised by health experts to consume Tongkat Ali regularly, especially for athletes.

Another study shows that consuming 400 mg each of Tongkat Ali daily for 12 weeks resulted in an increase of 16.6% of muscular force for men and 13.7% muscular force for women.

4. Best Supplement for Bodybuilders

Best Supplement for Bodybuilders

A lot of supplements are banned in fighting sports such as MMA, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, etc. 

That is because some of the supplements give an unfair advantage and can be the deciding factor between a victory and a defeat. But one supplement that is not banned is Tongkat Ali. 

Therefore, it is very beneficial for bodybuilders and those who take part in these sports.

Tongkat Ali helps reduce body fat while increasing muscle density and lean protein. Therefore, it is extremely helpful for those who put a lot of strain on their muscles.

Hardcore bodybuilders workout for a very long time and put a huge strain on their muscles. Tongkat Ali’s benefits help counter the muscle strain and help the muscles grow even more.

5. Works Great for High Endurance Sports

There are many sports that do not put a huge strain on your muscle but require a lot of stamina. These sports include swimming, marathon running, cycling, etc.

These sports do not require you to have extreme muscle force but require you to have a lot of stamina to out-survive your opponents.

The main hormone that works as the fuel of your body and helps maintain stamina is testosterone. We all know by now how beneficial Tongkat Ali is when it comes to testosterone. 

It largely increases the production of testosterone, so your body has more fuel to work with, this increasing your overall stamina. 

A study has shown that cyclists who have taken Tongkat Ali finished a lap 30 minutes before those who only consumed placebos.

6. Tongkat Ali Is Completely Legal

Tongkat Ali Is Completely Legal

There have been many reports of athletes who were banned from sports for taking illegal supplements to boost their strength and stamina to gain an illegal edge over their opponent. 

All athletes have to go through a test called the dopamine test, which calculates the testosterone to epitestosterone ratio, known as the T/E ratio.

Research by the International Journal of Preventive Medicine has shown that people who took Tongkat Ali had a T/E ratio of 0.63/1 while those who took other supplements had 0.74/1. 

This shows that Tongkat Ali is a legal supplement that passes the dopamine test and can be consumed as an energy boost before sports.

7. Better Than Steroids

We all have heard about steroids. Steroids are supplements that give you a huge boost of strength and stamina. However, it comes with a huge cost. 

People who consume anabolic steroids have a higher risk of death, and they also have problems with their hormone releases and blood flow. 

Tongkat Ali, however, has no such side effects and can be consumed with no fear. Herbal and natural supplements like Tongkat Ali are becoming extremely popular because they are safe to consume. CBD products are also preferred supplements.

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Tongkat Ali is an excellent supplement for everyone, and this is especially more effective for athletes and sportsmen. So, regular consumption of Tongkat Ali as a natural supplement can be a huge boost for your health, muscles, and stamina.

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7 Reasons Why Athletes Consume Tongkat Ali As A Post-Workout Drink
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7 Reasons Why Athletes Consume Tongkat Ali As A Post-Workout Drink
Tongkat Ali is a very healthy herbal medicine and offers many health benefits. Many people consume Tongkat Ali to gain a better life.
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