LumiTact G700 Review

LumiTact G700 Review

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LumiTact G700 Review

It’s a common problem across the board and we’ve all dealt with it.

For one reason or another, you need a flashlight. And for one reason or another, the flashlights you keep around the house are about as dull as a dead lightbulb.

But when you really need a flashlight, you don’t want to count on the dull one in your closet, especially if there’s an emergency. You want to be able to find your way in the dark.

Just like a fire extinguisher, a durable, reliable flashlight should be in every person’s home.

Think about cops or your average survivalist. Any person that is in the field of survival has one thing in common: A sturdy flashlight could mean the difference between surviving a night in the wilderness.

After checking out a few different flashlights that all promised the same results, we were most taken aback by LumiTact G700’s military grade LED flashlight. Known as the toughest flashlight currently available in the flashlight market, we were curious to find out if the bark lived up to the bite with this one.

After doing some research, we found that this flashlight is actually a tactical light that is made from the same exact material used to make aircrafts. That material is aluminum, so you know it’s durable. In fact, LumiTact states that their flashlight is the longest lasting light currently available.

One of the biggest differences you will notice right off the bat is the brightness. With a regular flashlight, you will get a pretty dim light that comes with it. But with the LumiTact, you will get a giant beam of white light that could show you the way to safety.

Even though this is a flashlight that is categorized under military, it can still be sold to anyone who needs a solid flashlight. But there’s definitely some comfort in knowing military and armed forces use this flashlight in dangerous situations.

So how exactly does LumiTact G700 work?

Well it counts on the latest in flashlight technology in order to give itself the energy and power to work. The lighting capacity is a whopping 800 lumens, which is impressive when you compare it to other flashlights. Yes, that is where the “G700” part of the name comes in.

And you will have a bunch of different modes to select on the flashlight. Depending on the situation you’re in, you can pick the appropriate setting. It has everything from regular old high, medium and low to strobe and SOS.

One of the features we liked best was the battery life. Even though this flashlight uses the latest and greatest in technology, it still only takes 2 AA batteries. And since it’s a pretty energy-friendly device, you aren’t going to be racing to the store to buy batteries nonstop. You will only have to change them every once in a while. So you won’t have to worry about being stranded with this fancy flashlight but no batteries.

If you think about other flashlights and compare it to the sleek LumiTact G700, you will see a big difference in design.  It’s slimmer and sleeker, but still packs a mean punch.

Did we mention LumiTact G700 has a double use, too?

With its beveled edge, you can use it as a weapon in case you’re in a tough situation. Not too shabby for a flashlight, huh? It’s nice and light, so you can handle it carefully, but still use it to defend yourself if the situation calls for it. It goes way beyond the average use of just a flashlight. The bright light that comes from it can be enough protection, but just in case it’s not, users have reported really finding the beveled edge to come in handy.

Another cool feature it is a zoom feature. This means you can zoom in with the light on certain areas, which can really come in handy. We know what you’re thinking – this thing must weigh a ton! But the LumiTact G700 is surprisingly lightweight. Throw it in a bag or your purse and you won’t even know it’s there – you will just have it when you need it.

After a popular Navy Seal tested this flashlight and raved about it nonstop, we knew we had to get one for ourselves. The company is constantly getting orders from various police departments, fire departments and armed forces all around the world. And as a new customer, the company is likely to offer you a whopping 75% off your first order. Whether it is for yourself or a gift for someone else, it is the perfect choice to keep you and your loved ones safe.

What does LumiTact G700 Cost?

If you’re looking to order the flashlight, you will be pleasantly surprised at how they are old. The more you buy, the cheaper they are. For example, two G700 flashlights will run you about $97, which breaks down to $48.50 per flashlight. However, if you buy 20 of these military-grade flashlights, it’ll cost you $700 but only $35 a piece. If you think about how many flashlights you’ve bought and thrown out over the years, there probably isn’t that much of a difference with the price. The only difference is the LumiTact is durable and once you own it, it isn’t going anywhere.

The company, National Protection Association, has a pretty solid reception as well. With a name like that, users expect their products to really deliver. And based on the reviews we’ve read about the company itself, it’s been delivering high quality products for quite some time.

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Instead of keeping cheap, crappy and unreliable flashlights lying around your house, the LumiTact could be the last flashlight you ever buy. A lot of users report having it for years, with no decrease in the quality of the product. Just a couple of battery swaps over the years and it is still going strong.

It’s the perfect solution for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, driving places, or just the everyday person, as you never know when it could come in handy.

-Terry Asher

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