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Reps Over Rest

Gym Junkies, are you tired of losing your wraps and straps at the gym? Are you craving a better sweat and heavier lift without losing your grip? Here is everything about reps over rest…

Or maybe just tired of losing your grip during your lifts?

Look no further my friends – the ultimate lifting sweatshirt is here.

Reps Over Rest has taken all of that into consideration and handcrafted the most comfortable sweatshirt around. AND, they’ve turned it into an extremely intense training aid! This lifting sweatshirt not only forces you to sweat more during exercise, but it is also equipped to enhance your grip; allowing you to lift heavier.

Win + Win.

Are The Reps Over Rest Sweatshirt Comfortable?

Combining fashion and function is hard to do, but I think they’ve done just that.

This fleece lined sweater is warm, super cozy!

There is even a terry cloth lined hand pouch for you to wipe or rest your hands in between your sets! Complete with built in heavy duty lifting straps and adjustable wrist wraps – just in case you forget yours. Did we mention this sweater is unisex? Ladies and Gents can both utilize this piece.

Does it Really Work?

YES! The functionally of this sweater checks out on every level – we were able to lift heavier and sweat harder. All tested during cardio, deadlifts, shoulder shrugs, pull ups, push ups, rows, shoulder presses, leg raises, etc.

The high-quality adjustable wrist straps are made with elastic/cotton and can be adjusted just right to the level of support you need for your specific lift session/workout.

The purpose of them is to take the focus off of your grip strength and put the focus on the bigger picture. The wrist straps can be used for weight lifting, body building, strength conditioning, powerlifting, CrossFit, or just your everyday workout session to make your grip last longer. You’ll find that there are many pros that go along with using wrist straps in your lifting sessions. You will be able to pay better attention to the target muscle groups you are working rather than focusing on the strength, pain or the slip of your grip.

We found them to be supportive and helpful in our overall performance.

The straps will give you enough support to prevent your hands from becoming fatigued and a better grip on the bar against those sweaty palms. The wrist straps go around the wrists and have an extra long hanging band that you would use to wrap around the weight bar or pull-up bar. You should be using your wrists to assist you in maintaining your grip on the bar, but not to take the entire weight of it as this can cause wrist pain and injury.

If you think you have more strength in your arms, chest, shoulders and back to do more reps and sets than your grip strength will allow you to do, then we would recommend giving these straps a shot. As for the heavy duty cotton lifting straps, those can be put in placeholders up sleeves when not in use.

Stay comfy and always have your gear on hand.

Will You Get A Weakened Grip By Using Weight Lifting Straps?

If your grip is slipping before you’ve finished your desired amount of reps during a workout and you are prevented from finishing them, then you may already have a weak grip.

Luckily, the sweater is here to help – If you feel your grip is only giving out on the second or third set of an exercise, exclude the straps until your grip fatigues. If you find that your grip is weaker on the heavier sets, then add the straps.

There is a number of ways to find what works best for you, just take note of where your grip weakness is and go from there.

How Do I Wash These?

Simple. Just throw the sweater in the wash on cold and tumble dry on low heat (NOT HIGH) and you are good to go! Now you’ll never lose your straps.

Where Can I Buy The Sweatshirt?

You can purchase here –
Use discount code SPRING at checkout for FREE shipping.


As you all know, we are all for anything that helps intensify workouts and increase performance. Nothing beats a good sweat. This sweater is cool, comfortable, convenient, affordable (on sale for $55.00 + free shipping) AND most importantly, promotes a kick ass workout session by forcing you to lift harder, longer, and leave drenched in sweat.


Gym Junkies approved.

-Terry Asher

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