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Whiskey Benefits

You’ve heard all the silly myths about alcohol consumption like how it can improve sexual performance.

But, did you know there are actual statistical benefits of consuming alcohol? More specifically, would you believe it if we told you there were benefits to drinking whiskey? The benefits of drinking whiskey stretch far beyond relaxing you into a warm state after a long day at work or loosening you up after a date with a sensual night cap.

Weird huh?

Whiskey has been proven to increase heart health, stimulate brain health, lengthen lifespan, boost the immune system and even reduce the risk of cancer! The Celtic monks even called whiskey “Aqua Vitae,” meaning water of life. If men of the clergy thought it to have healing powers, it must be healthy!

Okay, so maybe the word health doesn’t even cross your mind when you think of whiskey.If you don’t consume alcohol often, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the distilled spirit is probably a concoction of Western saloons, underground speakeasies and the heavy stench that permeates from an old drunkard’s sweaty body.

If that’s you, then John Wayne and the Great Gatsby probably couldn’t even convince you to drink the stuff. If you are somewhat of an alcohol connoisseur, however, your favorite brands of bourbon, rye, and malt or scotch may come to mind. What you probably don’t know is that each of these contains ingredients that could improve and help maintain your health.