Elite Test 360 Review: Does It Work?

Elite Test 360 Review: Does It Work?

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Elite Test 360 Review

If you’ve gone to any website lately, especially ones that focus on heath and fitness, there is a good chance you’ve heard about Elite Test 360. Not to be confused with Elite Gain 350, Elite Test 360’s main focus is on boosting those testosterone levels.

There are a ton of supplements out there that claim to increase your testosterone levels. But Elite Test 360 doesn’t just stop there. Rather, it focuses on all aspects of your body. It claims to help with your overall athletic performance, increase your strength, boost your sex drive and help with body composition.

After all, it calls itself “Your secret weapon in the gym.” So of course, it is up to us to give it an honest review to find out if it really does work or not. And we found out plenty of information.

Elite Test 36 Ingredients

First, we found that Elite Test 360 has two main ingredients. The first ingredient is Tribulus Terrestris. This is a herb that has long since been used as an aphrodisiac. Tribulus, also known as puncture vine, has been thought to naturally increase your body’s natural production of testosterone.

This could be because of many different things. For example, Tribulus plays a role in Luteinizing Hormone, also called LH. Since this is produced in the pituitary gland, it has a big effect on your testosterone production.

Here’s how it works – as LH levels slowly begin to rise, it signs to the testes that it is time to start working. Once they pick up on this single, they start going into overdrive. They quickly produce more testosterone and start releasing more and more of it.

So what does testosterone have to do with working out?

Anyone who is anyone will tell you that testosterone plays a huge role in your workout. The equation is simple – more testosterone equals better workouts. The better workout you have, the better results you will have. So more testosterone is exactly what you need.

There’s no doubt about it – Elite Test 360 increases you overall libido. And since it is a completely naturally product, you won’t have to feel bad about taking it on a regular basis.

The second active ingredient is called Alpha KetoGlutarate (AAKG). This is a type of L-Arginine, which you may already know is a precursor to nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is going to be a big part of your workout. Nitric oxide helps your blood move freely to all the different muscles.

This matters, especially during a workout, because it brings even more, oxygen and nutrients into your muscles. Because your muscles are getting exactly what they need, you get to have better pumps. And with better pumps means you have better results.

There’s only one reason why this can be an issue is because nitric oxide is a gas. That means you aren’t able to supplement it, and get more in your system. So instead, you need to get a supplement into your body that can actually convert into nitric oxide.

And AAKG is the way to get that to happen in your body. It works with your body to create nitric oxide, meaning you get to have even more oxygen and nutrients delivered to your muscles. It’s a great way to help yourself through a workout. You will find yourself having more energy and even more strength, no matter how long you might have been at the gym already.

Not only is AAKG a fantastic array of vitamins and nutrients, but it can also be stacked with other supplements for the best results. The manufacturer suggests stacking Elite Test 360 with another one of their products, called Ripped Muscle X.

If you decide you want to stack these two, you will find you get an even bigger dose of Arginine, since this is a primary ingredient in Ripped Muscle X. Another ingredient you will find in Ripped Muscle X is Citrulline. This is another precursor for nitric oxide, meaning you are going to get double the dose of this too.

What Should You Stack Elite Test 360 With?

Another interesting ingredient you will find Ripped Muscle X that’ll enhance your Elite Test 360 is Acai. This is to help you keep your body fat levels down while you are working on bulking up. Beta Alanine is another amino acid that’ll help you improve your overall muscular enhance.

Because this works as a buffer for lactic acid building up, you won’t feel sore or stiff the next day. This means you can get an even better workout in on a daily basis. No more of that soreness or taking pain relievers around the clock to get rid of it. Zinc is common in Ripped Muscle X too, which is an added bonus. Zinc is one of the most important things a healthy man can have in his life. Because it helps with testosterone production, it is an excellent addition to your go-to Elite Test 360. Creatine is another added bonus you will
get with Ripped Muscle X, especially when combined with Elite Test 360. This is yet another way this boosts your strength and endurance. And finally, green tea extract, which is going to decrease your overall body fat as well.

So all of these items combined with Elite Test 360 is going to help you get even more testosterone in your body. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can try a free trial. All you have to do is go through their website to try a free trial. Or if you’d rather just buy it, it’s about $90 for a month supply. Of course if you do more of a bundle deal, you will be able to save more.

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Keep in mind that if you decide to go with the free trial, and don’t do anything within 2 weeks of your order, you will automatically get charges $90 for your first month’s order. After that, unless you cancel, it will once again automatically charge you for it. Regardless, if you want to get some pretty good results at the gym, we suggest Elite Test 360 for your health goals.

-Terry Asher

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