Amp Pre/Post Training Pak Review

Amp Pre/Post Training Pak Review

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Amp Pre/Post Training Pak

Just finished a killer work out? We’re going to tell you what your body needs to keep your body healthy post-work out!

You want to make sure all of your hard work pays off. A lot of people turn to a specific post-workout meal in order to give their bodies the energy and recovery it needs, as well as a boost in metabolism. Some people like to enjoy a big meal post-work out, others prefer snack, but what is best for your body?

Could AMP Pre/Post Training Paks be the perfect in between? Made by GNC, it gives you a packet of pre-workout pills. It also has a post-workout blend that helps your body keep and improve the results after your workout.

Sounds pretty good. So we wanted to see the facts and what other people had to say about it…  

What Is In The PRO AMP Pre/Post Training Pak?

We took a closer look at AMP Pre/Post and saw that one of the ingredients was nitric oxide. This is a pretty popular ingredient when it comes to helping our bodies. While nitric oxide does happen naturally within our bodies, it works by giving our muscles the blood and oxygen they need. So when we increase the amount by supplementing, it usually means our endurance is given a major boost, since we are getting more oxygen and blood to our muscles. Plus, you’re going to see your muscles grow and it will be easier to recover after a hard work out.

The product had a few other interesting ingredients like black tea and ginger. The “pre” packets have an “Amplified muscle igniter and maxertion.” The “post” packets had the “amplified glutamine and creatine” blends mixed in. It’s easy to see how the post packets help with muscle development, energy and even motivate you for your next work out!

It also has a 20% increase in PWCFT (Physical Working Capacity at the Fatigue Threshold) so that’s why a lot of people said that they feel fully recovered the next day. The company said that this will continue to rise for 4 weeks after supplementation has started, so you’re going to keep feeling good and ready to go!

We wanted to see what other people had to say about the product, so we looked at a few different customer reviews.

We were a little surprised at the results. While bodybuilders seemed to really like the product, there were others who used AMP Pre/Post for just support and aid with their dieting and exercising routines and these were the people who didn’t seem to like the product. This group didn’t like the two separate packs of supplements. The bodybuilders said they loved this part of the pack since it made their overall work out a lot easier.

Are There Any Side Effects From The PRO AMP Pre/Post Training Pak?

A few people had things to say about the natural caffeine in the product, which kept them up at night. Of course, this could be easily changed by working out at an earlier time.

A plus side to the product, is that it doesn’t have a bad taste. In fact, some people said that it tasted pretty good and made it easier to swallow because it has a nice coating on the outside of it.

But, some users said that you can build up a tolerance to AMP Pre/Post after you take it a while. A few people came up with ways to solve this problem. One person said taking it on a fairly empty stomach about 45 minutes to an 1 hour before training helps. Another person said taking it with yogurt boosted the results.

But hey! Many people say they can tell it’s working because the day after one of their training sessions, they felt completely recovered and ready to go. A lot of people said they weren’t even sore the next day.

So people were excited by the fact that they felt “pumped up” within 30 minutes of taking the supplement and giving 100% at the gym.

How much does the Amp Pre/Post cost? The packets can be bought directly at GNC. For a 15-day supply, the total price is $36. The packaging also says that it isn’t necessary for you to “double up” with dosages. All in all, every athlete, bodybuilder and dieter will be paying $2 every day to reap the benefits of this supplement. Often times, GNC has a buy one, get one 50% off deal going on, so you can stock up on the product if you enjoy it.

The directions say users to take one of the pre-training packs 30 minutes before each workout. After your workout, you should take the post-training pack. It’s best to keep the bottles in a cool, dry place.

Are We All For The PRO AMP Pre/Post Training Pak?

Yes! We feel like AMP Pre/Post is a good choice for a dedicated and active bodybuilder. If you’re the kind of person that just started out on a diet or trying out an exercise routine, you might want to skip this product and reach for something a less intense. The results are pretty powerful and might be too much for someone just starting out.

Many customer reviews, especially from those just starting out on their diet/exercise journey, reported cases of sleeplessness and a big drop in appetite. The formula itself is extremely safe. Plus, it uses the common “NO” technique that helps enhance your health and fitness.


Overall, the product seems to be very effective, reliable, and safe, which are three of the most important things you want to look for in terms of a supplement to help with your fitness. AMP Pre/Post Training Paks are a great way to give your body the jumpstart it needs and the recovery support it craves after an intense workout.

-Terry Asher

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