Hexatein-SR Review

Hexatein-SR Review

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Hexatein SR Review

With new and new vitamins hitting up the shelves every single day,it isn’t exactly easy trying to figure out which one is the best choice.

Head to your nearby Vitamin Shoppe and there will be a sea of endless choices waiting for you.

And one of the most recent supplements you’re going to find is Hexatein. This is the latest and greatest to hit the shelves, as well as the Vitamin Shoppe’s Bodytech product line. With its fancy time-release protein make-up, there are actually a lot of different components that come along with it.

In fact, in Hexatein alone there are six differing kinds of protein, which is going to add up to an impressive 21 grams of protein in each serving. Pretty mind-blowing, right??

So you are probably wondering how this is going to affect you.Basically, what this means is that this supplement is going to create all kinds of digesting time frames for your body to follow, from pretty quickly to fairly medium back down to slow again. This is actually great news because it means that there is going to be a constant, steady stream of protein coming right from the stomach.

This also means we want to give our two cents on the product, as well as dive headfirst in what exactly goes into this protein supplement. So let’s get started.

What Flavors Does Hexatein Come In?

First things first –when you work your way over to local Vitamin Shoppe, you’re going to get yourself a nice tub that runs about 34 servings, which is approximately 2.92 pounds. One of the most popular flavors is cookies and cream, and you won’t find yourself disliking that flavor at all. We found the powder was pretty light and airy. Plus, it didn’t get all clumpy and gross when you went to mix it. Whether you wanted to put it in a shaker cup or just a regular old cup with a spoon, the light powder mixed nicely. This is a pretty big perk, because some of the other protein supplements can be tough to mix.

The cookies and cream flavor was delicious, without any weird textures or awful after tastes. You won’t be disappointed with the flavor at all.

In terms of what the best time to take Hexatein is, you have a bit of leniency here. You can take it before you head to bed for the night or after a training session at the gym. Or if you’ve been fasting for a longer time and are looking for something satisfying but not killer, this is a good bet too. Like we said early, Hexatein-SR’s extended digestion gives you exactly what you need – a longer, more continual protein ingestion occurs.

If you’re on the bigger side, or looking to replace food with this supplement, we’re going to suggest kicking up the scoop from one to two.

What Is In Hexatein Protein?

So the next question that is probably on your mind is, What is in it?There’s a few different ingredients in it. Like we mentioned earlier, there are about 21 grams of protein in it. And that specific protein is a blend with many different ingredients including whey protein concentrate and isolate, egg white powder, milk protein isolate, micellar casein and calcium caseinate. One thing we found was that the exact amounts (and even their ratios) aren’t found anywhere on the ingredients list, which can be a bit of a bummer. Let’s take a closer look at these individual ingredients.

First we’ll look at whey protein isolate. This is the part of milk that has been separated, and it is also the aspect that digests quickly. It’s probably one of the most common type of protein you will find in protein powder supplements. But don’t get mixed up – whey protein isolate is not the same thing as hydrolysate.

Whey protein concentrate is a term you may already be familiar with. It’s the concentrated form of the whey protein that actually comes from milk. Because it’s the byproduct that comes from both milk and cheese, you will find it’s a cheaper protein. Regardless, it is extremely pure and powerful.

Micellar casein is actually the purest form that can come from casein protein. Casein is the slower-digestion protein that also comes right from milk. But when it comes to ingestion casein will actually turn into a kind of ball when it hits your stomach. This is great news because it is going to digest a heck of a lot slower, which means amino acids will be continually and slowly released.

On the other hand, milk protein isolate comes from the various proteins that are in milk – however, both the minerals and the lactose have been removed. Generally, this protein is made up of about 90% pure protein, so it is going to be extremely effective.

Is There Whey In Hexatein?

Next, calcium caseinate is a product that is extremely available and affordable. Basically, it’s whey concentrate when you compare it to isolate.

Finally, egg white powder.This is the only protein source in Hexatein-SR that doesn’t come right from milk. These are basically an overall good source for amino acids, and take a medium amount of time to digest, so you won’t have to worry about it disappearing right away.

Those are the top ingredients where your interest likely goes. If you take an even closer look, you will see that Hexatein-SR has around 10 grams of carbs, and 4 grams of fat. If you compare this to other whey protein powders, you will find this is actually pretty decent.

Don’t panic about the carbs though. The carbs and even the sweetener are on the natural side, so we aren’t going to dock it any points. There aren’t any artificial colors or sweeteners in Hexatein-SR, as well as fish, yeast or preservatives. This is going to be a huge benefit for those who want to take a few years to really bulk up.

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Because of the lack of additives, great price and good taste, we’re going to give Hexatein-SR 4/5 stars. Even if you find yourself on a budget, you can still expect to be satisfied with the price. For an extended release protein supplement, it is a terrific value.

Like we said, it comes from Vitamin Shoppe’s line of products. This means you can either head to your nearest Vitamin Shoppe store or grab it online. But based on our experience with it, we’re going to give it the go-ahead for purchase and our recommendation.


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