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Bent Over Row

The bent over row is commonly done with a barbell or with 2 dumbbells.

The bent over row is a good…

  • Pulling exercise
  • Shoulder exercise
  • Back exercise
  • Way to stabilize strength through the core

Some of the muscles that are used in the exercise are…

  • Posterior Delts
  • Lats
  • Rhomboids
  • Traps
  • Teres Major
  • Teres Minor
  • Infraspinatus

Some joints used in the exercise are…

When you are starting out, you don’t need to use weight. Just use the bar to get it down first. Like the deadlift exercise, you can hurt your back if done wrong; make sure to watch the angle of your back throughout the bent over row. You want to try and get your back parallel to the ground. Use your glutes and hamstrings to stabilize your lower back. Remember when lifting you want to use your back not your hands to lift the bar to your body.

When you are ready, stand in front of the bar with your feet shoulder width apart and close to the bar. Grab the bar with your palms facing down, a little bit past shoulder width. Bend over slightly at a 45 to 65 degree angle with a slight bend in your knees. Pinch your shoulder blades while keeping a neutral spine with your head up and shoulders back. Bring the bar into your hips then lift your fists towards your hips. If you want to work different muscles you can widen your grip and go out a little more than shoulder width. Breathe out as you bring the bar towards you and inhale as you go down; this will complete one row.

-Terry Asher

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