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The deadlift is classed as the king of all exercises when it comes to powerlifting and bodybuilding.

In order to do a deadlift, start by lifting a barbell from the ground to the hips and then lower it back to the ground. It’s a simple move, and it uses almost every muscle group in the body. It not only helps by strengthening certain muscles, but it also helps with poor posture and back pain. The deadlift helps the body  to lift anything heavy from the ground in the safest way possible. It is used by many powerlifting and bodybuilding athletes so that they can lift as much weight as possible. As powerlifting and bodybuilding has grown overtime, it has put athletes to challenge both their physical and mental toughness. This has not gone unnoticed by online bookmakers as they now have powerlifting and bodybuilding at the Olympics and at the Common Wealth Games. The deadlift is a simple exercise and a lot of people would say it’s the best exercise to work the entire body.

Deadlifts will mainly work your…

    • butt (glutes)
    • back
    • quadriceps
    • abs and obliques

The deadlift is the key lift to building muscle. Deadlifts should be done by not only men, but women as well! 

-Terry Asher

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