Shadowhawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlight Review

Shadowhawk X800 Tactical LED Flashlight Review

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The next big thing in flashlights is here – and people are starting to take notice. 

With increasing violence in everyday situations to unexpected accidents, people are constantly looking for smarter, better and easier ways to protect themselves.

But not everyone wants to jump headfirst into carrying a gun or dealing with any other kind of weapon.

But with so many incidents, disasters and accidents continuing to increase, just about everyone needs to prepare themselves for the worst. We aren’t talking about going out and buying a weapon – we’re talking about making the smart decision of investing in a Shadowhawk military grade flashlight.

With so many advances in flashlight technology, the latest and greatest advancements are going to give you what you need to survive in case you are ever stuck in a life-threatening situation.

The Shadowhawk’s X800 Tactical flashlight has popped up several times when it comes to protection. So we decided to give it a shot and see if the juice was worth the squeeze.

So what exactly is involved the Shadowhawk X800?

It’s the Cadillac of all flashlights. With its heightened LED features, it outshines all other flashlights. In fact, it’s sturdy and strong enough to be used by everyone, from the everyday person to police officers and various other armed service members.

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Where Can I Buy The Shadowhawk Flashlight?

Even though it’s a relatively new product, there’s a lot of hype surrounding it. One of the reasons could be because it is part of a surplus offer that promises 75%, making it affordable to just about everyone. The demand has increased immensely, but the product can only be bought online.

One of the biggest benefits the product boasts is its superhuman strength to bring light to night. One of the biggest benefits we found was its fully loaded settings. It comes with a memory-mode coded SOS and Strobe light options. It also has the usual high, medium and low settings as well. So in this area, it already offers significantly more than the average flashlight.

Another feature we found to be interesting was the zoom feature. Zoom with a flashlight doesn’t usually come standard, so we were definitely curious about this feature. It has 5 telescopic zoom focus options. This means you can change the flexibility of the focus and the zoom. You can go as low as 1x zoom or even go as high as 2000x zoom.

Pretty impressive.

With the Shadowhawk, you won’t get your average light bulb either. It comes with XPE 800 Lumen LED lights, which is known to be one of the most powerful bulbs you can get in the industry. Think of the average fluorescent bulb you might find in your house.

Now times that by 6 and that’s how powerful these bulbs are. It’s definitely going to shine brightly, no matter how dark it is. The Shadowhawk’s bulb comes fully equipped with 800 lumens of light.

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Is The Shadowhawk Flashlight Waterproof?

How many times have you gotten a flashlight wet, and a few minutes later, the thing was dead?

It’s a common problem across the board when it comes to flashlights. While the Shadowhawk isn’t completely waterproof, it is actually semi-waterproof. This special flashlight can be under 6 feet of water for up to half an hour.

This could be because of what it’s made out of. The Shadowhawk X800 is made completely of aircraft grade aluminum, which means you’re going to get some super strength and reliability. And while you may expect this type of sturdiness to come with crazy weight, it’s surprisingly lightweight. You can throw it into a bag or purse and not even realize it’s there.

We know you probably know the frustration of going to use a flashlight, only to find it’s dead and you have no batteries. With Shadowhawk, you’ll get an unbelievable 100,000 hours or more out of 3 AAA batteries. That means you won’t be running to the store to grab batteries every day or be stranded with what you thought was a working flashlight. The flashlight is able to optimize the battery usage, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Now comes the truly impressive aspect. The Shadowhawk X800 is military grade and self-defense. This means that behind all the planning and creation of the product, creators had one goal in mind: people using this would likely be using it to save their lives. It can be used to get you out of a sticky situation or even as a weapon if the scenario calls for it.

After all, police officers and other armed service members use it on a regular basis.

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How Much Does The Shadowhawk Flashlight Cost?

And while we expected a flashlight of this caliber to cost a pretty penny, we were happily surprised by the low price tag that came along with it. One Shadowhawk X800 will cost you around $50 a piece.

However, the more you buy, the more you save. So if you want to stock up on gifts or buy a few to keep around the house or car, you will save a decent amount of money doing so.

It truly appeals to just about everything, from the nature adventurer, camper and hiker to the outdoorsman and hiker, to the fireman, police officer and solider.

While a lot of flashlights come from factories and warehouses all over the world, meaning they are made cheaply and quickly, this one is manufactured in the United States. There’s a small warehouse in California that builds them, and because of the hefty promises behind this flashlight, a lot of time and energy goes into the creation. You won’t have to worry about it falling apart a few weeks after you start using it.



We’re going to give this one 5/5 stars. As the flashlight that has dubbed itself the “light on police officer’s belts” all around the world, and its affordable price, we know it’ll meet all the needs of the average person. After all, it’s enough to protect those that are put in harm’s way each and every day.

-Terry Asher

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  1. Well, Joe, you will probably get yours within the next week. I ordered mine (5) on March 2 and received it about 2 hours ago. I “hounded” the company every 2 weeks and they responded quickly that it would be another 2-3 weeks since they were all back ordered. Like I said, I finally received mine today. I inspected one of the 5 I ordered:
    1. All aluminum as they advertise but the screw mechanism to the battery housing is not what I would call “military grade” …the tolerance seemed pretty good to me. I put in the lithium, rechargeable battery and the flashlight worked as did the zoom mechanism. Although it was about noon in an unlit apartment, I didn’t think the brightness was all that crazy but was decent! I plan on taking it outside tonight to check it our to see if it performed as it appeared to do in their advertisement photos. I do like the option of being able to use the Li battery and three AAA batteries…haven’t compared the performance between the two. One other thing I would have liked to see with the box, is a little verse on the battery charger…what do the different light signals mean?

    I looking forward to using it and it was decently bright in the light, but the light will probably suffice in the dark.

  2. I recently purchased two flashlights at checkout I was overwhelmed with extra add-ons like rechargeable batteries and warranties 42 flashlight that cost $142.I called customer service they were super nice actually and I was able to customize my order.


  3. These flashlights are awesome, ordered some for my whole family! With all the terrorism going on it’s better to be safe than sorry!


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