NO2 Maximus Review

NO2 Maximus Review

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NO2 Maximus Review

What exactly is everyone going to the gym for?

May be to get bigger growth in their muscles. Or maybe they want to extend their endurance a little bit.

For a lot of guys, it’s going for bigger and more pumps.

Supplement companies know this is exactly what everyone is going to the gym for – after all, it’s what they market on the front of their products. Row after row, aisle after aisle, there are tons of different supplements promising the same thing – results.

One supplement that really caught our eye lately is NO2 Maximus. One of the reasons it really stuck out to us was because it promises all of those things smack on the front of the label.

Made by NetMarkets LLC, this completely natural formula is only taken once a day, yet claims to have a ton of benefits when consumed.

But our question is – does it work? That’s always the question, after all. So we wanted to do a NO2 Maximus Review to find out for ourselves to see if this product was really up to par.

When we started searching for information on this product, we had a little bit of a hard time. And by a little bit, we mean a lot bit. Though there seems to be a fulfillment center situated in Lewiston, we were a little confused. It appears as those this specific center just takes care of shipping the product out – they aren’t actually the owners of the brand itself.

We tried to look further into copyright and trademark; however, there wasn’t much information with this either. Now, if you are calling yourself the best in pre-workout supplements, you might want to have some evidence to back it up. But with virtually no kind of online presence or information available online, we don’t have much to go off of.

So we decided to just look at the ingredients, since that’s really the only information we were able to find. It seems like there are three main and completely natural ingredients the product uses to help its users get a better physique faster and easier.

NO2 Maximus Ingredients

Those three ingredients are Citrulline Malate, L-Arginine HCL, and L-Arginine AKG. There are a few other filler ingredients mixed into this equation too. However, the biggest player we noted is the L-Arginine.

Why? There was a pretty big study done on this specific ingredient nearly two decades ago. The study showed that L-Arginine was proven in the study to boost the blood flow in the entire body. And it does this by opening up the blood vessels by boosting up the amount of nitric oxide being produced.

L-Arginine is one of the most popular ingredients in pre-workout drinks, including boosters, various kinds of male enhancement products and it can even be found in different types of testosterone boosters.

When we searched to see where it was sold, we had a trouble with this too. No2 Maximus doesn’t look like it is sold in stores. However, it isn’t uncommon for these types of products to show up in Walmart or GNC at any time. But for the time being, you may want to get in touch with a retailer near you.

Regardless, it looks as though you’re only able to buy this product is if you live in the UK, US, New Zealand or Australia.

NO2 Maximus Side Effects

As for side effects, we’re going to say the chances of this are low, because there are really only 3 ingredients in it. However, it is still possible some side effects might happen.

With L-Arginine, there are a few side effects that go with it. And because this is the main product in NO2 Maximus, you might deal with things like a lower blood pressure or hyperkalemia. That means if you are taking any kind of medicine that affects your blood pressure, you’re going to want to talk to your doctor before you start taking this product.

When it comes to the effectiveness of the product, that’s going to depend on your own individual body and the way it reacts. However, when we take a look into this product, we aren’t seeing any huge or impressive ingredients. When you do a quick search online to see what the reviews look like, they aren’t exactly the best reviews.

Now when it comes to stacking up with other supplements, there are a few reviews that say it works pretty well when you stack it. So you might want to pair it up with something like Optimal Stack, XMR, Amino Prime or Alpha Jack3d.

Results From NO2 Maximus

Regardless of this, we haven’t seen any kind of evidence that provides this will help you get better results.

For a lot of companies, offering this stacking up property is just a way to get you to fall into their free trial, which is going to end up costing you a fortune.

Like we said, the reviews are anything less than impressive. Rather, there is a lot of speculation that this product doesn’t do anything. And, even though the website says it is one of the most effective products out there, we don’t see much evidence of this.

One last thing to note – there seems to be a “doctor” who verifies the effectiveness of this product. When we look into the deal behind this guy, it turns out he is a paid advertiser who is endorsed. He sells his serves on Fiverr, which is basically a website where people charge only a few bucks for their services – and this guy is one of them. It’s likely this guy has never even tried the product. While it appears that he may be a real doctor, it also appears he doesn’t know much about the product; rather he’s just playing along with what they’re telling him.

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We’re thinking that this seems like a scam. Though it isn’t an outright one, the billing procedure is pretty shady – you only get billed with a $4.95 charge, but after 2 weeks, you end up getting automatically charged $89.91, which is pretty expensive. And you will keep getting charged this until you cancel.


-Terry Asher

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