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Muscle Warfare Napalm

This week we find out if Muscle Warfare Napalm is the perfect pre-workout weapon you’ve been looking for. 

If there’s one thing the workout and fitness industry doesn’t need, it’s another supplement that claims to better your workout but really, it just reduces the weight of your wallet. There are countless pre-workout supplements that promise to boost results, cut recovery times in half and more.

There’s a lot to think about. How can so many different products, with so many different ingredients, promise the same results?

Not all supplements are created equal. We are always on the hunt for products that gives the best results for our readers.

That’s when we stumbled across Muscle Warfare Napalm. With a name like that, how could we not check it out? It sounds like something that could completely wipe out the fat in your body and blow the place up with muscle and cuts.

Even the package was screaming “BUY ME!” OK, so their advertising is great, but how does the product itself stand up? Let’s find out.

Muscle Warfare Napalm Ingredients

Checking out the container itself, it had some interesting warning labels about being very powerful, with a major focus on amping up your energy, motivation and focus. The product also promises to help out with your speed, strength and endurance. In case you need more visual details, these warning labels swear it’ll increase growth hormone levels, produce anabolic effects and much more.

That might hook the average fish, but we wanted to look deeper.

At a first look, there were a few other things we liked about the product. We noticed there are no types of fillers or creatine in the product. Instead, it’s jam-packed with synergistic HSP Activators and xeno-hormetins. These help your body release Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) in order to give you amazing pumps. Plus, there was a specialized NMDA-supporting element in the product that is said to help your body release hormones, giving you better support to your muscles.

Customers have some pretty good things to say about it, too. Most of the reviewers report feeling the effects almost immediately. Some say you can feel your body heat rising and a huge jump in energy.

Muscle Warfare Napalm Reviews

The best part? Most of the people said that while your energy is going up, and you have more of it to use at the gym, you don’t feel that jittery feeling that tends to come with caffeine-related products. People say you’re going to feel completely recovered and recharged after a workout, so you’re going to push for a harder and longer session.

Basically, users that write on the company’s website say that everything the product promises is true… without any negative side effects. Sounds pretty good. Almost too good.

One user had something disturbing to say. He said that while he does think this product is effective (he even went as far as to say that he thinks it is the best product out there for pre-workout supplements) he felt pretty moody. In fact, he stated that he felt like he was overly aggressive. But he also said that the feeling of being moody went away pretty fast. While he was the only user to report this side effect, it’s pretty understandable since you have a bunch of ingredients that speed you up.

So be sensible. Start with a small dose. Work your way up from there. Anything that has caffeine in it can make you edgy. Nearly every pre-workout supplements have caffeine. 

So overall, we give it a thumbs up. The people have spoken and they all have pretty positive things to say about it. Muscle Warfare Napalm promises success and effectiveness and we can totally agree with this. Based on the reviews alone, there aren’t many side effects, just positive outcomes which makes it worth trying.

Does Muscle Warfare Napalm Help You Recover Faster?

Part of Muscle Warfare Napalm’s job is to warm up your body’s core heat, which users said they can literally feel happening. It definitely gives your energy a boost as well as your focus, resulting in time better spent at the gym. As for muscle performance, Muscle Warfare Napalm actually helps your body recover a lot faster, so you can expect to be putting in some extra time at the gym and getting some extra gains.

Finally, as for glucose, it does seem to increase glucose levels in order to send them where they need to go for protein synthesis.

It also does one thing many pre-workout supplements do not do and that’s refuel your body both during and after your workout. A lot of supplements will do one but not the other. In fact, some supplements are a two-step process in which you have to drink something before you go to the gym and immediately after in order to get good results. But not with Muscle Warfare Napalm. It stays in your body during your workout and gives you the boost you need. After your workout is over, it freshens up your body and speeds up recovery. Pretty amazing product if you ask us.

So does it work?

It definitely has a lot of unique aspects and results, backed up with some solid research and science. We are also pretty blown away at the awesome Muscle Warfare Napalm reviews. Like we said, there wasn’t really anything negative, except for the one guy saying he felt overly aggressive.He did say that this feeling went away pretty fast and he was able to focus on having a killer workout. So the question is, how did it work for us?

Our Muscle Warfare Napalm Review

Our experience with taking Muscle Warfare Napalm was overall positive. We are fans. While it’s difficult to say whether this pre-workout supplement fueled recovery, it did have some positive effects. The buzz could be felt almost right away and it definitely carried us through our workouts, right to the end. So by having extra energy in our workouts, Muscle Warfare Napalm helped us get more work done. We like that. 

So for your pre-workout supplement, we definitely suggest giving Muscle Warfare Napalm a try. If you’re not sure whether or not you should try it (maybe from the advertising – it’s pretty crazy and might scare off a customer or two with it’s bold warning labels and screaming results), try it at a smaller dose at first. Also, it can be a bit on the pricey side. So if you try a smaller dose and find it has great results, the bigger bottle will save you cash. Plus you won’t have to buy it as often. You can get Muscle Warfare Napalm in a few different places, including GNC. If you want to take a cheaper route, try Amazon. They sell it there for a pretty reasonable price of about $13 and will ship right to your door. Easy as that.


A clean, potent pre-workout supplement can give you the edge you need to get more out of your workouts. We recommend finding a formula that suits your body. Because it provides clean energy and gives you a head start on recovery, we give Muscle Warfare Napalm 4 stars. This one is definitely worth trying if you’re looking to power you through your workout. Give it a try!

Reviewed By:
Terry Asher
4.0 OUT OF 5.0

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