Mancakes – Cinnamon Oat

Mancakes – Cinnamon Oat

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Mancakes Cinnamon Oat

We’ve all heard it over and over and over again: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

You’ve heard from everywhere, from advertisements on the television to out at restaurants, even at your local diner. Introducing… Mancakes. 

People are always saying how important breakfast is.

And we agree – it is extremely important. After all, it helps wake your body up and give you the fuel you need to get going for the day. It does amazing things for your immune system as well as your metabolism. And this is a great way on figuring out how to gain weight with a fast metabolism

But here’s where a lot of people fall victim to breakfast mistakes with the breakfast food they’re getting.

Just because you need to get something in your stomach ASAP doesn’t mean you should skip over healthy choices. But look at some of the breakfast options we have available on the shelves and in restaurants: sugary cereals and yogurts, pancakes dripping in butter and syrup, omelets stuffed with cheese, French toast smothered in whipped cream.

While these are all delicious choices, they aren’t exactly healthy choices. And they aren’t exactly what the experts refer to as a good balanced breakfast.

But unless you’re willing to chow down on a chicken breast first thing in the morning, what options do you have? A smoothie maybe. Or some eggs.

So are there any breakfast that help with building muscle?

We’re always looking for healthy breakfast ideas, which is why we were so intrigued when we came across Mancakes.

Mancakes is a company dedicated to making pancakes healthy. Although it’s not part of a any meal plan to lose weight.

Sounds like a dream come true, right?

That’s what we were thinking – healthy pancakes, sign us up!

How Are Mancakes Healthy?

Not only are they gluten-free but they are also soy-free. With no artificial ingredients or GMO, and extremely high in protein, these might be the answer to your prayers. And they come in a variety of flavors, including: pumpkin spice, light chocolate, buttermilk, maple bacon and cinnamon oat.

While we’d like to try all of them, we tried just the cinnamon oat. And we will tell you – it did not disappoint.

While the recipe calls for butter, we found it was a lot easier to use vegetable oil. The book cooked way too fast and ended up getting stuck to the batter. We also found that both milk and water worked fine, so use whichever you prefer.

One thing we learned right off the bat: If you mix the batter too much, you will end up with one flat pancake. If you stick to the directions and mix correctly, you will get thick, fluffy pancakes. Each serving (around ½ cup) is all you need to make four healthy-sized pancakes.

When we looked to see what other reviewers had to say, the top favorites for flavor were the cinnamon oat and buttermilk. Not exactly surprising.

However, the third favorite was the maple bacon. While a lot of people reported that the taste was pretty strong, it was still popular. The chocolate flavor seemed to taste mostly like dessert – but we don’t see a problem with that! Even if you are focusing on how to get lean, this is still a great alternative. 

Now because Mancakes are so high in both fiber and protein, you’ll find that they are extremely filling.  Odds are, one serving will be everything you need.

Mancakes Nutritional Information…

When you take a look at the nutritional info, Mancakes have somewhere around 20 grams of protein. Compare that to the average pancake mix and you’ll be surprised that this is almost 15 more grams of protein!

And the good news is, this is geared toward just about anyone. While of course it’ll help those who are working on getting healthier, it can help others too. Basically anyone who is trying to keep an eye on their carb, protein or fat is likely to find this is a good addition to their morning routine.

Depending on which flavor you get, the nutrition ranges a little bit. But generally, for ½ cup of the mix, it’s about 280 calories. Total fat comes in at 10 grams, with carbs hitting at 29 grams and protein at a whopping 20 grams.

There’s also an entire ingredients list provided, so you can know exactly what you’re eating. The first ingredient is gluten-free oats. Look at any other pancake mix and you’re likely to see sugar or fructose as one of the first ingredients.

Not with Mancakes. Other ingredients include almonds, garbanzo beans, egg whites, spice, baking powder, sea salt, cornstarch, and stevia leaf extract.

So What’s The Big Deal With Mancakes?

Mancakes prides itself on being a healthy, clean company, and the pancakes prove this to be true. With no soy, no gluten and no GMOS, there’s no reason to feel guilty about indulging in pancakes anymore.

And we aren’t the only ones who found Mancakes to be delicious and still healthy. Any quick Internet search will show only positive testimonials from people who have used the product. From the flavor to the consistency to the success of keeping you full, Mancakes seem to have every aspect covered.

Did we mention how convenient it was to make them, too?

The prep time took about five minutes and the overall cook time was about 10 minutes. Nothing like a quick easy breakfast to get you out the door and on your way.

If you’re into food prep for the week, these can be a solid solution. You can whip up a couple batches of them and throw them in the freezer. This way, you can grab them on the go and let them defrost in the car or heat them up ahead of time. This is a great way to get in breakfast even with a busy workout schedule

It can be an on the go snack or a sit down breakfast.

BUILD Protein


Because everything about this product is so stellar, we’re going to give it a green light. The reviews across the board are consistent – Mancakes has officially succeed in providing healthy yet delicious pancakes.

They’ve killed two birds with one stone: You’re getting a healthy filling breakfast all while enjoying it. So no matter what your goals are or what you’re working toward, Mancakes is the perfect breakfast solution.

With so many delicious, different flavors available, we’re going to guess you won’t have any problems finding the perfect one for you.


-Terry Asher



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