Instant Knock Out – Does It Work?

Instant Knock Out – Does It Work?

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Instant Knock Out

Developing your ideal physique is no easy task. It requires hard work, dedication, constant motivation, discipline, balanced healthy diet, exercise…just to name a few. Today we will look at instant knock out!

But, sometimes it even requires a little bit more than all that. Which is why so many of us add supplements into our diet to help take that extra ish off!

We’ve had the opportunity to sample/experiment with hundreds of fat burners, pre-workouts, energy boosters, you name it.


To find the best out there and share with you. Most of the time we are sadly disappointed.

Most products are all bark, no bite. Also, we found that if you’re stuck at a certain weight you’re not happy with, despite having a good diet and training hard, that a fat burner can be a helpful solution.

Currently, Instant Knockout Fat Burner is our new flavor of the week that we decided to feature. We’ll let you know if it works if it doesn’t, why, how, when, how much, etc.


Instant Knockout is made by Roar Ambition, Ltd. (the makers of TestoFuel) who make some pretty legit products.
It claims to be 100% natural fat burner with clinically proven and thoroughly researched formula with Plant-based ingredients.

The formula was initially designed to help professional MMA fighters cut weight before weigh-in day, but now it’s available for anyone seeking to further how much fat their body can burn while holding on to the muscle.

This fat shredding supplement was designed to give its users power without compromise; your goal is to cut fat and build muscle, not simply help you lose #s from the scale. The supplement isn’t just for those who want to fight professionally; it’s to help anyone who wants to get rid of unsightly extra fat without taking medications that use side-effect-inducing chemicals. It aims to achieve three main things: Improve your metabolism, stop cravings/decrease appetite and increase your energy levels.

Also, Instant Knockout is made in CGMP and FDA certified facilities; that means you can be sure all bottles are made to the highest quality.

All sounds good to us, right?


According to their official website, the formula includes just handful of ingredients- all natural, plant-based and filled with vitamins and minerals. Most of the ingredients are proven to help shred fat and all of them are completely safe.

The ingredients include:

●  Green tea extract

●  Green coffee bean extract

●  Vitamin B6

●  Vitamin B12

●  Chromium

●  Cayenne powder

●  Caffeine 300mg

●  Bioperine (black pepper extract)

●  Glucomannan

You may recognize some of those, as many of them are commonly used in other fat burners.


Well.. simply because they’ve been known to actually work! Green tea has been extremely popular and featured for its weight loss benefits on numerous media outlets, including Dr. Oz, Oprah, and “The Doctors”.

While research is still in the early stages, Green tea has been shown to act as a powerful antioxidant and can help to boost metabolism and remove fat from fat cells.

There have been studies done to specifically research the effect each of these on burning away stubborn fat, and there have been none that suggest any ingredient is unsafe or ineffective. This shouldn’t be taken to mean that the ingredients can’t help you lose belly fat – but no one ingredient taken on its own will probably do the job without effort, which makes the Instant Knockout formula important.

And although it is a very popular ingredient, the only questionable one is the green coffee bean extract as it’s been tested often for fat burning properties and the study results have been so-so.


  • Improvement of energy levels
  • Burn fat while keeping / building
  • More lean muscle
  • Faster metabolism as your body’s natural metabolic rate increases;
  • Limits appetite so that you do not consume more calories than is needed to keep muscle and eliminate fat
  • Gives you much more energy that can be sustained during hard workout sessions
  • Contains lots of caffeine (300mg) so be sure to avoid other sources when taking it!!
  • Potential side effects, though they seem to be mild and uncommon, so you may have none;
  • Guarantee requires 3-month supply purchase;

    Where Can I Buy INSTANT KNOCK OUT?

    The instant Knockout fat burner will only be available online on their official website, Every bottle of Instant Knockout has 120 500mg capsules and can be purchased in the following quantities:

  • 1 bottle: $59 for the month supply, plus $7.95 shipping and handling – there are faster options available, but they’ll cost more;
  • 2 bottles: $118 for the two-month supply and free shipping and handling to the UK and US;
  • Ultimate Shredding Stack: $185 and free worldwide shipping for three bottles of Instant Knockout along with a t-shirt.Instant Knockout is backed by a 90-day refund policy and there is no phone number currently available for customer support. However, there is an email address and a form on the manufacturer’s website.


    In our opinion, this product has a great formula, it definitely helped boost our energy levels and helped shred a few lb’s… it worth a shot and Gym Junkies approved.

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