Oxydrene Review

Oxydrene Review

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Will Oxydrene increase your energy and stamina? Check out our take on the product…

We’ve all been there, your energy level is slowly dropping at the gym. Whether you’re just plain bored or you’re getting older, it’s really hard to go against this uphill battle. Let’s face it, sometimes you just need something to give you a little kick and push you through that extra hard work out.

There are a few products that say that they are able to do this successfully and safely.

One of those products is Oxydrene.

We’ve been hearing an awful lot about this supplement lately, so we decided to take a closer look for ourselves. Here’s what we have to say about it.

Made from Novex Biotex, Oxydrene claims to help by giving oxygen to both your tissue and your blood in order help increase your overall performance. As for the company itself, it has put out some pretty cool products over the year. Most of their products are geared toward weightlifters and have Cutting Gel and Endothil. But, this product is strictly for male enhancement.

So we want to look at a few different things like reviews, ingredients and even where you can buy it and how much it’s going to cost you.

Oxydrene Reviews

As for the ingredient list, it’s made up of onlykey ingredients. Because it gives oxygen to deep tissue, it also sends more oxygen into your blood stream. This makes you have better stamina and endurance.

This might sound a little too good to be true. In fact, this is for male enhancement products. It does say it will start working as little as 3 to 4 days, so you won’t have to wait too long to see if it’s the product for you.

The label says you should start by taking 2 capsules per dose. This dose is 2 times a day and should be between your meals. Yes, still take it even if you aren’t working out that day. It will keep working even when it’s your day off.

What to look for…

More often than not, Oxydrene is mixed with Zantrx 3. This could be a deadly combo. Zantrax 3 is actually a pill that helps with fat burning.

On Oxydrene’s website, it tells bodybuilders to double check with a professional trainer first before using Oxydrene. Why? Because there’s actually a possible ban from the IOC and WADA . These are two agencies are looking for steroids.

While Oxydrene isn’t a steroid, the ingredients in it (on top of bumping up your oxygen levels during a hard work out session) has caused agencies to be suspicious. 

In terms of ingredients, you’re looking at a few different things, like Fructose Lychii Chinesis, Hippophae, Rice Flour, Sedum Crenulata, Megnesium Sterate, Silicon Dioxide and Cellulose.

Oxydrene Side Effects

We wanted to see what kind of effects these ingredients have with the human body.

Here’s a surprising fact,  Hippophae is actually used pretty often to help patients who suffer from cardiac complications.

Other than that, there isn’t really a ton of information about the ingredients on this list, including whether or not they actually help oxygen within blood.

Another surprising fact is that everyone who tried this product gave it 5 out of 5. A lot of people said that they felt a huge boost in energy giving them a better workout.

One guy in this late 50’s said he was already active but still looking for a boost, so he turned to Oxydrene. He saw a huge jump in energy at the gym and plans to keep using Oxydrene. He was looking for some for a change because he felt like he was losing energy and stamina as he was getting older. In the end, he was very happy with Oxydrene.

Another person said that Oxydrene gave him everything he was looking for without the shaky feeling that comes with an energy/weight loss pill. He said that there are no bad side effects that come along with Oxydrene, so he also plans to stay on it for a while.

Not many people said that they had negative side effects.

Where To Buy Oxydrene

Another great thing about Oxydrene, is that you can find it just about anywhere… like grocery stores, Vitamin Shoppe or even online.

It costs usually about $28 at the store and surprisingly costs more on Amazon. We did a quick look and it’s about $33 on Amazon. The best price we were able to find online was from LuckyVitamin.com, who had the supplement for as low as $21, without shipping. Either way, Oxydrene is a product that’s not too pricey and comes with good reviews. 

So what’s our take on it? Based on what people that been saying it seems like Oxydrene works for a lot of men. There are many pills and other kinds of products that promise to give you the boost you need for your intense workouts. More often than not, other companies just say things on the label so you buy the product and try it for yourself.


Oxydrene seems to be a good choice based on the reviews alone. This supplement seems to work since it gives people lots of energy, especially when you look at other products like Slin and even Panthera.

For $21 a bottle, it’s worth a shot, isn’t it? You have nothing to lose, except for more energy by waiting so it might be worth your while to give it a try.

-Terry Asher

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