New Mood: Is It The Change You Need?

New Mood: Is It The Change You Need?

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New Mood by Onnit Labs

No matter what we do, it seems like stress manages to creep its way into our day.

Whether it’s from work, bills, family, health or something else, stress can take a major toll on your health – and your mood. It can be hard to get away from it, especially when it is something you’re likely to deal with on a daily basis.

Enter New Mood by Onnit Labs.

Their main mission? They want to have you operating your best performance, with a mixture of individual products and advice. Or so they say. And that’s what New Mood supposedly does.

New Mood claims to elevate your mood, which will make stress seem like a thing of the past. It also claims to help you feel much more relaxed and calm, meaning you can handle whatever stress is thrown your way for the day.

Sounds pretty good huh?

Apparently, New Mood is able to increase those lovely chemicals found in your brain that supply you with all the happy, feel-good feelings you get, making you feel more relaxed. Plus, it says it promotes a more healthy sleep schedule. That means you’re going to be functioning and performing at your best, because it’s giving you the restful night of sleep you desperately need.

So obviously, there’s a positive reviews and feedback with New Mood, so of course we had to take a look for ourselves.

The main function of New Mood is giving the serotonin levels in your brain a major bump up. If you think about it, this isn’t that much different from what a majority of anti-depressants do. However, this supplement is able to do this in a totally new way.

New Mood Ingredients

According to its packaging, New Mood is able to give the brain the materials it needs in order to product even more serotonin. It has two main ingredients: 5-HTP and L-Tryptophan. L-Tryptophan is a specific compound of chemicals that essentially is the first step in Serotonin. 5-HTP is the next step, because L-Tryptophan then transforms into 5-HTP, which is then changed into 5-HT, aka serotonin. See a pattern here?

Another ingredient is Vitamin B6. This seemingly innocent nutrient plays a huge role in this whole conversion cycle.

It also contains various other types of herbs, including Chamomile and Valerian, which are known for making you feel calm and relaxed, allowed you to get a better night’s sleep.

In terms of dosage, the instructions say to take 2 pills in the evening hours right before you go to sleep. You’ll find you have a lot better results if you take the pills on either a completely empty stomach or just a light meal in your stomach.

For those especially rough days, you can take up to 2 capsules 3x a day. This might be your go-to for those days that are full or stress and you need to take something healthy to keep you calm and level-headed.

There are tons of users who swear by New Mood, both men and women. But for most people, it was more about the good night’s sleep than anything else. There weren’t very many reviews we could find about the product helping anyone’s moods.

Usually the comments and reviews are completely focused on how restful the individual feels, now that they can get a good night’s sleep. However, many did say they felt more awake during the day, because of these restful nights, and that in turn gave them more energy.

So like we said, there’s a ton of advantages to taking New Moon. For one, the reviews alone. There are so many positive reviews from users stating what good night’s sleep they had. Plus, since the ingredients are all natural, you won’t have to worry about becoming addicted or even depended on it.

What Are The Negatives About New Mood?

The downside? Well… not many people said anything about having a better mood. Or feeling like they had any kind of response to it. Just mostly that it helped them sleep and that’s it.

Now if you want to try it for yourself, you can buy it through New Mood by Onnit Labs’ website. And of course, like everything else, it’s available on Amazon. You can expect to spend about $27 on a bottle that holds 30 capsules. If you follow the directions and take the recommended dose, the 30-count bottle will last you 2 weeks total.

So what’s our decision with New Mood? Well… it’s called New Mood. So we kind of expected it to do something with emotions and moods (call us crazy.) Plus, it’s marketed and portrayed as this amazing product that helps your mood and even your overall attitude. But based on the reviews, it seems like a lot of people use it for a sleep aid over a mood changer. Which is strange, because that’s portrayed as an added perk, not the main benefit.

If you want a sleep aid, New Mood seems to be a good route to go with. It’s non-addictive and because it provides you with a good night sleep you’re going to feel more energized the next day. Plus, many of the users who wrote reviews mentioned they didn’t have any of those nasty leftover feelings like they have from other sleep aids, like feeling fuzzy or having trouble focusing.

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If you’re really looking for something that can help you with your mood, try Optimind. It’s an over-the-counter supplement that many users report similiarities to Vyvans or even Aderall. And you don’t need a script for it – you can buy it online.

The reviews for Optimind are extremely impressive. Most of the users used it on as “as needed” basis (no idea what qualifies for this time amount) and said it helps them with their mental focus. You’ll see an increase in your ability to concentrate and focus. There aren’t any negative reviews on this supplement that we could find. Since its non-addictive, and you’re looking for a mood changer, this might be the path you want to go instead.

-Terry Asher

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