RunPhones Review

RunPhones Review

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RunPhones Review

In a world full of advanced technology, it still blows our minds that we are stuck with the earbud or headphones as the only choice for listening to music.

After all, they aren’t the most user-friendly option.

Take a look at the everyday ear bud. They’re awkward and you have to stick them in your ear every five seconds because they keep falling out. Considering almost every single person uses their headphones at the gym or while they are exercising, this is beyond annoying.

There’s no point in trying to use earbuds when you’re exercising – you have to stop every few seconds to fix them.

And on the other hand, you’ve got headphones. The big, bulky, giant things you can’t fit into a purse or gym bag without taking up the entire thing. And they are so massive, they make it next to impossible to move around without getting all tangled or in the way. Since you’re going to be moving around a lot at the gym or while you’re on a run, it’s kind of pointless to try and use these headphones.

So what other options do you have?

We Came Across RunPhones…

which are a pretty awesome substitute for those of us that are getting sick of pushing the cords and cables out of our faces. Obviously we needed to try these out for ourselves.

The best way we can describe what these headphones are like is basically putting a pair of earbuds into a sweatband. Then the sweatband goes around your head, and it doesn’t move. Which means you don’t have to readjust your earbuds. Even when you are going full-steam ahead, you don’t have to worry about them moving.

Our first thought was, Ew.

How are you going to be able to wash a sweatband with electronics in it? 

Well actually, you can wash the sweatband as we discovered. After all, think about it – the RunPhones are designed for those who want to work out and run with no issues. That means there is going to be some sweat and rain and other liquids during this process. Obviously, they were going to need to make them waterproof – and they did.

They’re available in four different colors, which are orange, black, blue and green. And because the band comes in a bunch of different sizes, you can get one regardless of what size your head is.

We were a little hesitant to wear a sweat band, because we didn’t want a bunch of sweat pooling around our heads and staying there. But the specialty fabric used in these bands keep your head nice and dry. It’s a lightweight kind of fabric that is both stretchy and soft, making it extremely comfortable and breathable.

Are The RunPhones Compatible With All Phones?

The RunPhones work with both your iPhone and your Android via Bluetooth. They are pretty easy to set up too. All you have to do is enable the Bluetooth on your phone and hold down the button on the headphone part inside the headband.

Once you’ve set this up, it’s just a basic message that plays through the speakers to confirm it is working. Then all you have to do is go.

You won’t have to worry about searching around or stopping to grab your smartphone. Instead, there’s a button you can use to change the songs or volume too.

Are RunPhones Comfortable?

As for wearing the RunPhones themselves, we didn’t have any issues with them. They aren’t bulky or awkward and as long as you get the right size for your head, they sit pretty comfortably.

The headphones sit pretty comfortably right inside the actual band, so they don’t stick out or cause a lot of extra weight.

And quality is something they definitely haven’t sacrificed. We were pretty blown away by the sounds coming from these headphones. Even if you put your phone in your pocket or away but still close, the sound doesn’t suffer at all. The headphones are high quality and produce great sound.

Do The RunPhones Keep Their Elasticity?

One thing we were worried about was the band losing its elasticity and shape the longer it was worn. But we used it several times and the band never lost its shape. In fact, it stayed at the same shape as the shape it was when it came out of the packaging. Obviously the materials and fabrics used to make these bands are top quality.

When it comes to the price, we were expecting them to be pretty expensive. But you can grab a pair of these in the color of your choice for under $70, with the same price on amazon.

We thought this was a pretty fair price to pay. After a few workouts and runs without getting cords stuck in our faces or readjusting headphones, we realized how essential the RunPhones really are.

As a runner, something you may be worried about is not being able to hear traffic sounds as you go about your run. While these headphones feature an awesome surround sound, you can still hear a bit of the traffic sound. It seems like the perfect balance – there is just enough of the traffic noises so you know what’s going on around you, yet it doesn’t interfere with the music being played. It’s a win/win.

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Because of their durability and their easy-to-use setup, we’re all for these RunPhones. After a few uses, you may find yourself asking how you ever lived with regular ear buds and headphones. They truly make exercising about one thing – exercising.

You won’t have to ever readjust the headband. It stays right on your head, collecting sweat and blasting your favorite music. If you’re big on music and quality sounds, this is yet another area that the RunPhones succeed in. Their sound makes you feel like you’ve got a front row seat at your favorite concert. Because the sound quality and the head band work perfectly together, we’re going to give this product a 10 out of 10 for their review.


-Terry Asher

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