Yoga with Friends: 7 Great Reasons To Do Yoga With Your BFFs



Yoga with Friends: 7 Great Reasons To Do Yoga With Your BFFs

Friends make everything better. Any activity that you do with friends is not only more entertaining, but it also ensures that you complete the task, which you may not be able to achieve if you do it alone.

Involving a friend is a fantastic idea if you have trouble staying consistent with your fitness routine.

If you practice yoga but face trouble sticking to it, getting a friend to join you may help.

A friend can make you feel more comfortable and also motivate you to keep up with your practice. Now is your time to recreate those Instagram best friend yoga poses! Here’s why doing yoga with friends is the best thing to do.

Benefits of Yoga With Your Friends

1. Friends Give You the Push that You Need

You know when you think about starting something new and are very excited one day, but then you get lazy the next day and don’t start at all? If you are planning to start exercising, especially yoga, but are still procrastinating, having a friend join you can give you the push you need to get started.

2. With Friends, It’s Just Another Fun Thing to Do

If you practice your yoga routine with a friend, it won’t feel like a chore at all. Rather it will feel like a fun and exciting task to do. What better way to stay consistent and get your job done than when it doesn’t feel like a job at all?

This is a good rule to follow in any friendship. This helps you to step outside of your comfort zone, see things from the perspective of others, and have access to a wider range of experiences.

3.  Friends Will Make You Commit

If you’re doing yoga today but want to skip tomorrow, having a partner will prevent you from doing so. They will encourage you to stick to your routine, ensuring that you never miss another session.

With all of your appointments, events, and meetings piling up, sometimes all you wish to do is to go home to tell your cat about your hectic day. Your best friend, on the other hand, will keep you from becoming a cat woman too soon. They’ll annoy you to get up and go to your practice session.

4.  Friends Provide Comfort

It’s natural to feel a little uneasy when attending your first yoga lesson. Doing all the poses in front of absolute strangers can feel uncomfortable.

When you start taking yoga classes, the first new days can be confusing. Being surrounded by fit people can leave you wondering how people get that much in shape doing yoga!

On top of that, wearing your yoga pants but being unable to perform the poses correctly can make you feel awkward.

When you have a friend with you, you feel more at ease. Once you get used to this, you’ll feel comfortable doing it alone too.

5.  You Get Help With Friends

You’re surrounded by a reassuring, encouraging, and loving presence. Your closest friend will encourage you to work hard but also help you unwind, laugh, and enjoy all the perks of yoga.

You’ll be more willing to train, stretch, and develop your body if you have such a strong support system. When you go to a yoga session with your pals, someone is certain to know more than you.

When you have no idea what you’re doing and are brand new to the class, this is a blessing. Most of the time, the teacher isn’t making sense to a complete novice, so you can just look over at your friend and mimic what they’re saying.

You can also inquire in hushed tones anytime you’re unsure of something; it seems more appropriate to interrupt a friend instead of the teacher!

Of course, you should inform the teacher if you are new to the class, but bringing a friend along is indeed a good backup. So you stay fit and healthy together.

6. You Have A Competing Partner

Whenever you do anything alone you can’t really monitor your progress. When you have a partner, you can compete with each other and keep pushing yourselves to do better.

Suppose you just learned a new yoga pose in class. If you and your friend both go to class together, you will see who can master the new pose better and faster. It is always great to have this healthy competition. This not only keeps you motivated but also improves your yoga and eventually your body too!

7.Be Better Friends

Yoga is a memory maker. You’ll recall tumbling over in lesson and catching your bestie’s eye, hurrying to make it to practice on schedule, and training at one of your flats, where you ended up giggling on the ground together. You’re on a journey together to become better versions of yourself.

Connection, faith, control, and teamwork are all developed through partner yoga. In your yoga practice, your best friend and you will have a sense of equal success. And, let’s face it, your best buddy is stunning and flawless, and yoga would be incomplete without her!

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Even a yoga class becomes special when you do it with your BFF. Although having an activity that is “all yours” is wonderful, inviting your best buddy to yoga makes the experience even better.

You may require the assistance of a friend to help you stay on track. They can help you remain positive and motivated at times. What’s the best part? Your best friend will feel the same, so it’s a complete win-win for both of you!!

-Terry Asher

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Yoga with Friends: 7 Great Reasons To Do Yoga With Your BFFs
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Yoga with Friends: 7 Great Reasons To Do Yoga With Your BFFs
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  1. Do you ever feel enthusiastic about beginning a new endeavor one day, only to procrastinate and put it off until another day? Having a buddy join you might be the motivation you need to start exercising, particularly yoga, if you have been putting it off.


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