Super Beta Prostate Review

Super Beta Prostate Review

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Super Beta Prostate Review

Wondering if Super Beta Prostate is as great as it claims to be? Today we’ll find out.

Completely, 100% natural prostate supplements are all the rage nowadays. In fact, that market is higher than it has ever been and there is no end in sight. Just about every supplement promises amazing results; some with a higher price tag than others. If you can weed through all the different choices you have, there is a right option for your health goals.

We can help.

Each week we provide reviews on popular supplements to separate the quality from the pack. Today, for those looking to improve prostate health, we’ll take a look at Super Beta Prostate.

One of the names that keeps coming up in the subject of prostate health is Super Beta Prostate. It promises to be the number one supplement in the market as of today. With a deeper look into its abilities, as well as an examination of Super Beta Prostate Reviews, we’ve made up our own minds on the product. We’re happy to pass along our findings to you. In this review, we take everything into consideration, including price, overall feedback, ingredients, and availability.

After all, when it comes to supporting your prostate, you don’t want to ignore your body’s needs. So that’s where we come in to help. Quite possibly, Super Beta Prostate might be a good addition to your supplement regimen.

New Vitality is the manufacturer of Super Beta Prostate. The company sells a wide range of products and supplements, covering a range from weight loss pills to skin care.

Super Beta Prostate Ingredients

As for Super Beta Prostate, the top ingredient is Beta Sitosterol. Here’s what is interesting about this leading ingredient – it has been said to aid in urinary flow function. Not only that, but it is also believed to help the prostate function properly.

Phil Garner, a former player and MLB coach, states he has been taking this for nearly 3 years. In fact, he’s even endorsed the product personally.

The list of endorsements doesn’t stop there. Roger Mason, a head nutritional researcher, endorses the product as well. He states that Super Beta Prostate can majorly help with urine flow and prostate function.

Other ingredients include Zinc, Maganese, Iodine, Copper, Selenium, Silicon, Chromium, Vitamin D, Molybdenum, Vanadium, and Borno.

A quick Google search shows that a majority of these ingredients have been proven to help issues that arise in the prostate. For example, because there are large amounts of zinc in sperm, and sperm signals a healthy and functioning system, which can be beneficial.

As for the main ingredient, Beta Sitosterol, there is a decent amount of evidence that shows it can help with prostate function. It also has a few other added bonuses, like boosting your immune system and your sexual performance.

Super Beta Prostate Reviews

Super Beta Prostate Reviews are overall pretty positive. A few users did claim it made their symptoms did not improve greatly. However, it is unlikely that the supplement itself had any negative effect . There weren’t very many of these negative reviews.

A wide majority of the men found themselves going to the bathroom more often, which is to be expected. A few expressed issues of having trouble urinating. The supplement states it helps get rid of pressure and improve the overall prostate function.

One reviewer stated he had been taking the product for nearly 2 months and it was working great for him. He started off going to the bathroom almost 5 times a night. Since he started taking Super Beta Prostate, he goes maybe twice a night, so his nights are full of restful sleep. He did mention that he saw an increase in sexual function, too.

If you’ve ever had trouble with your prostate, this is pretty promising news.

Another user stated he had tried many other prostate supplements in the past, but they all failed. He claimed after using Super Beta Prostate for 2 weeks, he saw a change in his urinary flow right away. The user stated he was impressed with the product, as this proved to him that it is a successful supplement. He has now been on the supplement for a month and plans to continue its use.

Wondering Where to Buy Super Beta Prostate?

So if you want to find out more for yourself, head on over to You will be able to buy the supplement and see for yourself if it works for you. Or, if you’d rather, the supplement can be found on a wide range of online retailers.

Your best bet? Amazon sells a bottle of 60 capsules of Super Beta Prostate for $27.

You won’t see a huge jump in price when you go to various outlets. It’s usually within a fair range of each other.

Our Super Beta Prostate Reviews

Here’s what we think of the product overall – but always be encouraged to do your own research. Before you decide to invest your time and money into a completely natural supplement (like Super Beta Prostate), see how it works for others. There isn’t any solid data or evidence that shows this supplement has reduced swelling and problems in the prostate – however, a majority of the user reviews did state it worked for them.

Many men said they were happy continuing to take the supplement because:

  1. It works for them.
  2. There were virtually no side effects.

Like we said, there were a couple reviews that stated the product did nothing for them, but this could be due to many other factors.

However, you won’t be able to buy the product in a store. As we said, your best bet is to buy it online. Or, if you’re still on the fence and not sure if it is the right product for you, you can always talk to a urologist about it before getting started.

He or she will be happy to give an opinion on the product and might be able to offer either an alternative or advice on a lower dosage.


If you’ve tried other products in the past and want to give Super Beta Prostate a shot, it might be worth it. Because no one complained of side effects – just rare cases of ineffectiveness – and the supplement can be found relatively cheap, it may be worthwhile for men to give it a shot. Your health is worth it.

If you’re looking for a prostate health supplement, our top recommendation goes to Super Beta Prostate.

Super Beta Prostate
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