Max Shred and Extreme Antler Review

Max Shred and Extreme Antler Review

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Extreme Deer Antler Reviews

If you’re looking to get an edge in your quest for a lean body and ripped, muscular physique, the right supplements are key to success.

One supplement that we’ve been hearing a lot of talk about is extreme antler. I have heard a lot about this product and also max shred and so this week we’ll review these supplements and see if they’re right for our readers.

I am very particular of what I use for my body and so I set out to check the effectiveness and safety of extreme deer antler. Here, I will present our review to give you an idea of whether or not this product is a scam, if it works or if you should avoid its use altogether.

Max Shred and Extreme Antler Overview

Max shred is essentially a natural pre-workout supplement that is said to help you increase muscle size and strength as well as stamina. When you are using this supplement, you will be able to make more muscles during your workout session and you can burn your fat too.

However, there are no specific details of what the main ingredients are and this is something that really doesn’t settles well with me. I am of the opinion that if the ingredient list is good enough to be used, there should be no hesitation to share this with customers.

Xtreme antler works on very similar lines and also claims to offer extreme muscle growth and stamina. There are reports that it can improve your sexual ability along with brain function as well. Like Max Shred, unfortunately we cannot be completely sure of the side effects because of the limited ingredients information. However, it is likely that there will be any issue as this product primarily comprises of deer antler velvet. However, I must add that deer antler velvet has had its own share of controversies which we’ll discuss.

You should be aware that deer antler velvet is banned in most sporting activities but it is not detected in a urine test. Deer antler velvet can be detected in a blood test, however. This is one reason why a lot of muscle building supplements make it a point to use this ingredient.

So does deer antler spray work?

So, if you are wondering as to whether or not Xtreme antler and max shred truly work, here is my take. I personally believe that it fails to provide you the same output that its makers claim.

I have found some issues with these products that we’ll discuss.

First of all, I found it disturbing that the so-called magazine “Men’s Life and Health” which they proclaim to have them listed is non-existent. There is no such magazine that we can track down.

Further, the site does have a huge number of comments; all of them describing the effectiveness of the product. However, it’s difficult to say how legitimate the comments really are. When I tried submitting my honest review, I got the reply saying that my comment is under moderation which gives me doubts about the comments and how true they actually are.

Further, the trial business can be tricky, you must be responsible if you’re going to use this route. The official site states that you are entitled to get a free trial but you must be aware that auto-billing initiates if you don’t cancel during the trial period.


When it comes to analyzing what really does deer antler spray do; you will find that it is shown to improve muscular power and stamina in many users. This product, which actually comes from eastern medicine, has been made to help people improve their energy and stamina levels. However, clinical trials have not been able to definitively prove the effectiveness of deer antler velvet. There are those who report positive results, but you’ll have to decide for yourself if this is worth trying.

There are a lot of muscle building supplements you can find that use natural ingredients. I would always recommend that you opt for these products, that come with a detailed list of the ingredients, so you’ll have a clear idea of what’s going into your body.

We all want a stronger, more muscular body, but your internal health is never to be ignored. Shaky ingredient lists are never a good start when you’re trying to keep your body’s intake clean. Otherwise, you just never know what you are taking and this is something that may very well interfere with your health. So, keep that aspect in mind when you’re deciding what supplements to take and spend your money on a product that is demonstrated to work in a lab setting, and don’t just rely on the reviews on a website selling a supplement. Do your own research and make informed, healthy decisions for your body.

At the end of the day, I would not recommend either max shred or even xtreme antler because there are better choices available that I would use for achieving gains in strength, size and stamina. There have been plenty of claims on the effectiveness of deer antler velvet, however, his particular product has a few too many question marks involved to earn a full Gym Junkies seal of approval.

Max Shred and Extreme Antler Review
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