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Department Of Defense Contractor

I get introduced to a Digital Marketing client on March 2nd by Maverick Payments was a digital marketing client of mine for more than 10 years, meaning there were a lot of trusts involved.

Maverick Payments Review

Clearly Maverick Payments an ISO located in Los Angeles run by Alan Griefer, Ben Griefer, & Maurice Griefer think it’s appropriate to introduce you to a government official that eventually threatens to kill you. In addition, tries to entrap you in every federal crime imaginable and even worse potentially even colluded with this DOD official to aid him in his witch hunt.

Shame on Maverick Payments

Idene Parvizi Department of Defense

The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA)

At the time in no way shape or form did I ever imagine a Department of Defense Official would even remotely be “interested” in me but that would change over the next
six months. I’ll admit I liked him; he was charming, polite, and paid my marketing company very well. There was a catch though, I’m alleging this Department of Defense Official( had access to and came from:
The Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA), the largest component of the Defense Legal Services Agency, which provides hearings and issues decisions in personnel security clearance cases for contractor personnel doing classified work for all DoD components and 28 other Federal Agencies and Departments.

Over the next couple of months, I notice a suspicious pattern start to emerge in my head. This alleged “digital marketing” client was asking me very specific questions
in addition to trying to entrap me in every federal crime he could. My exhibits below will explain just that.

On or around July 2022 I become very suspicious of this individual, and I start to probe his social media as I don’t things are “adding up”. I use truthfinder, review Facebook, review LinkedIn and find very suspicious material.

In addition, “his” website to which I was doing Search Engine Optimization & Pay Per Click was secured by the Small Business Administration, meaning it was a government-owned website. Even more compelling when I order a product from his website, he uses Nationwide Prime Medical Supplies, LLC which is owned by System for Award Management (SAM) & U.S General Services Administration (GSA). If you do e-commerce for a living, you know this is not a shipping service you would use (red flag).

 Phone numbers from the private detective match, the phone number I had been texting and calling was (818) 963-2626. In addition, there is a Department of Defense number attached to my alleged “marketing client” (818) 887-3537 that is attached to DOAH (

On August the 29th, 2022 I know Idene aka my “digital marketing client” is part of the Department of Defense at the very least. The following night I call him on
or around 12 am, and I said the following:

“Hey, Idene you never told me you were part of the Department of Defense.”

The phone went silent for a couple of seconds…

Mr. DOD goes
“Terry your crazy man”

“I said you
know what’s weird Idene, my parents tell me that sometimes, but I always end up
being right”.

The phone
went silent for a couple more seconds…

“Well, I
would love to see that report your looking at”

I said,
“Idene it’s from a private investigator, that was a former federal agent, it’s
accurate, stop playing.”


The phone
went silent for a couple more seconds…

Mr. DOD goes
“Are you drinking Terry?”

I said “What
do you think Idene, you guys are putting a lot of pressure on me man”

I said,
“Idene how does this story end man?”

Mr.DOD goes
“End up like Seth Rich or let your brain make a massive difference for your

I had no knowledge of Seth Rich at the time, I instantly google “Seth Rich”, it was
about a young man who work for the DNC and allegedly leaked emails to
WikiLeaks. He was shot twice in the back and the case went cold.

I said “Idene
why are you guys doing this? You know I was honest with you; you know I’m a
good guy?”

Mr. DOD goes
“Terry nice guys finish last”

Mr.DOD goes
“Terry you’re facing true evil”, “you need to fight fire with fire brother”

At that moment, my suspicion was maybe Mr.DOD was entrapped by the same “evil group” or
potentially known as the deep state.

I can neither Confirm nor deny that statement, but it was a thought.

Mr. DOD goes
“So what’s your plan with your Federal Torts Claim Act against the Drug
Enforcement Agency”

I said “Nice try Idene, I’m not giving you my legal arguments so the U.S Attorney’s office
can get ahead of them, but I appreciate the concern.

I said “Idene I don’t think you want anything to happen to me, Idene you’re too late, I knew
you were DOD two days ago, and I’ve already sent out 100 USB sticks out with
all my information to the best constitutional lawyers in the country, if
anything happens to me, it’s game over for you and your group”

We hung up a couple of minutes later.

A million thoughts flooded my head, I went into a downward tailspin, how could this
happen in the United States of America I thought?

At the time I was living in Las Vegas, Nevada I immediately moved from my apartment as I had
ordered a product from the DOD’s website, meaning they had my address.
Furthermore, the night after I admitted to “drinking” there was a federal
agent’s car sitting right behind my Denali with two large individuals right
next to my car. They were trying to intimidate me in every way possible, but
they failed.

Over the course of Sept & October of 2022, I continue to investigate Mr.DOD only to run his Department of Defense phone number (818)
887-3537 leading back to this gentleman Jeff A. Nagel Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (dod) located at 21041 Burbank Blvd Suite 206, Woodland Hills, CA 91367, United States of America.



Possible Employers (5 Found)

Business Name: BLVCK MVRK3T ENT INC (06/02/2021)


Business Name: DEPT OF DEFENSE (02/25/2015 to 06/29/2019)

Phone: (818) 887-3537 (PT) DEPT OF DEFENSE


Complaints Filed Against Idene Parvizi

DOD Inspector General – No follow-up

FBI Houston Texas – No follow-up

Local Law Enforcement – No Follow-up

LAPD – “Can’t really help you”

SDPD – Jurisdiction doesn’t even apply

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