Sudio Sweden Review

Sudio Sweden Review

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Sudio Sweden

Nothing ruins your favorite song quite like a poor-quality set of ear buds. The better quality ear buds you get, the better quality sound you’re going to get.

But with the standard earbuds you get with your phone, or at the local dollar store, you aren’t going to get the best sounding music.

You want to go with a reputable company that doesn’t just give you a pair of ear buds that work – you want to be able to hear every piece of the song, every instrument, every voice.

So when we came across Sudio Sweden’s ear buds, we have interested right away. In fact, they have a full-feature 3-button remote and mic attached right to the ear buds. They seemed pretty user-friendly so we decided to give them a try to see if they matched up to the hip.

One of Sudio Sweden’s most popular product is the VASA. Apparently, this specific set of ear buds were dubbed in memory of King Gustaf Vasa. If you aren’t familiar with him, he’s the king who commanded the entire Swedish war in the 16th century against King Christian II of Denmark.

Needless to say, our expectations were pretty high with this product. VASA has a new upgrade to it, including a 10.2 mmdriver, which is going to give you the best sound.

How Is Sudio Sweden’s Quality?

No need to worry about missing out on parts of your favorite songs because of lack of quality.

The ear buds harp on every single detail, including the song itself, instruments, various voices, etc. All of these sounds ring through crystal clear, with a sound and quality as great as it would be if you were in the recording studio itself.

Something that’s a common complaint across the board when it comes to ear buds – and that’s that annoying empty bass sound that usually comes along with them. The bass can ruin a song within a few seconds. Without a good quality ear bud, you aren’t going to get the full body of the song.

So when we used these ear buds and put on a bass-blaring song, we were happily surprised to hear a natural, full bass, instead of an empty sound. But the bass wasn’t overwhelming – it was an even distribution of bass, instruments and sounds. Like we said, it truly felt like we were sitting in the recording studio, listening to the song live.

Each and every piece of the song could be clearly identified. Nothing was too much – it was a perfect mix of everything, which added to the quality of the song itself.

Sudio Sweden’s Ear Buds Design…

The quality of the ear buds, needless to say, is top notch.

But when it comes to the design themselves, we were curious as to why one cord was longer than the other. Closer research revolved that this design was actually done on purpose. We’ve all been there –you’re on the go, listening to your earbuds, and they are constantly getting pulled out or falling out.

But you won’t find it with these ear buds.

One cord is actually longer than the other cord. And it prevents the ear buds from falling out or being pulled out, because the longer cord gets the support it needs from the person’s neck to stay in place.

Not only that but the design of the ear buds themselves are fantastic. Available in a few different colors and designs, they can be easily worn as an accessory, especially the Klang design.

Sudio Sweden seems to have a bunch of different designs available. In fact, there seems to be one for every type of user out there. If you are looking for a wireless option, they also have the Vasa Bla, which is their wireless option. With some wireless headphones, you will have to give up the quality of sounds. But you won’t get that with Studio’s wireless option.

One of the biggest complaints with wireless options is how quickly the headphones dies. In fact, one of the top ear bud producers out there only have a wireless headphone that lasts 4 hours! But the Vasa Bla will give you a total of 8 hours of high quality sound.

Will My Phone Hook Up To Sudio Sweden’s Headphones?

No need to worry about disconnecting when you get a phone call, either. Instead, all you have to do is sync up the headphones with your phone and you will be able to get calls with no issues. The ear buds have a high-tech microphone built into them, so you will have be able to carry on a conversation just like you would in person. And, because the Vasa Bla works with any and all Bluetooth options, you won’t have to worry about it not working with your phone. It’s phone friendly for all phones with Bluetooth.

Another major perk we loved with the VASA and Klang ear buds were the 3-button remote. You won’t have to keep flumbing around with your phone to try and change the song or adjust the volume. Rather, all of these options are available right near your neck on the 3-button remote.

We found this especially came in handy while driving. Because your phone can cause some pretty big distractions while you are driving, we were pretty excited to find that this remote got rid of those distractions pretty easily. Since the remote is located away from the phone and right by your neck, all you have to do is reach up to adjust the volume or change the song.


So with the stay-in feature, convenient 3-button remote, high quality sounds and sleek design, we were extremely pleased with this product on the whole. It seems to have everything you could want in an ear bud, without sacrificing sound quality or design.

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And with a huge variety of designs, colors and choices, you can find exactly what you’re looking for depending on your lifestyle. There’s a fit for just about everyone. These ear buds won’t disappoint when it comes to he quality of sound or the style, either.

-Terry Asher

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