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L-Glutamine Powder Anabolic Precursor 250 g (8.8 oz)

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  • Helps boost your immune system and digestive track.
  • Supports optimal muscle growth and strength so is ideal for body-building.
  • Is made with Non-GMO ingredients.

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Product Description

L-Glutamine Powder

If you’re like millions of people around the world, you’d love to find a way to get more out of your efforts in the gym. We get that. That’s why you should consider L-Glutamine powder for recovery.

But, just like everyone else, it’s hard to decide what supplements to take when so many of them are making promises that you can hardly believe. We get that, too.

But if you want to get ahead of the millions of people saying they want a solution and actually grab a hold of a muscle building supplement that will truly, safely and quickly make your get more out of every workout, then look no further than L-Glutamine Powder Anabolic Precursor.

L-Glutamine Powder Anabolic Precursor

Not convinced?

Don’t worry, you will be.


L-Glutamine offers more than just improved muscle health. It’s a nutrient with an impressive range of health benefits, such as balancing blood sugar, building lean muscle, and strengthening the body’s defenses.

L-Glutamine Benefits

L-Glutamine Benefits

It distributes nitrogen freely to the cells that need it most. Many cells in your body – including those that work with your immune system, gut, and even the cells in your muscles – need nitrogen as fuel and for basic growth. Giving your body glutamine has powerful and wide-ranging health benefits. L-Glutamine also boosts brain health, keeping mental energy high and cravings down.

Health Benefits Of L-Glutamine

Consider this:

L-Glutamine also

  • Promotes wound healing
  • Protects the body from stress
  • Fights colds & cases of flu
  • Helps stop sugar & alcohol cravings
  • Helps heal leaky gut & food allergies
  • Promotes healthy acid/alkaline balance
  • Helps counter the side effects of chemotherapy

Glutamine Supports Healthy Muscle Tissue Growth

Nutrition fuels new muscle growth and helps you maintain current healthy muscle tissue. When you fail to get the nutrition you need for energy, your body responds by breaking down muscle tissue for energy.

If you skip meals or get less than optimal nutrition from the food you do eat, L-Glutamine can provide the steady supply of protein it needs to maintain healthy muscle mass.

Even those who don’t skip meals go hours without eating every day while they sleep. The average person stops eating a few hours before bedtime, sleeps eight hours, and spends another 30 minutes to an hour awake before breakfast. This can add up to 10 to 12 hours without a meal – all the time the body needs to begin breaking own muscle tissue. This is why protein is so important first thing in the morning.

If a protein-rich breakfast isn’t an option, one to two teaspoons of L-Glutamine can stop the destruction of muscle by providing the instant dose of nitrogen needed to maintain muscle.

L-Glutamine Is Great For Athletes

If you are an athlete – which means you engage in prolonged exercise, even if you aren’t “professional” or just consider yourself a “weekend warrior” – you should be supplementing with L-Glutamine.

Long periods of exercise lower glutamine levels in the body. Any time you put stress on your body, even if it is from exercise and “good stress,” it struggles to produce enough glutamine naturally. And levels can stay low for up to two weeks after the event. That’s two weeks of less-than-optimal muscle conditions, counteracting the hard work you’ve done to build strong, healthy muscles. L-Glutamine also enhances growth hormone secretion, helping with muscle growth and overall health.

L-Glutamine also assists the body in storing more glycogen, which helps provide fuel to the body during exercise sessions.

Many athletes even report feeling better and having less muscle soreness by speeding muscle recovery. You’re able to get back to training sooner after hard workouts with L-Glutamine.

Digestive Heath And L-Glutamine Benefits

You don’t need to be an athlete to benefit from L-Glutamine. There are also digestive benefits, which help everyone. Glutamine is essential for keeping the intestinal tract from becoming permeable and allowing large molecules of food into the body. This is sometimes called leaky gut syndrome and it can trigger a variety of secondary complications, including disruptions in immune function, arthritis and other autoimmune disorders, food allergies, and mood disorders. L-Glutamine can even benefit those who have chronic digestive issues, including inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcers, and colitis.

L-Glutamine even helps control stomach inflammation that occurs during chemotherapy and provides several other benefits for cancer patients, including enhancing immune function, protecting the body from side effects of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, and increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapeutic drugs, including methotrexate.

The Purpose Of L-Glutamine And Why Everyone Should Take It For Overall Health

Are you searching for a supplement that promotes overall health?

One that cuts down on the time you waste when you are sick with a head cold or the flu, or just not feeling your best.

When you have a glutamine deficiency you have fewer T cells – those that protect you from illness by killing bacteria and viruses. This is important for everyone, but it can be a matter of life and death if your immune system is already compromised from a chronic issue. When you are sick, your body is already struggling to keep up. The struggle increases when you don’t feel well enough to eat healthy, nutritious meals, which is often the case when sickness affects appetite. Supplementing with L-Glutamine gives your body the boost it needs when you are at risk.

L-Glutamine also increases the production of glutathione, the main antioxidant in the body that helps to boost immune function, detoxify the body from harmful substances, and protects tissue from damage.

In one study, alcoholic test subjects were given four teaspoons (12 grams) of L-Glutamine. Seventy-five percent reported no more alcohol cravings. Imagine the joy of finding something that offers so many health benefits and can help you manage the effects of this devastating disease.

What’s the Bottom Line about L-Glutamine Powder?

L-Glutamine is too beneficial for too many reasons to not include it in your supplement regimen. Even if you are not targeting a specific disease or disorder, you want to feel healthy overall and have the strongest body you can. You want to give the best possible performance you can in the gym and restore muscle health as quickly as possible following a workout. L-Glutamine can help you achieve this.

Gym Junkies L-Glutamine Powder Anabolic Precursor helps with fast absorption and makes it convenient to add to water and carry with you on-the-go. It’s made with non-GMO ingredients, so you can add this supplement to your diet without concern for what you are putting in your body.

L-Glutamine is a super nutrient for digestive health and if it isn’t part of your supplement program yet it should be.

What can you expect from L-Glutamine Powder Anabolic Precursor?

What can you expect from L-Glutamine Powder Anabolic Precursor?

  • Provide for optimal muscle growth for body building
  • Heals your body faster so you can get more out of every workout
  • Boost your immune system
  • Support digestive track function
  • Aids the health and functions of mucosal cells that help with healing and repair
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients

Gym Junkie’s L-Glutamine Powder Anabolic Precursor is an amino acid that provides the muscle support you need to feel healthier and stronger than ever before.

16 reviews for L-Glutamine Powder Anabolic Precursor 250 g (8.8 oz)

  1. 5 out of 5


    After trying their BCAA Powder and loving it, I decided to purchase too their Glutamine Powder. Just as I thought, this Glutamine works great too. I just love that they don't use any artificial flavors, colors or sweetener. This makes it so easy to mix it with a juice or a smoothie without worrying about how it is going to taste. I highly recommend it!
  2. 5 out of 5


    I saw this product and wanted to see if I could tell a difference in it and the capsules. I like this powder form better. I seem to get over my workouts quicker with the free form than the tablets. My recovery is so much quicker when I use this product.
  3. 5 out of 5


    I do intense workouts 5-6 days a week, so needless to say I am often really sore. I was in search of a supplement to help my muscle recover and fight fatigue. This product is great for both of those things. I have been able to recover quicker between workouts, and have had less muscle fatigue in general. I put the powder in my protein shakes, and it doesn't impact the flavor, and dissolves easily. I know other similar products I have used have left a weird aftertaste and/or remained clumpy, but not this one.
  4. 5 out of 5


    Amazing. After I started to take this, immediately noticed results. This with a regular workout routine, and protein and aminos, shows noticeable results. Can't wait to get more, and continue the progress. Highly recommend to those who are seriously into lifting.
  5. 4 out of 5


    I have several digestive problems and my nutritionist recommended this. I've only been taking it a couple of weeks but have noticed quite the improvement.
  6. 5 out of 5


    Now that I've been using this product for a few weeks, I feel like my review is well merited. Simply put, the product works great. I definitely experience a faster recovery time, which is the whole purpose of using glutamine post-workout. Thanks to this product, I'm able to train more intensely and more frequently than ever before.
  7. 5 out of 5


    Glutamine is known to help the immune system, gut function, and muscle recovery. While the average person's body will produce enough glutamine, a body under stress can often have its stores of glutamine depleted. One such way that the body undergoes stress is during weight lifting. And since many cells depend on glutamine as their main food source, that can be a problem. For the last few weeks I have been using glutamine immediately after workouts. And, in my experience, glutamine has aided in my recovery time. I am not as sore, nor am I sore as long when I use glutamine. Finding an affordable provider that does not fill their glutamine with unnecessary fillers and additives can be quite difficult, which is partly why I rate this product so high -shannon
  8. 5 out of 5


    Glutamine is a necessary product for the body if you want to reduce the soreness, post work out. And, my experiences with this glutamine power was great! Quality is absolutely fantastic, and quantity to price is very comparable. Overall it's something anyone who lifts weights needs to keep in the system, at least after your workout.
  9. 4 out of 5


    Fantastic product! I use a scoop along with a banana, scoop of peanut butter, and frozen berries to make as awesome post workout shake. Highly recommend this product as part of your nutritional routine. My muscle recovery time is now twice as fast as it used to be and my performance has gotten much better.
  10. 4 out of 5


    Wow! This is a great product. I do weight training on average about five days a week and this product helps with the recovery process.
  11. 5 out of 5


    I had been taking my L-Glutamine in pill form, and decided to try going back to taking powder, to gauge the difference in effectiveness. What I found was, for me, I had better results from the powder form. I usually get very bad D.O.M.S on the second day after a workout. And the pills had been doing a fair job making it manageable. The difference with Gym Junkies powder form was a very noticeable reduction in that soreness. With this product I am able to work harder and get the most out of my time spent exercising.
  12. 4 out of 5


    Love this! After an intense training session I'll take it and sometimes before bed and it definitely helps the healing process. Very pleased
  13. 5 out of 5


    This is very good L-glutamine powder from. I have used it daily for two weeks now. I am male, 5'11 and weigh 170 lbs with a decent amount of muscle mass and my general goal is to stay lean by doing up to 45 minutes of daily cardio, followed by 45 minutes of weight lifting concentrating a specific body part. Most people prefer to do cardio after weights but doing it first for me seems to work better. By doing an intense cardio workout for up to 45 minutes a day requires me to take L-glutamine supplements to support muscle growth and help with recovery. It also helps with immune support, especially after the beating I put my body through at the gym. This L-glutamine powder form is pure form with no additives, flavors or fillers and is pharmaceutical grade. It has a fine powdery texture and mixes well with my pre-workout drink mixes and protein shakes. So far so good, my body takes this product well, just like most glutamine powders I have taken from other brands for the past 23 years. I will most likely reorder this product since it has helped improve my muscle recovery and enhance muscle growth
  14. 5 out of 5


    I workout about five days a week and my body takes a steady beating. My joints and back ache by the end of the week and I take L-Gluatmine to help lessen that load on my body. I typically take the pill form of glutamine but wanted to try the powder form.I take it along with my protein after workouts for immediate recovery. Overall, a good supplement and easy to use.
  15. 5 out of 5


    I have recently started trying to eat better and get in to shape. It is not as easy as it sounds obviously or everyone would be stick thin. I have to say though the world of supplements has really come a long way and I am thrilled to be able to do something so simple like take a scoop of powder and reap all of the benefits. I have changed my diet to low carb and higher protein the first thing that I love about Glutamine powder is that it aids in the digestion of the protein second it helps aid in the recovery of muscle and by doing my workouts I can use all the recovery aid that I can get.
  16. 4 out of 5


    L-GLutamine is essential to protein synthesis, immune system function, brain function and digestion. I personally use the product in conjunction with gym junkies BCAA's as it is easier to mix and ingest both of them at the same time. I like that it mixes easily with any liquid including water without any taste or cloudiness. as an athlete, I take this personally twice a day due to my workout schedule.

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