Thyroid T-3: All it’s cracked up to be?

Thyroid T-3: All it’s cracked up to be?

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Thyroid T-3

The foundations of weight loss are pretty simple – eat healthy, and exercise, and you will find yourself losing weight. Apparently, Thyroid T-3 helps to aid you in weight loss, we explore.

But what everyone might not know is the dreaded plateau. At some point, you are going to stop losing weight. By this, we mean the efforts you are taking are going to stop working – aka eating healthy and exercising on a regular basis.

Plateauing is one of the worst, most frustrating things that can happen to anyone. It’s basically where your body gets used to your routine of eating healthy and exercising; therefore, it stops responding. So you aren’t going to see the pounds still dropping off.

And that’s why it is so difficult to get rid of those few lingering pounds that just won’t seem to go away.

Here’s how it works – your body is programmed to get used to less food intake by putting the brakes on our metabolism.


So that we don’t use as much energy. And after we’ve been dieting for a while, your body is going to see this act as one thing – a shortage on food, meaning your metabolism is going to slow way down. And that’s when our bodies naturally go into a mode where it tries to save energy.

This is obviously a pretty frustrating process because the only two ways you’re going to get past it is to continue to eat even less than you already are or add more exercise into your routine.

So the question of When does it stop? Is this something you’re always going to have to do?

According to Absolute Nutrition Thyroid T3, the answer is no. Apparently, it claims to hold the power to not only boost your thyroid back into business but also get your body burning all that unwanted fat.

Why should you care about thyroid hormones?

Because they are in control of your metabolism, which is in control of your weight loss progress. So when you have higher levels of these hormones, you are going to burn a lot more calories. On the flipside, when they’re on the lower end, you are storing up more and more fat. And when you reach these dreaded plateaus, it’s because the levels reach way too low levels.

Absolute Nutrition Thyroid T-3 Ingredients and How They Work

Thyroid T-3 reviews state that it uses gum guggul extract in order to bring these levels back up. Made up of 10% guggulsterone concentrate, it has been shown that it gets those T3 levels up by transforming those inactive T4 hormones into T3 hormone, which is going to be nice and active in the liver. It also helps stimulate the thyroid.

Thyroid T-3 has a few other ingredients that can be beneficial to weight loss as well. Phosphates can be found in the ingredient list, which is generally used to push your energy into helping those T3 levels. You will also find L-tyrosine. This amino acid is believed to help not just your metabolism, but also growth. It’s also beneficial to your skin and mental state.

Thyroid T-3 Dosages

As for the dosage, you’re looking at taking two pills anywhere from two to three times on a daily basis. However, during this time, you have to continue eating healthy and exercising – so you can’t just lay on the couch eating chips and pop a few of these pills, expecting some serious results. With this diet and exercise plan in place, you can be sure that the hormone levels in your body are going to stay supported, which is going to give you better results.

And, since there isn’t any stimulant in the Thyroid T-3 formula, you can take it with any other fat burner that contains stimulants.

Thyroid T-3 Side Effects

So let’s look at the pros and cons of this supplement before you decide to run out to the nearest store and grab a bottle.

One of the biggest benefits is the fact that the formula for this supplement doesn’t have any stimulants in it. Because of this, it can be used with some other kind of fat burner you may want to add in. And it may actually help reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Another big perk – Absolute Nutrition is known for accepting a money back guarantee on every single one of its products. So if you aren’t happy with it, you have this option.

Now, for the disadvantages. Though the active ingredients in the supplement have studies on them, you won’t be able to find studies that focus solely on just Thyroid T-3.

Absolute Nutrition Thyroid T-3 Results

As for other users, there are many negative comments. A lot of people say they didn’t notice a single thing. Plus, you also have the worry of experts, as they don’t believe changing the way your thyroid functions can be good for your health in the long run. And because this supplement targets the functions of both the liver and the thyroid, you will want to talk to your doctor before you start taking it.

We agree that this product sounds pretty exciting. And there is some seriously exciting results behind the use of guggulsterone. However, we just don’t think that this product is going to give you what you want. Almost all of the users state there isn’t any kind of results with it. And because a bottle of 180-capsules will cost you between $20 and $30, we’re going to tell you it isn’t worth the money, especially once you consider the cost of tax and any shipping costs.

Plus, when there is some concern about the long-term risks of taking such a product, it really isn’t worth it. Many professionals and experts state the long term effects this product could have on the thyroid are less than desirable. So we don’t suggest you take this one.


A supplement you may want to look into for burning fat and boosting your energy levels are something more natural like CLA or green tea, which will help to get your metabolism moving.


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