Pro Supp Review : Dr. Jekyll

Pro Supp Review : Dr. Jekyll

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Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll

You might be familiar with Pro Supps, a company that makes a ton of different- formulas.

One of them is called Hyde, and is appropriately called so because it’s believed that it will bring out the wild, creature aspect of the user.

But today, we are looking at the other side of this beast – Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll.

Now of course it can always be tough to judge when a product is legit and when the company is fudging the lines a little bit.

However, Pro Supps is a very reputable company known for its fairly priced products that are successful at what they promise. You won’t find any filler ingredients in most of their formulas, pre-workout or not.

Regardless, even if the company promises the best results, it’s always difficult to determine if there’s any kind of evidence that proves these claims to be true. And that’s where we come in – we do some investigating, read real users’ experiences with the product and determine if we think it’s going to be worth your while (and your time, and your money) to give the product a shot.

So let’s jump right into it.

We definitely give them props for getting creative with the names of their products. Dr. Jekyll is believed to give you just about everything you could want when it comes to a pre-workout supplement.

However, what it isn’t going to do is turn you into a raging lunatic – much like it’s evil twin.

When you consume Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll you are going to see an increase in everything – like your strength, your endurance, your energy and even your pumps.

However, the perks of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is that it’s going to be much more natural and human-like than what you’d get with Hyde.

Dr. Jekyll Ingredients…

In order to give you the best results from the product, it has 5 different complexes with it. The first complex is the endurance compound, which consists of L-Histidine Monohydrochloride and Beta Alanine.

It uses this to boost the endurance of your muscles by blocking lactic acid, the horrible thing that makes your muscles tired.  Dr. Jekyll is the supplement you want to use if you want to know how to gain muscle

The energy & Focus aspect also has Pikatropin and Caffeine. The caffeine dose is around 100mg, which is obviously going to give you energy without giving you those killer jitters or shaky feeling during your shoulder workoutThe Pikatropin helps with cognitive ability and focus as well.

The Amino complex is another part, which uses mostly L-Leucine in order to make sure your muscles recover nice and easy following a workout.

The super strength aspect of it has creatine hydrochloride, which you will find gives your muscles extra strength as well as energy, which will get you to do more weights and therefore get yourself better results.

Finally, the Pump complex has ingredients such as L-Norvaline, L-Citrulline Malate, and Agmatine Sulfage. This is going to help you with increase nitric oxide, which will give you more blood to all of your different muscles. Plus, it’s going to equate even more oxygen and nutrient delivered to these areas so you have better pumps.

Dosage in Dr. Jekyll

As for the suggested amount, you’re looking at 1 scoop into a glass of water. You can also boost that up to 2 scoops, whatever you feel would be the best choice.

So as for the advantages, you’ve got the caffeine, without getting an overload of it. This means you’re going to have energy but you aren’t going to be all jittery and shaky.

As for the Prop Supps Dr. Jekyll review, we’re looking at a lot of positive reviews from real users. A majority of the reviews focus on the clean energy you get from the product and recovery post workout.

We also like the formula of the product, as it is full of things like amino acids, creatine and nitric oxide boosters. And as an added bonus, you will have a wide variety of flavors to pick from, mix pretty well in water and tastes great.

The Dr. Jekyll Disadvantages…

Now the only disadvantage we could think of was this: if you’re the kind of guy that requires a decent amount of stimulants, then using Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll might not give you exactly what you’re looking for.

In terms of buying it, you can get it online. It appears that a tub full of 30 servings is going to get you through 30 workouts if you stick with just one scoop.

Obviously, if you need more than one scoop, it won’t last as long. However, it costs about $30 for a tub of it, so it won’t totally break the bank.

There are certainly a lot of positive aspects that come along with Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll. Plus, all the customer reviews we checked out all agreed. If you’re OK with having some stimulant without going into overload, this is going to the be right choice for you.

Since there are a wide variety of options in terms of flavors, you can find something you enjoy and won’t mind taking every day. And the benefits…well. They definitely make it worth your while. From more focus, determination and energy, to greater pumps there isn’t much of a downside to this product.

So we suggest trying it for yourself and see how it works for you. If you run into any issues, it might be the stimulants in the product.

However, you might be able to switch in other stimulant-based supplements to get more of that energy. But for those of you who aren’t looking for a huge boost in energy, this is going to be the product for you.

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