Plnt Protein: Plant Protein Chocolate Review

Plnt Protein: Plant Protein Chocolate Review

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Plant Protein

For those of you searching for plant-based protein powders, you know this already – the pickings are pretty slim.

There aren’t that many plant-based protein powders out on shelves right now, though they are getting more and more popular each day.

So it’s tough to find one that gets the job done, yet has a good taste and keeps you full and energized. When we stumbled across Plant Protein, we were pretty impressed with the positive reviews we found. It seems like this is an overall solid product, with minimal negatives or downfalls.

So whether you are just starting out with plant-based proteins or are looking for a long term solution, we think you’re going to be pretty happy with this product. First and foremost, it’s clean product.

And by clean, we mean there aren’t any artificial ingredients in it. This is pretty tough to come by, especially with all the protein powders being pumped with a wide variety of unnatural ingredients. In fact, as an added step to show how clean their product is, they’ve left the “a” out of the “Plnt” on their name, just like they’ve left artificial ingredients out to fit. Pretty clever,huh?

Is Plant Protein More Gentle on Your Stomach?

We also noticed a lot of people suffering from lactose intolerance appreciated Plant Protein Powder. If you’ve ever tried to do a regular protein powder and found it majorly upset your stomach, you will be happy to hear this powder is gentle. It’s the perfect solution if you are lactose intolerant, yet are looking for a plant-based powder you can use. It’s also a good powder for Vegans. Because lack of protein can cause some negative health symptoms, such as thinning hair, you want to make sure you get enough, while also staying within the realms of your dietary restrictions.

Plus, you want something that is going to fill you up and keep you full for long periods of time. You can expect all of these things from Plant Protein Powder, as well as that clean ingredients list we had mentioned earlier. Now let’s take a look at the actual ingredients. It doesn’t have any whey in it, which means you aren’t going to feel bloated or uncomfortable.

It’s a great idea for people who are worried they aren’t getting enough nutritional value in their diets due to restrictions. This protein has real nutritional value, so good in fact that the only way you’d be able to get close to this amount is by actually eating meals.

How Does Plant Protein Taste?

As for the taste, this doesn’t disappoint either. While there is a bit of gritty texture to it (as most protein powders), it has a delicious chocolate taste. In fact, a lot of other reviewers have said this is one of the best tasting powders they have ever tried. You won’t have any bitter aftertaste – many reviewers say the opposite, as there is a sweet chocolate taste that lingers for a little bit afterward.

If you want to cut back on the grittiness and really enhance the flavor, you could always try adding almond or sunflower butter. It can be dissolved in either milk or water without having too much graininess left behind. Like we said earlier, because there isn’t any whey in this product, you aren’t going to feel bloated or uncomfortable. In fact, you will see the same amount of energy boost you would see in any other protein powder. But this plant-based protein powder is much easier to digest.

This means you can have it on a regular basis without worrying about it negatively affecting your digestive system. After all, that’s one of the biggest complaints people that take other whey-based protein powders have – it is extremely hard on their digestive system. If you plan to mix this powder into an exercise routine, you may have a tough time trucking through it when your stomach is bothering you. But like we said, you won’t get any stomach issues with this plant-based protein powder, because there is no whey. We also noticed almost all of the reviews on this product mentioned mood and energy levels.

Most people wrongly think that plant-based protein powders won’t give you the same “boost” in energy or mood – but like we said, they think this wrongly. As long as you get the right plant-based protein powder, you can still expect these things to happen. And this is considered the right type of plant-based protein powder. It still gives you the push you need, while also taking it easy on your stomach. The only downside we were able to find: It does contain both maltodextrin and silica. However, new research shows these two ingredients aren’t nearly as negative as we seem to think they are.

How Much Does Plant Protein Cost?

And last but not least, the price. You aren’t going to have to take out a loan or sell your house to get this plant-based protein powder. It’s only available in the retail chain vitamin shoppe for under $30. This is a pretty big tub of it, which can last some time, even if you are taking it every day. You have the option to order it online or in the store, with a few different packages if you plan to use it long term.

Based on the overwhelming amount of positive reviews surrounding this product, we’re going to give it 4.5 stars out of 5. The only reason it didn’t get a 5/5 is because of the maltodextrin and silica. Since some people still shy away from these ingredients, we had to take it down a notch.


However, this product features all the positive attributes you want to see in a protein powder: it’s plant-based, it’s clean with no artificial ingredients, it has a delicious taste without a nasty aftertaste, and the texture is pretty even and can be dissolved easily into the liquid of your choice. We’re saying this one is a winner in all protein powders, not just plant based. You get the best of both worlds, with a cleaner, healthier ingredients list.   -Terry Asher

-Terry Asher

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